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REVIEW OF Delano Academy & Delano High BY parent, ANA LIGIA MALAVAZI

  • Date of Review
    August 22, 2018
  • Grades
    Gr. 5 - Gr. 6

(5) Student Experience

Our son has become much happier and full of life after he started at Delano. It was the best decision we made as parents. He loves going to school, enjoys the activities, the academics, the Teachers and gets along very well with his friends. He gets the support he needs and is always encouraged to think thru a situation, look at the whole picture, develop his skills and move forward. We find that the engagement level at Delano is something very unique. The Faculty and the students are all engaged in each other successes and will not give up until each student has achieved it. Given the fact that every student is different, this is a big challenge, for which everyone at Delano is up for.

(5) School Leadership

The leadership at Delano Academy is outstanding. The Head of the School along with the Faculty and Staff are always willing to answer questions and address concerns, support the parents and the students in any way or form. I feel we have an open communication with the School and this is extremely satisfactory as a parent. I know I can speak to them about anything. They foster a positive and engaging environment for the parents and students, at all times.

(5) Teaching

I feel the Teachers are very engaged and committed to students' success. They are truly passionate about what they do, they are always happy and take the time to direct individual needs and concerns. Students are unique in their needs and ways of learning and expressing themselves. Teachers do make it their priority to ensure each and every student is working towards their success and full academic achievement. Communication with each and every student is done in several ways as it is their goal to ensure that the student has understood what is being asked of them and is able to deliver the expected results. Teacher at Delano go the extra mile for their students, they spend time with them, they work individually when needed and are always offering support and fostering this culture of progressing together.

(5) Academics

I feel the Academics at Delano are very strong. As an IB School Candidate, the students truly have a very rich academic life. They are always encouraged to think and inquire, they are not simply given answers to questions, but rather encouraged and coached to think thru a problem or situation and come up with possible solutions, by using their skills and mentoring. A good portion of the curriculum is hand's on, very practical. Students are often working on several projects at a time and with that, they also develop and refine time management skills. Reading in both Official Languages is very much encouraged at the School and students regularly take books home from the Library to read and add on to their knowledge and expand their vocabulary.

(5) Extracurriculars

The extracurricular activities opportunities at Delano are offered after school hours and tailored to the students, based on their needs and choices. Parents and Students are always encouraged to give suggestions to the School and keep an open communication. School provides options such as robotics, reading program, chess, athletics, etc. Students are always encouraged to do extra-curricular activities and are shown the importance of each one of them, for their personal success and also their groups.

(5) Students

Our soon truly loves being at Delano, he looks forward to going to school every day. Smaller class sizes are excellent and give them an opportunity to learn more, get more questions in and also answered, work as a team and also independent when needed. Students are valued for who they are, their differences make them strong and successful. They all get along very well and are also friends outside the school. I've had the opportunity to watch them interact among themselves several times and it seems like they all complement each other, with their unique characteristics and skills. They realise that by working together they can achieve move and get better results. When one is not as strong in certain area, the rest of the group will support and encourage, so everyone is successful.

(5) School Life

Our son loves going to Delano Academy and is looking forward to starting the school year, for many reasons. The quality of life the school fosters is very high and inclusive. There is absolutely no bullying and no disrespect to anyone. Students always feel welcomed and with a sense of belonging and easily begin to work together on projects and activities. They are always together and working on how to progress, to succeed as an individual and as a team. The school environment is respectful and peaceful. Part of the school life if heathy eating, therefore, each and every student is encouraged to always bring healthy snacks and most of all, healthy lunches. They often question what the other one is eating and are eager to identify healthy foods and good eating habits among themselves.

(5) Community

Parents at Delano Academy feel like family. We get to know each other, we get involved with activities, volunteer in events and above all, we all support out students. Our son has always been in private school and I have never seen such a level of parent engagements like we have at Delano. Parents are always involved and willing to do more, to support the students and the school itself. It's a great feeling to know that we all care and it is our students who will beneficiate from all of this. Opportunities will always be available for Parents and families to get involved and this is always an open door at Delano. Parents know that they can share their ideas or concerns or dislikes with the Head of the School and they will always be taken seriously.

(5) School Location

The location is excellent. School is located within a couple of minutes from a beautiful outdoor park, with lost of space for the students to do outdoor activities and interact with nature, while breathing fresh air. Also, very accessible from Dufferin/407 and major roads in the City. Bussing will also be available. Parents drop off their children directly at the School's private entrance and there is never a doubt that the students are not safe.

(5) Admissions

The admission process for us was a true pleasure and very informative. I was not expecting such a level of professionalism and commitment from a School, to ensure that our child would be a fit for the School and vice-versa. Mrs Palombo does take the time to go thru the School Portfolio and also answers during the process. Each part is explained in its entirety and this gives us, the parents, an opportunity to decide whether our child will be a good fir for that school and vice versa, or not. Also the school tour is very comprehensive and we get a true feeling of how the day-to-day activities are, how the school life it. There is absolute nothing I would change about their admissions process. It is very professional, detailed and welcoming!


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