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REVIEW OF Blyth Academy Downsview Park BY parent, Matthew Sokolsky

  • Date of Review
    April 03, 2023
  • Child 1
    Gr. 5 - Gr. 8 (Male, Current Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

My son has benefited from his teachers starting in grade 5 and leading to his grade 8 graduation who have risen beyond their call of duty. The teachers at Blyth are dedicated and committed to bringing out the best in their students. The small class size has allowed the teachers to provide attention to each individual student to address their particular needs. Beyond that my son has enjoyed the very best that Blyth has to offer in both athletics and academics. Starting each day off with training at the rink has been invaluable to my son. We strongly believe starting the day with athletics has incredible benefits which carry over and enhance the academic program. The program at Blyth Downsview Park is one that we recommend to anyone who wants to provide the best opportunity for their child to succeed.

(5) School Leadership

The leadership and administration at Blyth demonstrate how much they care about the students. The program is well thought out, organized and like the teachers, the principal and administrative support staff are completely committed to the development and success of the students. Communication with parents is ongoing throughout the year, including regular emails, newsletters, and the use of Edsby to keep track of your child’s progress and inform you of the curriculum and assignments. It is clear that the leadership has the best interests at the heart of all students.

(5) Teaching

The quality of instruction at Blyth is second to none. Academics are at the highest level. The curriculum and daily assignments are challenging but the teachers go above and beyond to work closely with students to help them achieve their goals while being considerate of their athletic commitments with their AAA hockey teams. The teachers have an open-door policy and are always accessible for help. The passion that the teachers show motivates the students to do their best. I am so impressed with their willingness to always help students achieve their goals. The support the teachers provide is unbelievable and demonstrates their commitment. Accessibility to students, whether in person, via zoom, or by email is constant. My son has had 4 different teachers between grade 5-8 and each one of them have been incredible.

(5) Academics

The academic program is challenging but the school provides the students with ever tool available to succeed. The program at Blyth demonstrates that academics is a priority. In my view, this is vitally important. Although there are incredible athletes amongst the student body, Blyth has helped to keep the students grounded and to emphasize the fundamental importance of having a strong educational background. For us, without academic commitment, there will be no athletics. We have taught our son the importance of education and I am thrilled by the fact that Blyth makes this the number one priority. The curriculum teaches the students the fundamentals but also ties in the practical side to help prepare our child for all life’s steps. We have seen incredible results in our son as he progressed from grade 5-8 at Blyth.

(5) Extracurriculars

Blyth has the best amenities and access to extracurricular activities is extraordinary. Although our son is quite busy juggling his academic studies and AAA hockey, he really enjoys all the activities that are available at the Downsview Park campus. From basketball to volleyball, soccer, and rock climbing the availability of extracurricular activities is unlimited. This definitely has contributed to my son’s experience at Blyth.

(5) Students

The student body on the elementary side (currently grades 5-8) is incredible. Class sizes have been kept small, about 10 per class. The students all share a like-minded goal in that they are driven to succeed in both their respective sports and academics. Sharing a common goal has created a great bond among students. For my son, his sport is AAA hockey and his class represents both teammates and players he competes against in league play. It is nice to see the friendships made off the ice and this makes Blyth a truly unique program. The energy that the student body brings stands out and it is clear that the students at Blyth are truly dedicated and hard-working kids. It is amazing to witness how driven they are.

(5) School Life

School life is inspiring. The overall quality for students from my perspective is quite high. The school does its very best to exhibit a strong sense of inclusiveness. Blyth provides its students with every opportunity to succeed and I believe the students feel a strong sense of pride. My child absolutely loves going to Blyth and is looking forward to starting high school at Blyth in the coming school year. My son is proud to be a Blyth student. He often wears his clothing with the Blyth logo with pride. It is a program that we recommend to anyone who wants to provide the very best in academics and athletics to their child. The facilities are incredible and the close proximity to Scotia Pond is a great perk.

(5) Community

The school does its utmost to include parents in all facets of the program at Blyth. The constant communication and details provided to the parents shows the commitment that the school makes to the overall development of the Blyth community. As a student at Blyth, my son feels that he is part of a broader community. The Blyth newsletters are informative and have helped the entire student body and parent group to remain informed but also to celebrate the success of the students as they achieve various milestones. It is almost like being part of a team. It is very evident that this is a special place and not just a school. This is what drives the success of the students and is great to see.

(5) School Location

The location of Blyth Downsview Park is incredible. There are so many amenities available at Downsview Park they are first class from the Scotia Pond to numerous soccer fields, basketball courts etc. the convenience of having everything in one central location in close proximity to the school is both convenient and makes the school feel very special. It can’t be beaten.

(5) Admissions

The admissions process is streamlined and simple to follow. The school’s administration is extremely helpful in arranging a tour of Blyth’s facilities but will even arrange to have your child attend Blyth for a day to experience life as a Blyth student. The principal, teachers, and athletic directors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful to ensure a seamless process. My best advice is to visit the campus. Meet with staff and students and experience what the program has to offer. I am confident that you will see the benefits of Blyth Academy. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to highly recommend Blyth to anyone who is dedicated and committed to achieving academic and athletic success. For my son, Blyth has been life-changing.


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