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Reviews of Briercrest Christian Academy — School Location

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LOREE BUCK - Parent   (Jan 30, 2018)

With having been community members while our kids attended CHS, we didn't feel that the school was an island. If our kids had had close friends that were part of the dorm program, they were equally welcome to visit our home as any other friend. Of course, there was a need for some separation between the community and the dorm, as that staff group had to manage different expectations from the many families that they served. I feel that the extracurricular activities were a great way for the community and school to blend in a very supportive way. The community is the source for many volunteers that help in many events that are part of the student experience at CHS. In one sense, the location outside the city of Moose Jaw, separated by flat prairie high way, could create the sense of an island. I believe that this inspires the closeness that is experience by CHS students as they look to each other for their entertainment and need for activity.

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Maria Tunall - Student   (Feb 13, 2018)

friday night a lot of people drive into moose jaw, but the rest of the week, you can find most people on campus. starbucks, booster juice, tim’s, mcdonald’s, and BKs are all just down the road, but those are mostly reserved for friday night.

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Liam Tieszen - Alumnus   (Feb 23, 2018)

With moose jaw so close, people went there all the time. I liked to stay in caronport because I wanted to have the opportunity to hang out. But a lot of people left the grounds every chance they got, saying it's a horrible place.

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Emily Alexander - Student   (Jan 24, 2018)

the campus is very beautiful on its own but moose jaw is where a lot of kids go. some go to buy groceries for themselves in the dorm or sometimes they go on a mcdonalds run. i know a lot of students who are content to stay in caronport and go over to their friends house. caronport is a small enough town that you can walk all the way around it for a walk or walk throughout it. they have a walking track thats nice. theres lots of trees too. i personally like to stay in caronport because i dont have a car to go anywhere and my grandma lives outside of caronport. thats where i go when im bored. many kids will walk around town with friends as well. the school is at a walkable distance from anywhere in town.

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Kyron Hoimyr - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

The school can definitely feel like an island but i think that it is a good thing. The town has everything you need and if you ever need things to do you can drive into moose Jaw. Moose Jaw runs are a good time with the boys. The neighborhood is safe and the community enjoys the high school. Usually large crowds at the sport games. students often would walk around town doing whatever and unless they did something really bad they never got in peoples way. Rarley was a ruckus started. For students living in the dorms they offers great support and community for those living there. Commonly they have college students lining among them and they can build into the high school boys and are great role models for them.

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Barbara Potts - Alumnus   (Feb 13, 2018)

If you can drive and get out of town then you can venture out. This school is located in a town of about 1500 people at the most and their isn't much to do in town. As for dorm life, I think they are pretty strict on where you can go, when and who takes you. I have never lived in dorms but have heard this.

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Chiante Guretzki - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

The nature of Caronport is the fact that it is built around the schools. Thus the school grounds are the town. Meaning there isn't much to do within Caronport. There are certain hang outs like The point (wonderful coffee shop) or the Den (board games and hang out centre), but students will often venture into Moose Jaw for entertainment. Thankfully, CHS puts on lots of events like movie nights and sport watching days so there is still things to do if a student doesn't have a car or way to get into Moose Jaw. Lots of students get involved with their church in Caronport giving them opportunities to serve and do things separate from the school while still technically remaining on campus. We often, for better or for worse say that Caronport, the town and the school are in a bubble. It's a spiritual oasis, but besides going for a walk, there's not many sights or events outside of the school to take in. I personally loved that about CHS as it made the entire school feel more immersive, but I know lots of people who find the isolation frustrating. I think it depends on the kind of person you are.

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Cheryl Hepworth - Parent   (Feb 23, 2018)

The school is somewhat of the focal point here. There really isn't allot of things for the kids to do if they aren't in sports or drama, dance etc. But considering the size of the town I'm not sure what else could be done different. Everyone is friendly in town and the atmosphere is great here.

