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REVIEW OF Cambridge International Academy BY parent, Hongfei Liu

  • Date of Review
    August 28, 2023
  • Child 1
    Gr. 12 (Male, Day Student)

(4.5) Student Experience

My child has changed so much in the three years he has been at Cambridge International Academy. The reason I wanted to send my child to a private high school was because my child lacked socialization. Previously in public school, my child was not very active academically or socially. Grades were also always a problem for my child. So I sent my child to this school and I am still very surprised by the change in my child. Through the things that my child tells me every week, I can tell my child is more talkative than before. My child never used to talk about things that happened at school, but through the year at Cambridge International Academy, the change in my child has definitely been related to the school.

(4.5) School Leadership

I don't have a lot of time on my hands during this time, and usually, my wife is the one who makes the contact with the school. Speaking through my wife's comments about the school's leadership, I can say that it is dedicated. The first thing is that we get a lot of messages from Lin through the phone's message, and my child's mom usually talks to Lin a lot about my child, and Lin is very patient in answering our child's questions. Since we are in China, we don't have direct access to our child's news. But from what Lin and my child have described together, it is clear that everything is positive and moving forward.

(4.5) Teaching

I don't have much say in the matter because I am not able to be a part of my child's learning process, which is unfortunate. However, I think it was a good decision to send my child to Cambridge International Academy. At least my child is really getting exercise and his academic performance is improving. Effective communication and constructive feedback from teachers has been vital in supporting my child's progress. The main thing is that my child is talking, and I think this is directly related to the environment he is in. Both the teacher's education and the relationship with his classmates will influence my child to a certain extent. The school's commitment to holistic development and individualized attention has been instrumental in my child's development, and I thank the school for taking care of my son.

(4.5) Academics

Cambridge International Academy has a comprehensive and well-structured academic program. The school is committed to providing a high quality education that promotes intellectual and personal growth. One of the school's academic strengths is its individualized approach to learning. This is why I chose Cambridge International Academy. With small class sizes, teachers are able to meet my child's needs and provide individualized attention. This approach ensures that my child receives the support and challenge needed to excel. Through my conversations with my child, I have noticed that my child's critical thinking and problem-solving skills have improved tremendously. My child also tells me what he has learned, I don't know if this is a requirement of the school or if it's just the child's increased self-awareness, but I am very happy that my child is talking and talking to us more often. I believe that the Cambridge International Academy program has provided a solid foundation for my child's future success.

(4) Extracurriculars

For an event space, I think it's adequate for the kids. It's not a huge venue, but it's very well equipped with all the facilities it should have. My child can use the after-school hours to exercise at the school to his heart's content. Since my child prefers to play basketball, I think the competitive and rivalry nature of the sport is enough. Also, my child has sent me some videos of badminton and table tennis. I think this is great, and I am very grateful to the school for providing the space and equipment.

(4.5) Students

My son's health definitely comes first, without a good body nothing else works. As a parent, I am very happy to see my son grow up healthier and healthier. My son has lost a lot of weight in this year's time and I think this has an indispensable influence on his daily physical exercise. At the same time, this is also inseparable from the fact that he has a group of like-minded friends. As I wrote in the previous section, my son's mental state has changed a lot, especially in terms of his personality. I think he has become much more cheerful. I also think that his self-confidence in himself has improved a lot, as my child was a rather introverted child. But the feedback we got from the teachers was that after coming to school for a while my son slowly started to answer the teacher's questions in class. I wasn't sure about this because the teachers didn't mention it in public school. This is a very important starting point for my son.

(4) School Life

As a parent living far away, I may have limited opportunities to observe my child's life as a student at Cambridge International Academy. Despite this, I believe that the quality of student life is good based on the changes I have observed in my child and the information provided by the school. I am happy to hear that my child has become more active since starting school, which is commendable. When children actively participate in activities, it can be a good sign that they are in a motivating and encouraging environment at school. Since I am unable to directly know how my child feels about attending Cambridge International Academy, the positive changes in their behavior indicate to some extent that they are enjoying their experience. The quality of life for students could be improved by expanding extracurricular activities, which could provide more opportunities for students to explore their interests while also building a sense of community outside the classroom.

(4) Community

As a parent who cannot be present at Cambridge International Academy, I can say that the school's broader community is a positive standout. The school has a friendly environment that encourages parents to take an active role, and I appreciate their efforts to keep parents informed. Although I am not part of the school's parent community, parents are welcome to be involved in the school's life. A strong connection between parents and the school can create a supportive and collaborative educational environment. The school's desire to keep parents informed and involved shows a dedication to creating a robust school community. But I realize that as a distant parent, I may not perceive all the details of parental participation at the school. Perhaps there could be additional chances for remote parents like me to stay connected and engage in school activities, considering the distance. I'm sorry that I couldn't go to Canada to join my children for their education, but I'm happy to see that the Cambridge International Academy appreciates the involvement of families. Including more chances for parents to participate would enhance a sense of community and support for students and their families.

(4.5) School Location

The school is located outside the city center, which I believe is beneficial for the children's education and well-being. The peaceful environment away from the busy city helps in their learning and physical and mental growth. Despite the school's distance from the city center, the nearby stores provide a wide range of daily necessities. This makes it convenient for children to purchase various goods for their daily needs. The school and the homestay family take care of the child's basic requirements, which gives me peace of mind.

(5) Admissions

The school takes great care in selecting families and children for enrollment, ensuring a good fit with the school. My son's enrollment in Cambridge International Academy was seamless since he had transferred directly from a private school in our home country. Upon arrival, my son underwent a language test, which enabled him to better understand the school's teaching methods, as previously informed by the school. The school's focus is on teaching in small classes, and they deliver on this promise. I am delighted to witness the positive impact the school has had on my son's life, proving that their commitment to excellence is not mere lip service, but evident in the results. The school has all the facilities and teachers as described. This made me very relieved.

(5) University placement and counselling

As a parent, I felt well-supported by the counseling program for universities at Cambridge International Academy. The school showed its commitment to guiding students and their families through the process of applying to universities. The school gave complete information on the process of enrolling, which was highly appreciated. After my son enrolled, the school's teacher presented me with a detailed plan of the courses and selected universities. The school explained the requirements and courses for university admission, which helped me understand how my child could prepare for college. They provided more than just information. The school discussed university programs while taking my son's expectations and aspirations into account. Their personalized approach allowed us to make informed decisions about my child's future post-secondary education. By assisting families in comprehending and choosing the process, the school shows a commitment to ensuring that transitioning to higher education is successful.


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