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REVIEW OF Cambridge International Academy BY student, Coco Li

  • Date of Review
    July 21, 2021
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 12

(5) Student Experience

I miss my time at Cambridge International Academy very much. The teachers in the school were very patient. In class, the teachers encouraged students to express their opinions and ideas. And whether in class or out of class, the students and teachers were like very good friends, and we often talked about everything. We were able to trust them but knew they always let our parents know everything that was going on. It was all about making sure we were looked after properly. Before I arrived at the school, I heard that the host families that the school works with were very good. In fact, it is true. The host families not only made us feel at home, but understood that it was important for us to spend time with our friends. Not only do I have very good memories in school, I also miss my days when I lived with my host family.

(5) School Leadership

I liked my school leaders, principals, tutors and teachers very much. The teachers at the school were very responsible, warm, attentive, and gentle. They not only provided a lot of help with my school work, but they also actively took care of the students in life. I am an international student and cannot go home often, so it helped that the school leaders and teachers made me feel the warmth of home. With them, it seemed that all difficulties could be resolved.

(5) Teaching

During my studies at Cambridge International Academy, I never felt that the teachers' requirements were too much or not enough. In class, teachers often encouraged students to share their thoughts and never ignored the feelings of any student. Teachers would have conversations with students to express their expectations and encouragement to us, which usually had a good impact on students. This was especially the case when I was praised by the teacher for improvement, my motivation to study became much stronger. After every good conversation with the teacher, I would be happy for a long time, and I would share this joy with my parents. All the teachers hoped we would work hard so we could get good grades and go to our preferred universities.

(5) Academics

For example, we used to sell fruit yogurt in school in a business class. We didn't know the teacher's purpose at the beginning, but finally found that this was to help us learn how to operate a business including how to set prices, how to promote our product, and how to make a profit. In the homework, some thinking questions went beyond the knowledge points discussed in class and this really helped make us independent thinkers. In my experience, all the courses I took were useful in my current university courses. The school’s teachers and principal helped students choose classes based on the students’ interests and abilities. Therefore, there is no learned knowledge nor lessons that will be forgotten or wasted in the future.

(5) Extracurriculars

I participated in the master chef after school club in the school, which brought a lot of joy. We were personally involved in the purchase, processing and production of food. During the production process, the team members got to know each other better and also learned important life skills. I really hope the school has continued to hold this club.

(5) Students

The atmosphere of our school was like a big family. Although most of the students in the school are international students and come from all over the world, the students and teachers get along with each other very harmoniously and happily. This is especially the case in group activities and clubs. Students and teachers are involved, which decreases the distance between each other and helps everyone to understand each other quickly. In our school, there were a lot of extroverted students. They were willing to share their ideas with classmates or teachers, and they were usually very active in the school. Of course, there were also some introverted classmates in the school, and teachers and the other students did not ignore them. On the contrary, we took more care of their ideas and encouraged them to express themselves bravely.

(5) School Life

If I was asked to give a school tour to a group of visitors, I would first lead them to visit our art classroom. Moreover, I would definitely introduce our art teacher to everyone. She helped me a lot when I was preparing a portfolio to apply for university, so during high school, I spent a lot of time in the art classroom. There are a lot of art tools in the art classroom and in this class, students can try to use a variety of materials to make their own satisfactory works. At present, there are still various artworks of former students in the classroom. Every time I go back to school to visit the teacher, the art classroom reminds me of very good memories.

(5) Community

It is no exaggeration to say that school was really like a family to me. I am an international student, so I cannot return to my country often during the study process except during summer vacation. Regardless of the difficulties encountered in the learning process or in life, the teachers were very responsible and patient to help us solve the problem, making us feel like we were warm and safe at home. No matter which student, the teachers gave the greatest assistance without reservation. The teachers gave us advice and helped us get through all difficult times when we needed it. All students in the school felt appreciated. I am very grateful to my teachers for adding more beautiful memories to my high school life.

(5) School Location

At Cambridge International Academy, students tend to stay on campus all day. Our school provided lunch, so students could choose to bring lunch from home or eat the school lunch. During lunch break or break time, students would sometimes buy fast food, coffee or drinks at one of the many fast food locations near the school. Of course, water tea and coffee were also provided in the school for everyone to drink.

(5) Admissions

When I first entered Cambridge International Academy, I was in 11th grade. I was very anxious and cried because everything was so unfamiliar and I wasn’t sure about the courses I would be taking. But, a teacher in the school noticed me and asked me how I was feeling and talked to me about it, which relieved my anxiety and confusion. The principal of the school also talked to me that day and arranged suitable courses for me, so I started to feel like things were getting on the right track. My suggestion is, if you encounter anything unfamiliar that you are not sure about, don’t be anxious or cry like me; directly report your problem to the principal, and the principal will help you (she is very nice!).


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