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Interview with Elmwood School PARENT, Ryan Schwartz

Ryan Schwartz, parent at Elmwood School, shared his views on why and how they chose Elmwood for his daughter. He highlighted the school's all-girls environment, small class sizes, and supportive atmosphere. Bridget, his daughter, comfortably transitioned into Elmwood and thrived both academically and socially. The focus on classroom experiences and creating lifelong learners has impressed Ryan. He recommended Elmwood for its safe environment, quality education, and track record of student success.

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  • We found Elmwood School, which had everything we were looking for—an ultimate environment in an all-girls school. My wife and I went through an extensive search process for our daughter. We were looking for small class sizes, a safe, comfortable, and encouraging environment, where she could get the attention she needed and deserved, and where she would be able to express herself freely. We wanted a high-quality school with a good reputation. We considered three schools, including Elmwood, which we ultimately chose. We felt it was the best fit for our family, and it turned out to be a great decision.

  • Our daughter, Bridget, has adjusted well to Elmwood, even though it was a big transition for her joining after the start of the school year, in early November, in Grade 5. Initially, she felt intimidated and worried about fitting in and catching up to her classmates. Academically, she was worried about falling behind. However, she had a very well-supported transition. She connected easily with students, teachers, and school officials. It became a very natural and caring experience. That boosted her confidence, making her happier and more vocal about her opinions. She loves going to school and feels challenged in a positive way.

  • What stands out most for my daughter, about Elmwood, is the classroom experience. She talks about all the opportunities to ask questions, to debate, to learn new things, to focus on new things, and interact with others. She talks about other things, but I think that’s what she appreciates the most. It's a nurturing environment that fosters a desire to learn.

  • Our daughter's proudest achievement was receiving the award for overall academic excellence in Grade 6. There are a lot of other things that our daughter is proud of, ranging from trying new things, new clubs, new sports, being in a school play, singing in school concerts, but I think the most important achievement for her has been receiving the overall academic excellence award.

  • I was surprised the most by all of the various leadership opportunities that the girls have across different grades, through being representatives of one of the four school houses, through clubs, or through other committee participation. They have a lot of individual leadership opportunities, which allows the girls to demonstrate those early leadership qualities. Again, this shows just how supportive Elmwood is as a school community. The school’s values of leadership, community, and lifelong learning are truly reflected in their practices.

  • As a parent, what I appreciate the most is Elmwood's focus on girls' education and how well the school prepares them for their next steps. Elmwood focuses on girls' education, preparing them for post-secondary education, and creating competent, capable individuals. The school community genuinely cares for each other and creates an environment conducive to learning.

  • There's a lot of scholarship opportunities. It's fascinating to read how a lot of the students are going on to different schools, across North America, or around the world.

  • Elmwood families are dedicated to maximizing their daughters' potential and providing them with outstanding opportunities to succeed.

  • We had an excellent experience with the teachers and administration at Elmwood. They are helpful, responsive, and regularly communicate with parents through various channels. They value feedback and continuously strive for improvement. Overall, the teachers and administration are friendly and outstanding.

  • I recommend Elmwood for three reasons: it provides a safe and caring environment, offers quality education and a holistic school experience, and ensures the success of students. Parents should thoroughly research, visit schools, meet with administrators and teachers, take tours, and observe classrooms. Trust your instincts and choose the best fit for your family and daughter.


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