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REVIEW OF Hamilton District Christian High BY parent, Beverly Petheram

  • Date of Review
    June 17, 2024
  • Child 1
    Gr. 9 - Gr. 11 (Male, Current Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

The Hamilton District Christian High provides an amazing faith-based student education and experience for all grades. This school has so much to offer: - orientation to the school for potential new students - a special day for each of the grades (which could include white water rafting for the Grade 12's, go-karting and other activities for the Grade 9's, etc.) - so many school sports teams (volleyball, soccer, basketball, track and field, badminton, slo-pitch, hockey, ski and snowboard, fishing, etc.) - music, drama, piano and worship clubs -co-op and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship programs - mission trips and school trips - dress down days - annual Canada's Wonderland Trip - various school electives (trades likes manufacturing/transportation/ communications/woodworking, food and nutrition, art, law, Christians in Society, computer, etc.) - Seniors Day for the student's grandparents to visit their grandchild at the school - Bible and Christians in Society courses - etc. The school uses the Edsby program that allows the students and the parents access to real-time information about each of their courses, what was covered each day in class, dates for upcoming tests/assignments, current marks in each class, a calendar listing importance dates, etc. The students have so many opportunities to grow, develop and learn about God, learn how to be a Christian in society, learn to love and support others and expand their faith. The experience at HDCH is amazing!!!

(5) School Leadership

I can't say enough about the outstanding school leadership!! They all foster a very positive school environment. They are so kind, patient, loving, supportive and caring towards all the students and parents. They address any issues and respond in a timely manner. They make learning fun and memorable. The teachers provide the students with opportunities to learn and expand their skills/knowledge/abilities and then share their work with the community. An example is when the technology classes made little library boxes and park benches for the local community to benefit others. Or the construction classes framed and poured a concrete pad to help a local youth program. The school leadership also offers various field trips for the students that align with their classes (attending a theatre play for English class, attending court for a day for law class, etc.) When the students attended a March Break mission trip to the Dominican Republic the parents received daily continuous updates and photos keeping us informed of their amazing experiences and the impact they have made to help others. There is continuous communication to the students and parents from the school. If at any time there are any concerns or issues, the school will assist and support them. Another example is that there was a student who had a medical condition that made it difficult for the student to regularly attend school and the school was so supportive in ensuring that the student was still able to learn and complete assignments/tests so that the student could get the credits. The school leadership have a passion for making learning fun and memorable for the students. There is also a student services department that provides amazing support and assistance to the students.

(5) Teaching

We are extremely happy with the quality of instruction. The teachers are all very passionate and very knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach. Their love for teaching overflows in the classroom. All assignments and work are truly geared to broaden the student's knowledge and help shape them for the future. The teachers are very supportive to the students. They provide constructive feedback to the students on their assignments so that the students can learn where they may need to expand or improve their work to meet the criteria for assignments. Expectations for projects/assignments are given to the students at the time the projects/assignments are handed out so they know where to focus their time and energy. The teachers are always welcome to provide assistance to a student who may be struggling.

(5) Academics

The academic program at the Hamilton District Christian High does truly prepare students for work, college, university, etc. The program provides the core, required and elective courses so that students will successfully graduate with a Grade 12 diploma. The school uses the program myblueprint.ca to select the students' courses and electives. This program tracks how many credits you have and need to graduate. It is an amazing program that also identifies how many credits you have for college, university, trades, etc. HDCH also provides excellent co-op programs. The academic program includes studies in religion, business, entrepreneurship, computer studies, geography, economics, history, law, English, mathematics, health and physical education, science, chemistry, biology, physics, philosophy, social sciences and humanities, technology, and leadership and peer support. The programs provide the opportunities for students to learn to make class notes, study notes, written reports, presentations, audio/visual/graphics, etc.

(5) Extracurriculars

Hamilton District Christian High provides many extracurricular opportunities for the students. There are many school sports teams (volleyball, soccer, basketball, track and field, badminton, slo-pitch, hockey, ski and snowboard, fishing, etc.), music, drama, piano and worship clubs, mission trips, volunteer opportunities, co-op experience, etc. The school is certainly providing the right context in which to develop well-rounded students. The extracurricular opportunities provide the students the opportunity to learn teamwork, develop their skills/abilities, encourage and support each other, and learn to represent themselves and their team and the school in a professional and respectful manner.

(5) Students

At Hamilton and District Christian High, the student spirit is amazing!!! The collaboration and feeling are so positive, supportive and encouraging. All students wear a student uniform which makes everyone feel as one. The student body has continuous student events to bring the students together. There are many events (formal, fundraisers, casual days, etc.). When you walk into the school and see the students interacting with each other the amazing energy you observe is so heartwarming. When a city bus driver noticed and commented how the HDCH students seemed different (better) than the students from other schools that just demonstrated what is also seen by others. The school has 480+ students. The students learn to live a life of service to God. The students support others and appreciate the unique gifts and abilities that we all have.

(5) School Life

The quality of student life at Hamilton District Christian High is outstanding. There is no other school that we would send our son. Our son truly enjoys going to school because the school makes learning fun, assignments/projects are based on relevant topics, and the students continuously learn about leading a Christian life and caring for/appreciating the world around them and caring for others. Kindness flows through the school. The students get an amazing all around experience - amazing satisfaction with the school, commitment to learning, and support and encouragement from the teachers. All assignments are provided with clear expectations and the students are given a rubric matrix so that the students clearly understand how their work will be assessed and marked. The school is very supportive if a student is ill or absent and needs to check up on their school work. There is a Student Services Department that provides so much help and student to the students to ensure that every student is successful. Learning assistants are available for those students who need additional support.

(5) Community

Hamilton District Christian High truly stands out in the broader community. There are students that come from Jarvis, Hagersville, Caledonia, Brantford, Waterdown, Burlington, etc. to attend this amazing school. This school promotes and encourages all students to participate in and serve communities, including community projects as part of their classwork. The school has regular board meetings where parents/members may vote on different aspects. Parents are updated on a daily basis through Edsby on their student's marks, homework, school field trips, the school's weekly newsletter, etc. Parents are truly supported and encouraged to be involved in the life of the school (volunteer opportunities, prayer groups, committee groups, assist with fundraising events, Seniors Day, etc.). When you get involved in the life of the school you will see how the school does live our their mission.

(5) School Location

Hamilton District Christian High is located on 20 acres of land. The location of this school is amazing with all the green space. It is located at the corner of Garner Road East and Glancaster Road. The surrounding neighbourhood is safe and close to various food venues if the students want to venture beyond the school grounds. The school is not an island but part of a prosperous community. This school is very well known and has proven for generations to provide an amazing education that helps shape the youth to prosper as Christians and make a difference in the community and the world. There are city buses that have drop-off stations near the school and there are numerous school buses that transport students who do not live in the local area.

(5) Admissions

If you are planning to apply for admission to the Hamilton District Christian High, - ask to go for a tour of the school. You will be amazed by the various opportunities this school provides (workout room, library, gymnasium, woodworking/construction room, auto mechanic shop, student services, laser printer, science lab, music room, cafeteria, food and nutrition room, numerous computer stations throughout the school, art room, computer sciences, etc.). - Speak with some students and ask them about their experiences. - Speak with some teachers and you will see the passion and love that these teachers have to help educate the students to be the best they can be and with the God-given gifts they have been given. Generations of students have passed through the doors of HDCH. The education provided at HDCH will positively impact, shape and prepare students for the future.


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