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Grades Gr. 9 TO Gr. 12 — Lanciano, Italy (Map)

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REVIEW OF Canadian College Italy BY student, Frunza Ian

  • Date of Review
    February 28, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 9 - Gr. 10 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Boarding Student

(5) Student Experience

CCI is a great place where people can learn and connect with other incredible people. Besides being the top private boarding school in Italy, the experiences you face are truly amazing. If I could have changed one thing about the school it would be the residences, being slightly crowded in my opinion, but it’s mostly based on taste. On the other hand, CCI gives you some experiences you can’t even describe or think of. From crazy trips to places such as Amalfi, Florence, and Rome, to mesmerizing dances and meals. One thing I wished I knew before coming to CCI was the method of teaching. Coming from an Eastern European country the methods are really different. However, I’m saying that in a good way. The teaching method is truly great!

(4.5) School Leadership

As for the school leaders, everybody is well-respected and friendly. This is one of the first times I’ve seen teachers and headmasters being so close to the students to the point you would think they’re friends or related. One thing they do very well and the school should be known for is, making you feel like you’re at home. They try to make you feel included and always busy with nice things. The teachers are great and their teaching is amazing!

(5) Teaching

In my opinion, the teachers are asking a perfect amount from us. I haven’t encountered a single teacher that would expect more than I can perform which makes the students feel perfect the way they are. They always talk and say great things without offending anyone. Their behavior is ethical and doesn't favor anybody. The teachers also try to give you to work on stuff you studied with them, neglecting topics that were not touched. Most teachers try not to overcomplicate the subjects they are teaching, making sure they can find a solution for a student’s problem. The school tries to provide and hire the best teachers they can find in their field. Moreover, the teachers are very supportive and encouraging with the students and their insecurities.

(5) Academics

I think that the work is just right if you have the right work ethic and discipline. The things you learn in CCI from my point of view will be useful later in life because the school provides courses that can help people in life such as marketing, law, italian, french, business and management, accounting, and a lot more. All of these courses can lead to great opportunities in life when it comes to choosing the path you would like to follow in order to become the best version of yourself. From my point of view, the school has the perfect amount of options when it comes to subjects since it is a Canadian school at the end of the day, not to mention that most of the subjects are taught by intelligent and competent teachers.

(5) Extracurriculars

The school provides a lot of extracurricular activities from sports to clubs. Some of the many sports the school provides are soccer, weightlifting, basketball, volleyball, etc. As for clubs, there is a debate club, a Ukrainian club, a chess club, and many more. The school also has tournaments from time to time that includes those sports. There are also teams made for the sports so they can participate in matches and tournaments.

(5) Students

The students are very friendly and smart. When I first came to the school I was truly surprised by the way people were speaking and behaving. Most of the students are very respectful and very funny. They know the perfect balance between learning and having fun. The town is perfectly balanced having a lot of history. It is quite small but it is a benefit from my point of view. The students who perform the best are those who are smart and make informed decisions and perfectly understand the fun of life. On the other hand, the students who do not feel included are those that are shy or are afraid to speak up. In my mind, everybody in the school feels included considering it’s a small school.

(5) School Life

If I would give a tour to someone I would bring them into the school building just because I think it is a truly great place where a lot of stuff happens. I would show them around the classrooms and the beautiful atrium where our great headmaster holds his assemblies that truly touch your heart. Then I would show them inside the kitchen where the students can have snacks during the day if they find themselves a bit hungry. Then, one more treasure the school has is the science lab where the magic happens. I would continue to the biggest room, which is room 12. A room where the teachers most of the time present great lessons and projects. The whole school is a true masterpiece.

(5) Community

I’m not aware of any other boarding schools, but I can be certain that CCI feels like a home for most of the students. The school is home to people from a lot of different nations which makes it a lot more interesting. The school makes everybody feel included no matter their race, age, nationality, or religion. CCI is great when it comes to making people feel at home. The trips play an important role. They are amazing and most of the time surprising. I feel that everyone is being treated equally without any discrimination. The students also are very friendly towards each other, most of the time holding each other’s back and lending a helping hand when needed.

(5) School Location

The students don’t really have a campus. The residences are each around 500m away from the main school building which makes the students a lot freer. As for residences, the students can leave them, however, they do have a curfew during the weekdays and weekends. The residences also have dons that make sure everything runs smoothly without any incidents.

(5) Admissions

The admission process is somewhere easy. The students can apply on the website and then have a meeting online or in person with the founder of the school. The founder is a very helpful and kind gentleman who is able to help in any given situation. The interview is mostly about the school at the programs it can offer. After a small presentation, you can finally ask questions or talk about tuition and fees. Afterward, there is an easy system for sending your documents through their website. The process is mostly easy. The school does have financial aid in case you’re coming from a family that isn’t necessarily capable of affording the full tuition. I think that the full process is not really stressful if you have confidence.


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