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Interview with Brentwood College School Alum, Sarah Manney

  • Name
    Sarah Manney
  • University (major)
    Stanford University (Political Science)

Sarah, an alumna of Brentwood College School, shared her views on the transformative impact of the school's balanced programming, diverse community, and supportive environment. She emphasized the importance of extracurricular activities, personal growth through arts and sports, and the crucial role of faculty in shaping students' futures, highlighting the school's investment in individual success.

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Highlights from the interview

  • I was fortunate to study at Brentwood, which opened my eyes to public service and international relations, thanks to its diverse student body and extracurriculars like Model United Nations. I graduated from Brentwood College School in 2014, went straight to Stanford University, and now work in consulting in Washington, DC, focusing on public sector work.

  • I was looking for more extracurricular opportunities and decided to attend Brentwood, attracted by its investment in extracurricular activities, quality teaching staff, and the breadth of courses available. It was a place that seemed forward-looking and open-minded, which delivered on those fronts and changed my life.

  • The quality of the teaching staff and the personal investment were unparalleled. Teachers lived on campus, creating a close-knit community. One teacher encouraged me greatly in English, pushing me towards Russian literature in college. This attention to individual students' feelings and potential was beyond what I had known before.

  • Brentwood's approach is a tripartite system of sports, arts, and academics. I discovered passions in areas I hadn't considered before. I got really into Model United Nations and debate. Model United Nations was small when I arrived but grew significantly by the time I left. I was also involved in soccer, participated in a play, and went on camping trips with the Outdoor Pursuits Club.

  • The biggest value lived out is the community focus, supporting students in achieving excellence, which shaped me significantly, encouraging me to pursue new things and support others in their journeys. Brentwood's values emphasize excellence and achievement, encapsulated in the motto "de manu in manum," meaning "hand in hand." 

  • I was supported in trying new things. For example, I split my semester between tennis and camping to fulfill requirements for a program, undertaking a multi-day kayaking trip despite being new to camping.

  • I proposed hosting our own Model UN conference to share the skills I gained and was amazed at how the school mobilized to support the idea. The conference was successful and is still ongoing, a testament to Brentwood's investment in students and flexibility.

  • My advice to new students is to get to know the people and make an effort to visit campus. The people are Brentwood's biggest asset, with their care, open-mindedness, and willingness to change. Visiting the campus and seeing facilities like the theater and athletic facilities, as well as enjoying the beautiful coastline, can show the school's selling points vividly.


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