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REVIEW OF Bishop Hamilton Montessori School BY parent, Li Li

  • Date of Review
    January 31, 2018
  • Grades
    Nursery/Toddler - Gr. 8

(5) Student Experience

My kids love the classes where their interests were discovered, encouraged and they can learn on their own pace. They love the camping and bike trips, the musical and the concerts. These activities have built up the kids well. The children also loved the school as it is a Christian school and the love and Grace are experienced in classes and in the daily school life. They also enjoyed very much the intellectual challenge as the material covered in many major subjects, like in math, French and science are more advanced and deeper than other schools in general. They have built up confidence through the hard work and training. When they graduated from the Junior high and went to highschool, they were very well prepared and were very advanced in the class.

(4) School Leadership

The children had not brought back any negative feedbacks on this. In one case, when one of their teachers left the school, they felt sad.

(4.5) Teaching

My children have met very good teachers in general. We were very impressed by their fine qualities, in setting up high standards for the students and in supporting the students with love and patience to master the learning. The teaching approch was very good for my children as they did built up very strong learning skills through their years in the BHMS.

(4) Academics

When my children were at school, we were very happy that math, science and French are particularly strong in the school. The kids were very well prepared for high school when they finished grade 8 at BHMS.

(4) Extracurriculars

The curriculum has included many strong programs that other schools do not offer or may take as extracurricular. The children both enjoyed very much the running and soccer games. The school at that time didn't have many other sports programs like other ball games etc. For want they have, it's a great environment that both the children always enjoyed. They were fun and also they provided students with lots of opportunities to participate and to compete.

(5) Students

The school community is very close. Students know each other and there were lots of opportunities for students to interact across classes and grades. The older kids learned to help and lead the younger kids. The atmosphere was very good. We really appreciated it as it helped tremendously in raising our kids to be kind, friendly, and responsible.

(5) School Life

My children really loved BHMS. When they were there. They loved to go to school everyday and we're always excited about the various activities that they are carrying out at school. The programs have helped them to grow into well rounded young adults when they graduated from the Junior high. The junior high program is gold of this school even through their CASA program is extremely strong as well. The junior high program has helped my children so well that we didn't find it hard in their preteen and teen years. We were actually amazed to see how loving and responsible they turned out to be. A big plus of the school to us was that they still dared to teach kids, to discipline them, and train them to grow up in solid characters. The academic program was advanced while many of the traditional school activities like the canoe trips, the bike trips and other field trips still keep the traditions, to challenge the children physically, mentally and spiritually in a very loving and supportive environment.

(5) Community

The school was very open to parent's input and involvement

(4.5) School Location

The students always have the opportunity to venture around the school as it is convient-il located close to the ball park, the city community centre and also has a track and field park. Great space and location for kids to explore.


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