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REVIEW OF Clanmore Montessori School BY Alum, Emily Johnson

  • Date of Review
    April 10, 2018
  • Grades
    Preschool - Gr. 6
  • University (major)
    Brock University

(5) Overall Experience

When I was a student at Clanmore one of the many phrases that we had was "the little school with the big heart". Although the school has grown ten times over, they still are able to keep this atmosphere at its core. The teachers at Clanmore have a fantastic ability to connect with students, and create a learning plan that best suits every individual. This kind of experience is difficult to come by. The teachers and faculty at Clanmore have really mastered creating a wholesome experience that makes coming to school so positive and special. If you are looking for a place that your child can grow, learn, and develop into a magnificent individual... Clanmore is most definitley the place.

(5) School Leadership

The connection between the teachers and students at Clanmore is incredibly special. As a Clanmore alumni who regularly comes to visit, volunteer, and also work at Clanmore on recesses duty... I believe this speaks numbers to the respect and admiration for my former teachers and administrators. As a young pupil, I couldn't get enough of my Teachers. Weekends were too short, and the days not long enough. I cannot remember a time growing up that I was not excited to go to school. Having well educated and approachable teachers at our disposal was something I truly valued.

(5) Teaching

The teachers at Clanmore are some of the best in the world. From learning french in casa, to independent study projects throughout the elementary classes, the teachers at Clanmore have an incredible amount of knowledge and trust in their students. This trust creates the most magnificent learning environment. Specific learning programs are what create a relationship with teachers that is valued and well respected.

(5) Academics

Clanmore is a fantastic foundation for any student. The Montessori teaching style is one that teaches not only the basics of education, but so much more. It is a learning style that values every student as individuals, and one that I believe should be the most common form of learning in all public school systems. Clanmore is the place where Montessori is done best. This school taught learning and problem solving skills that I value and have used in every education level to follow.

(5) Extracurriculars

Although we did not have sports teams at Clanmore due to the size of the student population, there was always a way for us to develop outside the classroom. Brisk walks, gym class, clubs, cross country, track and field, class field trips, independent projects are only a few of the activities that come to mind when looking back on the extracurricular that were offered at Clanmore. Now they have sports teams, theater plays, student run coffee shops, trips to New York to participate in debates, co-op opportunities, interviews in the community to learn about different businesses and employment. As the school grows the opportunity constantly grows with it. The school just keeps getting better and better!

(5) Students

Clanmore started as a small student body, less than 50 students when I began, there were 5 classmates in my graduating class. The family atmosphere we had back then is something you can still feel when you visit or volunteer today. This is something very difficult to keep as a school grows, but the teachers and administrators make a conscious effort to hold that spirit at its center. At Clanmore every student is accepted and welcomed. There are no cliques, students can be themselves and this individuality is praised not condemned. The teachers work with every individual and develop learning programs specific for each style, and I believe this is what helps students to work together and accept each other regardless of their differences.

(5) School Life

It was very difficult not to be happy at Clanmore. I cannot remember a time not being happy throughout my years at Clanmore. Fantastic classmates, teachers, administrators, and volunteers. The fact that there was not a middle school open when I was that age makes me incredibly jealous. I will always wish there was a Clanmore High School and University.

(5) Community

The friends I made while at Clanmore are ones I still have and hold close to my heart today. I regularly connect with my classmates. Clanmore was like a second family and it will always have a very special place in my heart. Visiting feels like coming home.

(5) School Location

Clanmore is in such a beautiful location. The school building itself is an absolute gem. Its perfect architecture that has been added to the historic building was such an incredible environment to learn in. Not only was the school building magnificent, but the location and accessibility to nature was even better. With a forest walking trail less than 200 meters away, we had brisk walks nearly every day rain or shine. There is a soccer field and baseball diamond not much further than that, which i remember having gym class and taking lessons outside when the weather allowed it. There is a toboggan hill right across the street that you will find filled with students after any and every snow fall. The lake is also 5 minuets down the street, this is where we would take walking field trips to bird watch and have geography class by the lake side. Clanmore is located in such a fantastic spot, it was incredible to have an education that really took full advantage of this.


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