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Rachel Leduc - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

Most people on campus, go to The nearby city for pretty much everything they need. There is not much available on campus just the basics, we have a gas station but it only has the necessities, even though it does have subway. It is also cheaper to get stuff in the city as well. It’s definitely recommended to have a car if you can do that you can do trips into the city when you need to. It’s also nice to have to go to the city because Than you can go for a drive, and most people car pool so you pile as many people as you can into your vehicle and go do fun stuff in the city which is so much fun. Lots of people go into The city at least Once a day because there’s more to do in the city and it’s just something to do for fun! The location is still very nice for this school.

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Latricia Johnson - Parent   (Feb 05, 2018)

The town of Caronport is very small, so students tend to stay on campus. During the evening hours and on weekends, the students are able to take their personal vehicles and go to the cities of Moose Jaw or Regina. We feel that Caronport is a very safe community for our son.

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Andrea Walker - Parent   (Apr 05, 2018)

The school location is a suitable one. It is joined to the college, church building and seminary so the high school students can rub shoulders with those going into the ministry and are achieving degrees. It is in a small town and distanced a little away from the city.

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Vangie Brown - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

Caronport is small. Most students live in the community and walk to school so we see students around the community a lot. It is a high school so kids are also driving places. The school the only place where anything happens in Caronport. There are lots of sports activities where students can be interacted with. I wish that more students would take advantage of The Point as a place to interact. I think that The Den also provides a place for students to hang out but I am not sure that it is seen as a welcoming environment by my kids. Maybe if there was a place to buy snack food at The Den and a large screen TV with sports games playing and an occasional movie night that would draw more of the students to hang out together.

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Eden Brown - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

Since we live in such as small town, we can often go away from the school in classes like physical education, and it is still technically the campus. We are allowed to leave for lunch or appointments very easily. The teachers are very laid back about us leaving. But we have gone to Moose Jaw a few time for classes like physical education to be able to do different things to expand our learning experience. Being in such as small down makes it easy to leave and come back to campus quickly. Running home if we forgot something or to the gas station if we are hungry is super easy. Students generally stay on campus during class hours but during our spares and lunch break many students go home.

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Maia Fawcett - Student   (Jan 31, 2018)

School location is awesome for me because my house is just near by. It's close enough that I can just walk home for lunch even though I only have a 20 minute time slot. Almost all the time I stay on campus because caronport is 15 minutes away from the nearest place for anything else to do with entertainment and I don't have my license to drive anywhere. But I bet if anyone could they would.

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Jenaya Langman - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

I do not live on campus, but while I am there for school I walk to The Point coffee shop every now and then. I mainly stay on campus as there is a coffee shop in the same building as the high school, just in another wing. Just how the days are structured, in the high school, many students stay on campus. If a student has a spare, some that live in Caronport go home, and others go to the fitness centre. There is a fair amount of students however that stay in the main building. I believe the answer to this question also varies depending on where you are planning to live. If just coming for the school day, with your classes it is less likely to be going off campus.

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Debbie Jensen - Parent   (Jan 20, 2018)

CHS is situated in a small community about 15 minutes outside a small city. The community is very safe & engaging with the college students is encouraged, and in our experience was very beneficial.

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LeaAnne Ramer - Parent   (Jan 31, 2018)

The school is a little bit of an island being located in small town Saskatchewan. However sport and our family life allows our child plenty of off campus access.

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Britten Banerjee - Alumnus   (Jan 24, 2018)

When you attend CHS there is almost nothing to do in Caronport itself. You will often find students traveling 15 minutes into moose jaw to do stuff and hangout.

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Jaidyn Katzell - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

I personally stay on campus because I don’t have a vehicle. I like the distance between Moose Jaw and Caronport. I like the drive. I feel like having a 20 dollar fee to go into town with an RA is an unreasonable price. Many people stay on campus during the school week but during the weekend, many people go into Moose Jaw. At first I didn’t like the small community but now I like it because it feels very together and like a family. One thing that I realized is that if we dorm students are sick, we have to pay 20 dollars for a ride in, which is very unreasonable in my opinion. I feel like we should have a cheaper fee to go into town. It doesn’t take 20 dollars worth of gas to go to a doctors appointment.

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Mark Johnson - Parent   (Feb 05, 2018)

Caronport is a bit isolated but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The WiFi is terrific and Moose Jaw with anything you could need is a short drive away.

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