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Interview with Cambridge International Academy Alum, Yewei Qiu

William (Yewei) Qiu graduated from Cambridge International School in 2019 and is currently majoring in data science at Western University. Taking data management and robotics at Cambridge International Academy sparked William’s interest in his field, and he also participated in student council and theatre in high school.

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  • All the teachers were really nice and I met a lot of new friends as well. What I appreciate the most is the teaching assistance. For instance, if we had any problems with stuff like banking or housing or other personal stuff, you could always feel free to speak with them. They'll give you advice and sometimes they will even help you or take you to do those things. The teachers will always listen to us and then find a way to solve the problem by switching to other approaches.

  • Honestly speaking, Cambridge International Academy might not be as perfect as some other private schools that have a really big campus and really nice facilities, but Cambridge has its own style, which makes Cambridge really unique. And Cambridge has a really good teaching environment and the learning environment because the teachers really motivate you to learn harder. Which is a good thing for students because you need to maintain a good grade if you want to enter a good University, apparently.

  • It is kind of tricky to personify Cambridge International Academy. I would say, first of all, kind hearted, probably devoted. If you're lost and don't know what your next steps are, at Cambridge International Academy the teachers will always motivate you to keep moving forward. Also, Cambridge has a lot of opportunities for you, and all the teachers are really eager to help you to solve any problems you have. The teachers will also teach you until you fully understand a concept. If you're not so clear about a concept in class, you can always ask them until you fully understand. So that probably describes pretty much the kind hearted and devoted, but maybe even more because our teachers really care, not only course-knowledge wise, but also daily-life wise. Because we have homestay families, sometimes we might have some problems with the homestay families as well. And teachers are always happy to help to solve all those problems.

  • When describing a Cambridge student, that person should be hard working and also devote themselves to their studies. And they'll be really thoughtful, with a lot of imagination or a lot of ideas. Very creative on a day-to-day basis.

  • I would say people will probably be surprised by the size of the school, because our school is not as big as some other private schools, which doesn't mean the quality is not as good as other schools. If others come to our school, they will probably be surprised by the variety of our courses as well as our after-school activities. Our students participated in a lot of competitions like DECA, like Toastmasters and also the Model UN. Also the Waterloo math competition. Some of our students have done pretty well in all those competitions. And yeah, others might be surprised with that because they might not think such a small school could do that.

  • I have to say, first of all, students will get a really good experience at Cambridge International Academy because they'll have a better learning experience and better life experience and extracurricular activities experience. The second thing probably is that Cambridge will help you to be a better person because it will teach you a lot of stuff other than just plain knowledge from all those courses, but also how to be a better person when you enter the workplace or even in public areas. Last but not least, I don't know if it's appropriate to say that here, but price wise, Cambridge will offer you a pretty good price when you enter the school.

  • Our teachers are really well educated and some of them are even doctors and graduated from really famous universities. Your kids could definitely learn better at Cambridge.


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