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Reviews of Briercrest Christian Academy — University placement

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LOREE BUCK - Parent   (Jan 30, 2018)

I have heard of a few students who were counselled incorrectly and ended up with incomplete transcripts for what their next steps would be. Sometimes it seems like the students are encouraged to take the easiest path available, if they are uncertain where they will go next. This will often leave them short changed for their entrance options later. I heard, too often, that post secondary education is not required for entrance into (whether it be police, RCMP, firefighting, or EMT), but when I spoke to people working in that field, was informed that it ALWAYS looks better to have at least started down the path for post secondary training, even while waiting for the door to open on the student's first choice program. This is a serious failure on the side of the university counselling at CHS. Even if the student is not intending to go to university or college directly after high school, they should always be encouraged to keep their options open with the choices they make while in high school. If nothing else, it will continue to garner a strong work ethic that will always serve the student well, in whatever their choices are once they leave the supportive environment of CHS.

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Liam Tieszen - Alumnus   (Feb 23, 2018)

There were lots of options for different schools. I decided to go to Millar and my friends supported me. Even though they joked about me being a traitor it was all fun and games.

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Kyron Hoimyr - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

I believe we had an a teacher who took on the role of helping students with the transition to university. He was good, he had encouraging things to say when i told him my university plans but I only had one conversation with him and I do not think his position was well advertised. so i do not believe many students knew of his role and did not take advantage of this opportunity. Better advertisement would have been good. We went through a few career aptitude tests but i think we should have gone more towards something more practical. These tests due offer some value but a lot of the job prospects are outlandish and I believe spending more time focusing more on universities and where certain degrees could lead would have been more beneficial.

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Barbara Potts - Alumnus   (Feb 13, 2018)

I cannot say much about this. I don't know enough about how counselling works or university placement works at chs.

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Chiante Guretzki - Alumnus   (Jan 23, 2018)

I had no issues at all with guidance in both career and higher education. The staff in charge advised me and helped me to find universities offering the programs that I wanted and were eager to provide details and information about scholarships and entry for any interest I had. They worked with me through possible options and university paths in order to feel aware and prepared to make a decision about which university to attend. Throughout the years, CHS also gives course planning assemblies to help students take the correct courses so they can get into the correct programs at post-secondary schools. This was extremely helpful, even if a student wasn't quite sure what they wanted to do after high school. There were ample opportunities to go to experience different university campuses and many presentations from universities during career fairs and individual presentations. I took a work-placement course which also helped to solidify my plans and application to my first choice higher education school. CHS supported me throughout the process and I was able to get references from my teachers and staff.

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Latricia Johnson - Parent   (Feb 05, 2018)

We haven't received a lot of information personally about the university counselling program. We have not been able to attend parent-teacher conferences due to the great distance from our home to Caronport. Our son is hoping to play on a hockey team before attending university, so the urgency to apply for university admission is not as great as it is for other seniors.

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Andrea Walker - Parent   (Apr 05, 2018)

We haven't experienced any support other than the guidance counsellor giving advice on what classes to choose for high school to get credits our son needed toward his chosen career. Unless our son gets educated in class about how to look up universities, colleges, etc, he hasn't been guided in this way.

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Vangie Brown - Parent   (Jan 23, 2018)

Honestly, our son is in Grade 12 and I have no idea what he has been offered in terms of university guidance. I think that if students are not pro-active in seeking guidance then they will slip through the cracks. I think Mr. Fehr is in charge of this, but I am not sure. As of now our son has not applied to any universities and has not come home with any information. I think that there should be a day for high school students where parents are invited to sit in on a session that explains the process. This should happen in the fall and parents should be aware of when scholarships need to be applied for etc. We know basically nothing about post-secondary options, and this is partly our fault and partly the fault of our son for not availing himself.

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Debbie Jensen - Parent   (Jan 20, 2018)

My children attended CHS in the early 2000’s. At that time, there wasn’t a lot of career counselling offered. However, staff were very helpful in the application process to post-secondary institutions.

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Britten Banerjee - Alumnus   (Jan 24, 2018)

There was no university counselling program when I was there. I felt that it was up to the students to figure out post-secondary education. There was a single fair with many representatives from different schools but it was not held until after the deadline for most post-secondary applications had past.

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Mark Johnson - Parent   (Feb 05, 2018)

Not too sure of this but I know they have presentations and sessions for the students. They provide opportunities and the students have to be willing to take advantage of those opportunities. They can take college courses while in high school with the proper planning - highly recommend doing that if possible.

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