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REVIEW OF Kingsway College School BY parent, BRAD MCCAMUS

  • Date of Review
    February 28, 2024
  • Child 1
    Gr. 1 - Gr. 8 (Male, Current Day Student)
  • Child 2
    JK - Gr. 6 (Female, Current Day Student)

(4.5) Student Experience

Both of our kids love the culture of KCS and the faculty and staff. Each year has been outstanding from this perspective. Our kids are engaged in their learning, have strong school spirit, participate actively in clubs and athletics, and social opportunities the school makes available. The annual KCS musical has been a wonderful experience that our kids have participated in for several years now. Both of our kids have enjoyed their school trips and enrichment opportunities outside of the campus. Finding sustainable friendships has been a challenge for both of our children, although we don't fault the school for that reality. It is a very welcoming culture at KCS. Our observation is that living in the Kingsway promotes easier social opportunities outside of school hours. Both of our kids have been frustrated at times by the serially disruptive behaviour of particular students that has not been brought under control over the years and that is not consistent with the three school rules of respect manners, and trying your best.

(4.5) School Leadership

Derek Logan, Head of School for both Senior and Junior Schools is a great leader who is very genuine, warm and engaged. He is highly accessible. As with any organization, the leader sets the pace and culture. KCS is a very positive, caring environment, uniformly across staff and teachers. Andrea Fanjoy, Head of Senior School, and Matina Mosun, Head of Junior School are each great, caring, incredibly dedicated leaders and innovative educators. The administration is excellent at communication. Both our kids and ourselves as parents would like to see a stronger stance on discipline taken and are pleased to see that happening with Mark Magee as the new Assistant Head of the Junior School. Historically the school has been responsive, but overly tolerant, in our opinion, of repeat offenders and serially disruptive students who interfere in the otherwise great culture of KCS.

(5) Teaching

The teachers are exceptional at knowing the individual needs and aptitude of each child and tailoring their learning accordingly. They are also very innovative in their approach to learning techniques that fit each child's needs. Every year we notice how quickly their home form teacher comes to know each child. And the same is true for subject teachers. We find the teachers are highly communicative and collaborative with us as parents. Both our children form trusting relationships with their teachers each year, and the staff, who embody a very caring attitude towards teaching without compromising pursuit of excellence. If you want people who get your kids, care about them genuinely, and work with them and you as parents to help them be their best, this is it.

(5) Academics

We find the academic program to be well-rounded and love the fact that each child in the school is given leadership opportunities from the youngest of grades onward. There is a strong emphasis on self-directed learning that extends beyond the core curriculum throughout the grades, which we endorse and find highly effective and engaging for our kids. We also highly endorse the approach to enrichment that the school takes, and the sense of individual responsibility for learning that is cultivated. We feel confident that our children are ready for high school, and that their high school experience at KCS will best prepare them for post-secondary education as well as for the 'real world' to follow. Incredibly innovative approach, leading edge with respect to the high school design towards academic enrichment and student engagement in learning.

(5) Extracurriculars

We feel the extracurricular programming, available at KCS is fulsome, diverse, and accessible to all students. Our children are of varying athletic ability levels and have been able to participate widely over the years and in a positive environment. We particularly enjoy the rotation of activities, and the range of clubs available for the kids and see them enjoying their participation. Without question, the KCS musical is a highlight. It has broad participation from the student body and puts on a production that is surprising in its calibre for students of this age group.

(4.5) Students

The three school rules of respect manners, and trying your best are at the forefront of the school culture. Underpinning that is a strong sense of caring and acceptance that is conveyed by the administration, staff and teachers uniformly. The student body strikes us as medium-sized, with a strong sense of shared community and support for one another. A good example of this is witnessed each week at the General assembly, where all students convene. The school has four houses, which promotes friendly, competition, and spirit in a healthy sense of the word. As in any social environment with developing youth, there are social-emotional learnings for all, and at times challenges between students. The school does an excellent job of leaning into this topic with the students to help them navigate their social life at school and to equip them for success in life on this front. We find that the kids are well-equipped to navigate various situations and comfortable reaching out to ask for help if they are finding something difficult to manage. Generally speaking, the kids are very good to one another and excepting of one another's differences. Overall, we find the student body very positive, upbeat, and caring towards one another.

(4.5) School Life

Our observation is that student life at KCS is a positive experience for our kids. They both enjoy attending the school and feel a strong sense of connection and loyalty to KCS. It seems to feel like home to them in a sense. They feel safe, accepted, genuinely cared about, and welcome. It's difficult to suggest areas for improvement because it is very positive overall. As mentioned above, a firmer stance on discipline for serially disruptive students who do not adhere to the three school rules, and whose parents appear, unable or unwilling to take ownership of the situation, and work to a solution with the school would be helpful. In practical terms, any school is going to find themselves in a difficult situation with disruptive students whose parents opt out of their responsibilities. We suspect this occurs at every school. And we also see that KCS is taking clear steps to address this particular aspect of school life.

(5) Community

The Parent Network at KCS is the key volunteer organizing body for the school and they do an exceptional job of enriching the experience for families and students. They are critical to supporting the culture of KCS and promoting family engagement. Our finding has been that it is a well-organized and well-run function, providing many opportunities for us as working parents to participate in line with our ability and interest in doing so. We find that it is an inclusive organization, and does its best to ensure anyone interested in volunteering is given an equal opportunity to do so. It is also an organization that is responsible for coordinating the philanthropic efforts of the school parent community to do community outreach and they do a wonderful job of that each year.

(5) School Location

The school is located in the Kingsway catchment area and without question that is the neighbourhood that provides opportunities for students to explore beyond the school grounds. Our kids do not live in the catchment area, so have not had much reason to explore the neighbourhood beyond the school grounds. The neighbourhood surrounding the school feels safe, welcoming, and easy to get around. We see many students walking the area after school to go for ice cream, etc.

(5) Admissions

It's been many years now, but our experience with the admissions process was very positive overall. We found the admissions team very forthright, open and communicative. It was clear that they had a genuine interest in ensuring that KCS was a great fit for our kids and for us as parents. We found the student-led tour very effective for getting a feel for the culture of the school. Meeting with the head of school and speaking with other, KCS, parents is recommended as an effective way to understand the fit for your family.


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