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Topic: School Leadership

robert gabor - Parent   (Sep 12, 2018)

Members of the school administration are very engaged in the daily activities at the school and are quite effective at engendering a positive learning environment at Havergal. However, what impresses me most about Havergal's administration and leadership team, is the level of communication they engage in with both parents and students. The school has an excellent online information system that allows parents to keep fully abreast of their daughters' schedule, assignments, test dates and extra curricular activities. By virtue of the online system and consistent correspondence from faculty and administrators, we are regularly informed of our daughter's progress in her classes, events taking place at the school, opportunities for student and parent involvement at the school, and any important issues involving the school, its students or its community as a whole. If there is ever an issue with our daughter that needs to be addressed, faculty and administrators are always easily accessible and responsive to any inquiries made by us. I never have any fear of our daughter falling through the cracks, as I know I will always be notified by the school of any issues which need our attention.

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Ruth Ley - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

To best describe the Havergal leadership team, I will refer to a quote that I read recently about leadership by Elenor Roosevelt: "To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others use your heart". The leadership and administration team are all more than capable, professional, strategic and are ahead of all the relevant and pressing issues that students face. What the leadership team does best is handle each and every situation in a caring and compassionate way. They truly care about the well being of all the girls and they put the girl's interests fist. This comes loud and clear in any discipline issue or problem. One thing Havergal is very sensitive to is effective communication. It's hard to satisfy everyone regarding communication but Havergal takes this very seriously and they are constantly reviewing the effectiveness of their communication.

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Robyn Spector - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

I cannot imagine that there is a school with a better leadership team and a more positive environment than Havergal College. From the Principal, Helen-Kay Davy, to the Senior Leadership Team to the Admin to the Teachers, Learning Support, Guidance, Food Services, Security - you name it - this school is made up of the most incredible individuals who work together to achieve common goals. The communication is great and I have never seen any incidents of issues being handled unfairly.

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Dana Rippon - Parent   (May 29, 2019)

We have been very impressed with the school leadership at Havergal - both in the Junior School and Middle School. The school remains focused on the girls needs, and the administration create a warming caring environment at Havergal where the girls feel not only supported but able to take risks and learn from their mistakes. We have found the administration to be open and willing to hear any concerns and we have been impressed with their response to any concerns that have arisen. I feel the communication between the school, parents and the students to be great.

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Alnar Meghji - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

Communication between the school (teachers and administrators), the child, and the parents is paramount to the academic, social, and emotional success a child will have at school. Havergal believes in this philosophy as well and strongly encourages and practices open lines of communication with the families. Their ultimate goal is to develop strong, independent, young female leaders, who will make a positive impact in our community. In order to achieve this, transparency and good communication is necessary with the families. Havergal teachers provide continuous feedback on the progress of each child, including phone calls, emails, visuals (photos and video updates of learning), and many opportunities for in-person feedback. The leadership team exercises the same level of communication with families and with the girls themselves. Three times a week, the morning prayer sessions are a time for self reflection and reminders about appropriate behaviour and the development of strong character traits. This is done with a positive, inspirational vibe that resonates with each child. When problems arise, the leadership team takes the opportunity to discuss the issues in a broader sense and offer the students options of how to handle themselves in challenging situations. Girls are given the opportunity to explore and discuss their feelings and provide suggestions on conflict resolution tactics. The girls are always given a voice and this is empowering!

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