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Interview with Crestwood School PARENT, Alison Waldenberg

Alison, current parent at Crestwood School, shared her perspective on the school's environment, accessible teachers, and excellent academic curriculum. She emphasized the nurturing attention her son receives, helping to build his confidence and skills. Alison also praised Crestwood's responsiveness to parent concerns.

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  • I happened to be driving from my house, took a shortcut, and found this charming little school tucked into a valley, surrounded by trees and a creek. It was a happy accident when I discovered Crestwood School. I looked into the school, intrigued to find out what it was, and saw that it was a private school.

  • After visiting Crestwood, speaking with the teachers, and observing the classroom environment, I felt more comfortable sending him there. The atmosphere was orderly, calm, and the children were happy and attentive, which was very appealing to me. Initially, I had thought my son would attend our neighborhood public school, which is very good. 

  • Over the years, I've noticed my son's comfort and ease in various situations increase, which speaks volumes about the school's impact on him. The environment at Crestwood is supportive, and it was evident that the children, including my son, were comfortable and respectful in their interactions with each other and the teachers.

  • What has surprised me the most is the continuous improvement in my son's confidence and academic abilities, from his early struggles with reading to his love and mastery of it now. The school's nurturing of individuality and comprehensive development is evident in these improvements.

  • Crestwood not only focuses on academic excellence but also on the emotional and social development of the students. The school helps create a sense of mutual respect and self-responsibility, which are crucial for personal development.

  • I am impressed with the tough curriculum and the level of mathematics and French my son is mastering, which far exceeds the expectations I had at his age.

  • The leadership at Crestwood, particularly by Dalia Eisen, the principal, ensures that the teachers are well-selected and happy in their roles, which translates into how they engage with the students. My son loves his teachers and the way they make learning fun, even when he faces challenges in subjects like mathematics.

  • Crestwood's approach to handling issues and parental communication is prompt and thorough. Whenever I have raised concerns about my son's learning or other issues, the response from the school is quick and effective, addressing all aspects of the concern with great attention to detail.

  • Crestwood encourages community engagement and extra-curricular activities, like the annual Project Give Back and the Terry Fox run. My son initiated a fundraiser for wild birds in Ontario, inspired by the school's culture of giving back, which was a proud moment for us.

  • I would recommend Crestwood to any family that values education that encompasses academic, personal, and social development. My experience with the school has been very positive, with each year surpassing the last in terms of teacher engagement and educational quality.


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