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Interview with La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science PARENT, Mike Drolet

Mike Drolet, a parent at La Citadelle International Academy, shared his perspective on the nurturing environment at the institution. He appreciates the small class sizes, personalized attention, and bilingual education offered at La Citadelle. He also values the holistic approach to the students’ development, which has positively influenced his daughter's personal and academic growth over the past eight years.

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  • My wife and I came for a tour during a school day, and were welcomed by the headmaster, Alfred. We were amazed to see the kids being so calm and respectful. They greeted us as they walked by. It was a noticeable difference from what we were used to in the public system, and it was hard to ignore. We decided to enroll our child here in Pre-K and haven't looked back since. I initially learned about La Citadelle from one of my colleagues. His daughter had gone to the school and it had done wonders for her.

  • It's amazing to witness the transformations in my daughter. She has matured into a young woman who enjoys her classes, admires her teachers, and is not intimidated by homework. She has been at La Citadelle since Pre-K, spanning over eight years now. She has been accustomed to taking exams since Grade 1, and it doesn't faze her or her peers; it’s part of the educational experience at this institution.

  • What my daughter appreciates most about the school is the close relationship with her teachers. The classes are small, in contrast to the public system, where the classes might have 30 or 35 students. This setting facilitates more one-on-one interactions with the teachers. Whenever she encounters a problem, they work closely with her to resolve it. She cherishes her time at the school, enjoying the company of her teachers and friends, which shows that everything has been progressing well.

  • As a parent, what I appreciate most is the peace of mind regarding my daughter's well-being. At La Citadelle, she is safe from bullying, which the school strictly discourages. The older and the younger kids interact and they know each other by name. This environment is highly reassuring for us as parents. 

  • One aspect of the school that might surprise you is its focus on fostering holistic child development rather than mere academic achievement. The school nurtures the kids by instilling the values of respect, compassion, and responsibility from an early age. This influence is reflected even in their personal habits, like having a healthier diet, eating vegetables, which she was initially reluctant to eat. The school encourages independence in the students, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own tasks and homework.

  • The families at La Citadelle, similar to us, value education and having a nurturing community environment. We are firm believers in establishing a solid foundation for education, a principle strongly emphasized at La Citadelle. 

  • The school ensures students have a solid grounding in fundamental knowledge, which would stand them in good stead throughout their lives, enabling a smooth progression to more complex subjects. This emphasis on a foundational approach is instrumental in paving the way for future successes.

  • A testament to the quality of education at La Citadelle was my daughter’s ability to compose and deliver a heartfelt eulogy at her grandmother's funeral at merely six years old. This poignant moment showed the confidence and capability she has garnered through her time at the school. It was clear to everyone present that her educational journey had prepared her with the maturity and eloquence to fulfill that task, which is very rare for that age group.

  • Our experience with the teachers and administration has been exceptional. They are approachable, ready to answer questions, and they keep us informed of our daughter's academic progress through regular parent-teacher conferences. The headmaster, Alfred, has genuine affection for the students, and wants to provide an education that respects their potential. This positive atmosphere runs through the administration, who have been supportive throughout our journey here.

  • In recommending La Citadelle, I would highlight the personalized attention that students receive, aiding them in excelling beyond what we envisioned in a public school setting. The school assesses new students not to highlight their shortcomings but to craft a personalized growth trajectory for them. 

  • The approach to bilingual education here is also a reason why I’d recommend the school. Their approach to teaching English and French ensures a seamless transition for students who may wish to pursue studies in English at the university level.

  • When considering any private school, it is good to visit during school hours to observe the environment and curriculum firsthand. 

  • Although La Citadelle might not offer an extensive range of extracurricular activities found in other prestigious schools, it emphasizes the foundational elements of education, which is beneficial in the long run. It is crucial to weigh your priorities when choosing an educational institution, to find the best fit for your child's needs.


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