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Great Lakes Christian High School TUITION AND FINANCIAL AID

Tuition is always a key concern of parents. The cost of tuition is set by individual schools, and varies widely. It is important to note that tuition does not necessarily cover all costs, and additional fees may apply for other resources or access to facilities at the school. Financial assistance of various kinds is sometimes available.

Tuition Fees

Boarding (International - 5 days/week)$40,500
Boarding (Domestic - 5 days/week)$23,500
Day$8,400 / semester
Day (Domestic)$14,000
Day (International)$31,000
Boarding (Domestic)$28,000
Boarding (International)$45,000
Boarding (International - 5 days/week) Boarding (Domestic - 5 days/week) Day (Domestic) Day (International) Boarding (Domestic) Boarding (International)

What GLCHS says about their tuition:

Our tuition is split into several categories to better serve our families. 5-Day Student - Lives in residence from Monday to Friday. Home on weekends. 7-Day Student - Lives in residence 7 days/week. Home every long weekend/holiday. 7-Day Long Weekend Student - Lives in residence 7 days/week and participates in Long Weekend tourism program (extra charge). Leaves residence Christmas/March Break.

Financial Discounts

Discount TypeEnrolment TypeAmount
Full payment all students5%
2nd child (sibling)all students50%
3rd child (sibling)all students100%
4th child (sibling)all students100%

Need-Based Financial Assistance

Great Lakes Christian High School's need-based financial aid. Learn this school's average amount of aid offered, the grade levels it offers aid to, and the percentage of eligible families it offers aid to.

Grade range that need-based aid is offered: 9 to 12
Percentage of grade-eligible students receiving financial aid20%
Average aid package size$4,500
Percentage of total enrolment on financial aid20%
Total aid available$120,000

Apply for financial assistance at Great Lakes Christian High School

Application Deadline: Rolling deadline  (Repeats annually)
More information:

Application Details:

This school works with Apple Financial Inc. for processing financial applications
Application to Apple Financial Services

Merit-Based Financial Assistance

Great Lakes Christian High School's merit-based scholarships. Learn about the different types of scholarships this school offers, how much they're worth, and their application details.

Principal's Scholarship (Other)

Amount: $2,700
Application Deadline: Rolling

Eligibility Details:

This scholarship is for students from Niagara.

Recipients of this scholarship are selected at the discretion of the Principal of GLCHS who determines how the student would bless the GL community. The ideal candidate will demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Dedication to developing personal discipleship to SEEK, SERVE, and BECOME like Christ;
  2. Active in their church group/youth group
  3. Active in their community
  4. Strong academic history
  5. Strong leadership skills;





Application Details:

Applicants are required to

  1. Submit a maximum one page essay as to their suitability to receive this scholarship.
  2. Attend a personal interview with the principal.

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