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REVIEW OF Cambridge International Academy BY Alum, Cheng Li

  • Date of Review
    August 28, 2023
  • Grades (year)
    Gr. 12 (2021 - 2022)
  • University (major)
    Queens University (Environmental Science Geology Geography)
  • Gender
  • Enrolment
    Day Student
  • Job/Career
    Working on a team of professors

(5) Overall Experience

As a graduate of 2022, it is a pity that I only have one year to get along with those very responsible teachers and friendly classmates. In 2021, due to the pandemic and visa issues, I faced the dilemma of not being able to attend high school. However, I heard about this school from relatives. In 2022, when I entered the school on the first day, I was told by enthusiastic classmates to join the student union. I was very honored to be the student union's chairman and the graduates' representative. This school's good teaching quality and rich community activities surprised me. Thank you to my teachers for selflessly sharing their time, talents, and knowledge with us throughout my year of attendance. They went above and beyond the call of duty in everything they did for me. Take the time to explain the assignment. You demand the best from me, set high standards, and demand that I live up to those standards.

(5) School Leadership

For the leadership of this school, they care deeply about our growth. We learn how to bounce back from adversity through organized sports and give our best, win or lose. We understand the importance of discipline and good sportsmanship. Through clubs, volunteering, and other activities, we have had a lot of fun learning to work closely with others to achieve common goals. They are the best in how they treat their students. No matter what happens, students can talk directly to the principal. They will hold a special meeting for the students in the shortest possible time and solve their problems as quickly and comprehensively as possible. In addition, the school will carry out parent-teacher meetings every half term, so that parents can have one-on-one conversations with teachers. Once there is any need, parents can also contact the school directly and request a face-to-face meeting. What surprised me the most is their processing speed, which is many times faster than other schools.

(5) Teaching

As I said before, the teachers here are very responsible, they go above and beyond the call of duty for us. They are willing to spend their own time outside of work explaining the assignment. They demand the best from us, set high standards, and demand that we achieve them. After each test, the teacher will organize the students to conduct a "review", allowing them to fully understand the flaws in their problem-solving thinking. Teachers often make in-depth analysis of some wrong questions. They can quickly find some deficiencies of students through some wrong questions. Teachers will make more comprehensive homework for these weak parts. This approach will focus on all students, and there will be no "you don't want ask, I won't want tell" situation.

(5) Academics

Cambridge International Academy stands out for its excellent teaching environment and enriching learning atmosphere. The school fosters an academic culture that promotes collaboration and healthy competition. The student body exudes an air of camaraderie where students are peers and colleagues in a shared educational journey. This unique blend ensures that students are both academically challenged and supported. Cambridge International Academy courses go beyond textbooks to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. The course's interdisciplinary approach equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the disciplines, preparing them for the next stage in their lives. The emphasis on research, presentation skills, and practical application has honed my skills. Therefore, I am well prepared to excel in future academic pursuits and real-world scenarios. It also played a vital role in my Academy life.

(5) Extracurriculars

During the time spent at school, there are many things worth mentioning, including the monthly field trips organized by the school. Every month the school organizes a number of off-campus activities, such as hiking, skiing, and wonderland excursions. Traveling can greatly help improve our various skills, such as problem-solving and teamwork, as these activities allow students to make independent decisions and develop more confidence and communication skills.

(5) Students

The reason why I can become the President of the Student Union and the Graduate Representative is not only because of the very responsible team of teachers who have always supported me; but also because of those dear classmates. The vibrant atmosphere at Cambridge International is impressive, primarily due to the friendliness and enthusiasm of its student body. There is camaraderie and infectious positivity on campus. Diversity reigns supreme, covering various backgrounds, cultures, and interests. Respect among students is achieved through a combination of qualities - willingness to collaborate, eagerness to learn, and a respectful attitude towards different points of view. The interaction here is characterized by mutual support and encouragement among students. From study groups to extracurricular activities, students seamlessly blend their talents, making the campus a thriving collaborative hub. It is this seamless integration that transforms acquaintances into lasting friendships, creating an environment that is both inspiring and empowering.

(5) School Life

Cambridge International Academy is situated in an area of study with a campus life harmoniously balanced between academics and leisure. The school's attention to detail is reflected in its thoughtful aspects. It dramatically enhances the quality of life for its students. The well-equipped library, peaceful study spaces, and modern teaching facilities certainly helped improve my own experience. Cambridge International Academy strives to improve the overall quality of life of its students. Regular wellness programs, engaging clubs, and supportive teachers create an environment that fosters intellectual growth and personal well-being. Witnessing the cheerful faces and energetic interactions of the classmates clearly paints a picture of their satisfaction. The enthusiasm and satisfaction on campus is a testament to the College's success in fostering a fulfilling and enriching educational journey.

(5) Community

The sense of community at Cambridge International Academy is genuinely commendable, creating an environment that fosters strong bonds and connections outside the classroom. What stands out is the positive relationship with the surrounding community, such as the nursing home. This maintains a strong contact with the institution and provides valuable volunteering opportunities for current students. This school welcomes parents to participate in the life of the school and fosters a well-rounded educational experience. Their participation in events and discussions further strengthens the sense of togetherness within the Cambridge International College community. The Academy's reputation for not only caring for its students but also forging meaningful connections that last a lifetime reinforces its reputation as a school that values and maintains community relationships long after the academic journey is over.

(5) School Location

Situated in a neighborhood where convenience and tranquility exist in harmony, our school's location has the unique advantage of enhancing the overall learning experience. For example, there is a shopping plaza surrounding it, including several restaurants, banks, clinics and a food store. The community surrounding the school exudes a welcoming vibe, characterized by friendly residents and local businesses that provide a sense of belonging. What makes this community truly unique is its accessibility to resources and entertainment venues, promoting a well-rounded lifestyle. The proximity to parks, cultural venues and basic amenities adds an extra dimension to our educational journey, offering opportunities for intellectual growth and leisure. Personally, the sense of safety and comfort that this community provides contributes to a great learning environment. Tree-lined streets, a peaceful atmosphere and cultural diversity provide a rich experience outside of the classroom.

(5) Admissions

Cambridge International Academy's admissions process is a testament to its commitment to welcoming and developing diverse talent. For those considering applying, I recommend doing thorough research on the school's curriculum and values, making sure it aligns closely with personal aspirations. Looking back on my application journey, I remember the support and thoughtfulness of the admissions officers. Their approach relieved much of the stress associated with the process as they actively worked to understand my goals and guide me through the requirements. Clearly, their goal is not just to evaluate candidates but to facilitate a seamless student transition into a community conducive to student growth. In the process, prospective students should remember to emphasize their unique qualities and experiences that align with the ethos of the school. The admissions team really works hard to make sure the school is suitable for everyone, creating an environment where every student's potential can be fulfilled.

(5) University placement and counselling

There is no denying that Cambridge International Academy's university progression and tutoring experience have been commendable and have paved the way for our future endeavors. The school's college placement and counseling experience is an invaluable bridge to the next stage of your education. The comprehensive program offers personalized guidance and resources to help students navigate the complex college application process. This support is especially evident in the personalized attention that is given to crafting application materials, preparing for interviews, and identifying best-fit institutions. During the one-on-one consultation sessions, I felt the most supported, my wishes and strengths were understood, and the basis for a tailored application strategy was laid. The guidance provided early on was very helpful in shaping my approach to higher education applications. The school counselors ensured I had a clear roadmap and helped me align my academic journey with the programs and institutions I wanted. The University Placement and Counseling Plan is like a reliable compass that guides students toward the right educational destination with confidence and purpose.


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