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REVIEW OF Banbury Crossroads School BY parent, Thalia Zelnik

  • Date of Review
    December 10, 2020
  • Grades
    Gr. 3 - Gr. 3

(4) Student Experience

My daughter likes Banbury Crossroads School because of the very personal, family-oriented atmosphere she gets from her teachers and all the staff at the school. The student/teacher ratio is very good, and her education is tailor made. I like the fact that I can talk to her teachers openly about any concerns and they are always addressed promptly and thoughtfully. The report cards are very comprehensive and thorough, and the teachers work as a team to support her holistically. The no homework policy is an added benefit to my own relationship with my daughter, avoiding the inherent struggles that come from enforcement of work at home.

(4) School Leadership

Concerns are always addressed promptly, and as a team of both teachers and parents. Interpersonal and disciplinary issues are worked out by talking to each other respectfully through conflict resolution practices. The environment is open and supportive.

(4) Teaching

The teachers are caring and focused on my child’s specific needs. They work hard to keep her attention and motivation moving forward. They come to me for ideas on how to engage my daughter in ways that they may not have thought of. This personal relationship with the staff is very important to us, and we are grateful.

(4) Academics

The academic program is in accordance with standards in our city. They teach the curriculum for her grade, but at her own pace and geared to her individual strengths and weaknesses. As my daughter is gifted, they use her strengths and allow her to shine when they come naturally, as well as focusing on her deficiencies in a supportive encouraging way. As I mentioned before they work on supporting the whole child, emotionally, and academically, as well as helping her with interpersonal communication.

(2.5) Extracurriculars

This is not a school that promotes much competition. They do try to enhance the student experience by bringing in special interest teachers based on demand.

(4) Students

The size of the student body is very small, right now there are 64 students from K-12. The classes have multiple grades to promote mentoring. It is a happy, relaxed place which encourages individuals to be themselves and accepting of others differences. Any personality challenges are talked through openly with the aim of conflict resolution.

(4) School Life

My child enjoys going to this school. She feels supported and heard. This school is great for kids who have love of learning and are curious to find out more. It is a school that encourages self-directed learning, and will accommodate any child, especially if a little extra attention is needed to help them reach their goals.


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