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REVIEW OF Guiding Light Academy BY parent, Vania Padua

  • Date of Review
    March 17, 2021
  • Grades
    JK - Gr. 1

(5) Student Experience

A large part of our worries as parents is wondering what our children’s experience will be at school. After all, they spend so much time there without us to watch over them. After prayer and careful consideration, we decided to put our son in Guiding Light Academy. Our son's experience at Guiding Light Academy has been nothing short of wonderful. From the first day of J.K, to his present day in grade 1, the friendly greetings he has received on a daily basis by both his teachers and peers is very welcoming. Shortly after joining Guiding Light Academy, my son came out of his shell and soon engaged children of all ages at the school, which gave my son a newfound confidence. My son is enthusiastic about going to Guiding Light Academy because he enjoys it. From his interactions with his teachers to laughing with his classmates to accomplishing the work set out for him. I enjoy listening to him excitedly tell me everything he learned and did each day.

(5) School Leadership

Guiding Light Academy’s leadership and administration are professional and their dedication to their student’s wellbeing is at the forefront of everything that they do. The leaders and administration at Guiding Light Academy have nurtured a positive school environment. They instill strong morals and ethical values in their students by providing them with positive direction and counsel. All discipline issues are handled promptly, fairly and judiciously. The teachers communicate effectively with parents on a daily basis and I appreciate their transparency.

(5) Teaching

The training at Guiding Light Academy is robust. My son’s day is filled with interactive learning sessions with industry experts. For example, in his music classes he is taught vocal techniques by a classically trained Opera singer. His soccer coaching by a renowned soccer coach. His religious education is managed by the Heralds of the Gospel. Likewise, all his teachers are well trained, passionate and knowledgeable in their respective subjects. Guiding Light Academy has gone above and beyond to deliver an extensive educational program that both challenges my son as well as facilitates his development and success. Student assessments are conducted regularly, to track progress and constructive feedback is provided where needed and communicated effectively to parents. We feel extremely blessed to have our son taught by the teachers at Guiding Light Academy.

(5) Academics

Guiding Light Academy has a very strong and rich academic program, so it comes as no surprise the students score so well on their EQAOs. Their enriched curriculum emphasizes a higher level of academics. While the standards are set high, students are provided with the tools and guidance needed to achieve success, such as personalized assistance where needed. Guiding Light Academy inspires the children to be the best versions of themselves. Through daily practice, hard work becomes second nature for them. It helps them with all aspects of their lives, teaching them to persist with their aspirations and not give up. I am confident that Guiding Light Academy’s academic program will adequately prepare my son for what is to come in his life ahead.

(5) Extracurriculars

Guiding Light Academy offers many extracurricular activities, which I am happy about, and all within the school hours. While saving on time, my son participates in many programs offered by the school such as music, dance, art, drama, sports and gymnastics. They provide my son with exposure to different industries and experiences, allowing him to fine-tune many skills while also providing different expressive outlets.

(5) Students

Guiding Light Academy has a smaller but tight knit student body that feels very much like a family. I love this setup because it enables individualized care, which means more success for each child. It is a more personalized experience where the students are familiar with each other. What stands out most about the general atmosphere is that it feels like a second home for my son. He is comfortable and feels safe to be himself without reservation or judgement. The dynamic is great between the students. Something that I found impressive was seeing how the older children at the school really look out for the younger ones, including them in activities and spending time with them. There is great interaction between all the students irrespective of grade levels.

(5) School Life

School life at Guiding Light Academy is perfectly balanced, with each day comprising spiritual activities, academics and social interactions. The students begin each day with mass at the local parish allowing them with time to give thanks and self-reflect. Students also come together to pray in the morning, afternoon and before mealtimes. This habit empowers them to learn, practice and grow their faith, developing them into strong individuals. Students heighten their education at Guiding Light Academy with various forms of teaching outside of workbooks, such as hands-on workshops, experiments and creative art integrated into the subjects, the children are able to grasp concepts and comprehend material. In addition to the daily interactions that students have with each other, throughout the school year, they participate in social activities such as social dinners, games, dances, plays, etc. All in all, Guiding Light Academy provide my son with a good array of activities and experiences to keep my son stimulated, and he is very happy with it.

(5) Community

Guiding Light Academy provide many opportunities for parents for be involved. Before the beginning of the school year, parents are invited to the Parent Orientation. It’s a time where we can meet new parents as well as mingle with familiar faces. This session also allow parents to see what’s to come for the school year ahead and provide us with important dates so nothing is missed. During the school year, parents/grandparents and family can volunteer and participate in different activities such as Mother’s/Father’s/Grandparent events, Cultural events, Sports events, Fundraisers and concerts. Guiding Light Academy is filled with multi-culturalism and they really embrace the different cultures by hosting events that bring in experience and life from around the world, through costume, food, history and presentations. From the get-go, parents are made to feel welcome and Guiding Light Academy really value and believe in the importance of parent involvement.

(5) School Location

Guiding Light Academy is located in Mississauga and just minutes away from the Streetsville Go Station. It is a small quaint school with character and charm. The surrounding neighbourhood is mostly family homes with small local shops and restaurants nearby. The safety and security of the students are a top priority at Guiding Light Academy. Students don’t venture beyond the school grounds. Parents of smaller children drop off their child to the assigned teacher posted at the front of the school and during pick-up, they are accompanied by a teacher at the parent’s arrival.


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