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REVIEW OF Avalon Children's Montessori School BY parent, Hannah M

  • Date of Review
    August 29, 2022
  • Child 1
    JK - Gr. 7 (Male, Current Day Student)
  • Child 2
    JK - Gr. 8 (Female, Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

Our children have both loved attending Avalon. They started in Casa, and our daughter graduated from Avalon in grade 8, and our son is currently in grade 7. They are very different people in terms of interests, temperament and academic needs, yet Avalon has been a perfect fit for both of them. I think it speaks to the level of individual care each child is given. They have enjoyed their teachers and felt connected with their classmates. They have been encouraged to think independently, actively problem-solve, and voice their opinions. My kids have loved the activities, the school trips and the overall atmosphere. It has been a positive, nurturing place for our children to learn and grow. We feel proud to be a part of Avalon.

(5) School Leadership

I have always appreciated the excellent communication from the leadership at Avalon. Over the last couple of years, there have been lots of hurdles to overcome with COVID. We have felt truly lucky that our son was at Avalon during all this. The team has been amazing at pivoting, communicating changes clearly, modelling flexibility and resilience, and keeping a positive attitude through it all. The school founders have a passion for student success and creating a strong sense of community.

(5) Teaching

The teachers at Avalon have been wonderful. Each one different but all having a passion for teaching, a supportive nature and amazing organization skills to pass on to the kids (it must be a Montessori thing!) The small class sizes help the teachers really connect with each of their students. They have been great at knowing when to challenge my kids and when to give them extra support. I have always found the teachers to be responsive and communicative, sharing any issues that come up so that we can deal with them together as a team. The teachers use innovative lessons that encourage participation and critical thinking. Students do in-depth novel studies on a regular basis, where they look at interesting books from a variety of angles and come together to share their work and discuss their thoughts.

(5) Academics

My daughter graduated from grade 8 at Avalon and transitioned successfully into high school, prepared with all the social, academic and critical thinking skills she needed. Avalon ensures that students master the appropriate curriculum while maintaining an eye on each student’s individual pace, interests and learning style. In the younger grades, students are given space to explore the Montessori materials that interest them most. The Avalon teachers are wonderful at understanding each student, allowing them to really focus on tasks that interest them, while also gently encouraging them to try a variety of activities. The Montessori method allows each student to fully grasp a concept before moving on to the next one. This system ensures there are no gaps in learning, which is especially crucial in subjects like math where you need a strong foundation to build on.

(5) Extracurriculars

There is a variety of extracurricular activities throughout the year. Students participate in skiing/snowboarding lessons in the Winter and tennis lessons in the Spring. Optional after-school programs have included chess, robotics and homework club. Intermural track & field and cross country events give the students a chance to compete against other schools. There are also much-loved trips to Camp Kawartha and Ottawa for the older students.

(5) Students

Avalon has a small student body with an excellent student-teacher ratio. By design, each class is made up of students from 2-3 different grades. This benefits all the children in the class, with the older children taking on a leadership role. I have never been aware of any instance of bullying in our many years at Avalon. Instead, I find the students are kind and supportive of one another. My daughter tells me that she misses the political and philosophical chats she would have with classmates over lunch. On her first day off at high school, she went back to Avalon to visit, and she’s gone back to volunteer at Camp Avalon in the summer many times. I think for her it feels like going home.

(5) School Life

I remember visiting Avalon while we were in the process of looking for schools and being struck by how calm the Casa class was. All the young children happily engaged in their activities (both alone and in groups), surrounded by intriguing Montessori materials. It was exactly the environment we wanted for our children. We’ve been very pleased with our choice ever since. School days are filled with lively class discussions, independent and group learning, novel studies, Jump Math, analysis of current events, lots of outdoor time for Phys Ed, meetings to organize fundraising efforts, French, Science, Art, Music… Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the theatre arts program. Students and teachers work incredibly hard to put on an impressive play each year, performed in a professional theatre. Very entertaining!

(5) Community

The Avalon community is lovely. The school really makes an effort to foster a sense of belonging among its families. Over the years there have been lots of social events and chances to connect and get to know one another. At the very beginning of the year, there is a Family Picnic. It’s a nice chance for new families to get acquainted with the community right from the start. Then throughout the year, there is Family Game Night, Family Skate Night and an End of Year BBQ. Avalon also instills the importance of giving back to the wider community. There have been lots of successful fundraising initiatives, many of which have been organized by the students themselves through the student lead “Avalon Cares Team”.

(5) School Location

Avalon is in an ideal location in the Beaches area of Toronto. It’s surrounded by parks, ravines and water, with lots of green space to explore. A beautiful section of the beach literally steps away. So many places to get out and enjoy a fun outdoor gym class. For those children who get to school independently, there is easy access to public transit.


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