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REVIEW OF Greenwood College School BY student, Alexander Viola

  • Date of Review
    May 04, 2022
  • Grades
    Gr. 7 - Gr. 9

(5) Student Experience

My student experience at Greenwood has been incredible. I really love this school and it feels like a second home to me. Every day is exciting, enjoyable and fulfilling. There are always fun things to do around the school whether it is playing basketball in open gym with your friends, or joining a club to do something that you enjoy. These activities make the school days something to always look forward to for many people. Before I arrived, I wish I knew to go outside of my comfort zone. At Greenwood, going out of your comfort zone is highly valued because it can give you unforgettable experiences. Whether you try to meet someone new, jump off of the diving board at Kilcoo, or tell a joke on the announcements, going out of your comfort zone is important to grow as a person. If I'm honest, I wouldn't change anything at Greenwood. Sure, there are a few imperfections like that there isn't a field to play sports with your friends, but this adds to the amazing essence of Greenwood. Who doesn't love bus rides to football games? Every day, I enter the school doors greeted by radiant smiles, which sets the tone for the rest of the day. I am really extremely grateful to be able to go to this school.

(5) School Leadership

The school leaders at Greenwood are all kind, intelligent and understanding. The school is very well run from the principal, to the teachers and then to the guidance counsellors. They are all very kind and they are great at teaching their subjects. My favourite part about the school leadership at Greenwood is the passion. For example, our head boy and girl Charlie and Kristina do the announcements in the morning, and every morning (even Mondays!) they are energetic and getting everyone excited for the day of school ahead. As well, all of the leaders and especially teachers like to get to know the students better. I enjoy this about Greenwood a lot as I can get to know my teachers and students better, so it makes the classes more enjoyable.

(5) Teaching

The teachers at Greenwood are exceptional. Every teacher I have had in my 3 years here has been extremely kind and welcoming. All of the teachers at Greenwood like to get to know their students, which adds to the warm feel of the school. I really like this aspect of Greenwood because when you build a bond with your teachers, you can enjoy the classes more and feel more a part of the school. When I see teachers I had in Grade 7 in the hall, they still say hello to me! I feel that the teachers at Greenwood ask the right amount out of you. They want hardworking students who contribute to the class and school, but they also want students to enjoy their days at school. On the first day of the class, teachers will always go over their expectations and the course outline, to help the students understand how the course will be later on. This is very helpful as you are able to understand the future of the course and the expectations right at the beginning.

(5) Academics

For me and my friends as well, the work at Greenwood is just right. It is a good mix of important work, fun work, but as well challenging work. We are given many assignments that seem challenging at first, but when we start working on them we learn a lot and they become easier. The work at Greenwood is challenging enough to teach us a lot and help us learn, but also not too difficult for most students. Another thing I love about Greenwood is that the work we do in many classes helps us prepare for later in our lives (university, adulthood, etc.). For example, in math class in grade 9, we learned how to do taxes, how to buy properties and how to buy cars. For me, this is very important as it helps me best prepare for my future.

(4.5) Extracurriculars

Greenwood offers MANY different clubs, committees and teams. This is great as everyone who comes to Greenwood will have something that they would want to do. I have been a part of the Model UN club, Student Council, and the football (soccer) team. I have really enjoyed my roles in all of these committees/teams. These clubs and teams allow kids from different grades to meet, so overall these clubs aren't just fun, but they are rewarding as well. The reason that I didn't rate this category a 10/10 is because there are a few popular sports teams that students would like to be added, such as a baseball team and an American football team.

(5) Students

I would describe Greenwood students as welcoming and happy. When I first arrived at Greenwood, I was very nervous, but in less than 5 minutes I had already made a new friend. I continued to meet more people in the school from other grades and my own, and I got to know the school much better. These experiences allowed me to be more comfortable in the school and enjoy the days a lot. I feel that students that are involved with the school (clubs, committees, etc.) tend to do best at the school, because they are getting to know more people and building valuable experiences. On my first day at Greenwood, I was amazed at how it felt like everyone knew each other, no matter the grade they were in. Greenwood does many programs like peer mentors, where students from younger grades can be paired with an older student to help them with work and other things around the school. These programs allow students from many different grades to get to know each other and build strong friendships. Overall, the students at Greenwood are all very close and cheerful.

(5) School Life

If I were asked to give a tour of Greenwood, I would bring the visitors to the lodge first. The lodge is practically the heart of the school, it is where many students eat lunch, bond, and work. The lodge is such a unique place compared to other schools because it was built specifically to meet new people and to connect with others. The spirit in the lodge at a lunch on a school day is impossible to match. The school has many different areas built for specific reasons. For example, there is a learning commons to quietly study for classes, various specialized science rooms, a fitness room to stay healthy, and even a climbing wall! Greenwood tries to make school days as enjoyable as possible, which is what I love about the school. There is a monthly puzzle in the lodge, and my personal favourite is when my friends and I play basketball in the gym at lunch. Overall, school life at Greenwood is very enjoyable and exciting.

(5) Community

Greenwood feels like a home to me. The more I have gotten to know the school and the people inside of it, the more I have liked it. I would say my favourite part of Greenwood is the environment, or the atmosphere. When you enter the school, everyone has a smile (even below the masks!) and is happy to have a day of school. For me, this atmosphere is unmatched. Even if you are having a bad day, you can see your friends and it all goes away. Everyone at this school is unique, so you will always find new interests and learn new things. Something very special about Greenwood is the advisor program. This program brings students into a class with one advisor. This advisor helps the students get more involved with the school, helps students with any problems, and they can even help students with homework. This program allows students to get to know the school better and get more involved, which builds the school community even stronger. Even after the pandemic, the community at Greenwood is indestructible.

(5) School Location

Greenwood is located in a very nice neighbourood with many important needs covered (bus stops, restaurants, etc.). The school is easily accessible by the TTC as there are many different bus stops right next to the school. Most students tend to stay on campus for the majority of the day unless they are getting lunch or if they have a class outside.

(5) Admissions

The admissions process into Greenwood was easier than I had imagined. I first had to answer some questions about my interests and other things, and after that was submitted I had an interview with Mr. Laugheed to talk about why I wanted to enter the school, my values and many other things. I was extremely nervous for this interview but in the end, I enjoyed it a lot. Mr. Laugheed was exceptionally kind to my family and I and right after that interview, I knew that this was the school for me. After the interview, I did a short reading assessment, and I was good to go. Overall, the admissions process was very easy for my family and I. The advice I would give to someone going through this process would be to be yourself. This is because everyone at Greenwood wants to know you well and learn more about you. By being yourself, admissions can tell whether you are a fit for the school or not. One of the amazing things about Greenwood is that everyone is unique and different, so make sure to be yourself in these interviews so that Greenwood can see who you really are.


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