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REVIEW OF Wise Owl Private School BY parent, Igor Kaminsky

  • Date of Review
    July 08, 2021
  • Grades
    Preschool - Gr. 5

(5) Student Experience

Our kids have been attending Little Owl Private School for the past 9 years, and we had an amazing experience. From the moment we drop off our kids to the point of pick up, we know that we left them in a loving, safe and caring environment, where they will be learning something new every day. We never had to question the quality of education, as our kids’ curious questions and smiles tell us everything we need to know. They have enjoyed many great moments from classes and extra curriculum activities. The teachers are able to connect with each of the students and ensure that the material thought is understood by all students. The principal is aways welcoming and involved, aware of what is happening in each class.

(5) School Leadership

Ms. Natasha is absolutely amazing, and we feel very fortunate to be part of the school family for the past 9 years, and have our kids grow in such an amazing environment. What we love the most about Ms. Natasha is her dedication to the kids and their education, her openness, honesty and transparency about anything to do with the school. Teachers are also very open to communication with parents and plan individualized learning approaches best. Always encouraging and supportive.

(5) Teaching

Everyone communicates clearly and directly with us, and provides us with honest feedback about our kids progress. Each and every day teachers go above and beyond to help kids grow and succeed. The teachers are able to connect with each of the students and ensure that the material taught is understood by all students. The principal is aways welcoming and involved, aware of what is happening in each class. What we also really liked is the fact that teachers fully understand that each child learns differently, and not everyone is the same. Thus whenever necessary, they look for unique ways to connect with each child, and help them learn in a way that works for them. We found that to be very useful and helpful.

(5) Academics

We felt that our kids have progressed really well over the past few years, and had the best chance to succeed. Throughout the years, my daughter (who attended Little Owl for from pre-school to grade 5) used to come home and tell us all about her day and everything that learning. The most important thing for us was the fact that she was excited, eager to learn and never bored. As I mentioned above all teachers were able to find a way to connect with each if the students, feed their curiosity, and absorb the material in an effective and efficient way. Our younger son (who is in SK right now) is also progressing very well, and gets extra help whenever he needs it, which show consistency of education, and the quality of the teachers at the school.

(5) Extracurriculars

There were a lot a great field trips and extra curriculum activities that our kids really enjoyed and had fun participating in. We also really liked the fact that everything was professionally arranged, including school bus, volunteers, tickets, etc… Another amazing feature about the school, is that pre-COVID the entire school got involved in the semi-annual concerts, which would be the highlight of the year for all kids and parents. Typically there were two concerts, Winter around Christmas time, and Summer Concert at the end of the school year.

(5) Students

There is a great diversified group of kids learning and socializing together. The kids there had great communication skills and were easy to talk to and listen to. All the kids were heartwarming and kind. We have never experienced extreme bullying with any of the students at Little Owl. In general all the students were great friends together and even if they had a disagreement they always found a solution. The class sizes were small as a typical class size would be 6 to 10 people while at other schools there would be 20+. Which meant that it was easier to learn as the teacher could give lots of attention to each person in the class and less interruptions were made as there was a small size of students.

(5) School Life

Our kids really enjoyed the experience, and enjoyed every moment of it. They felt as if it was their second home and loved going there everyday. The one thing they loved most about going to school is the loving environment and people at Little Owl. There were lots of fun activities inside and outside the classroom that they had lots of fun doing. We also enjoyed that they would go outside everyday to ensure that they had some fresh air. The fact that they could give food to students is truly something different and special that you don’t see many schools doing. All the food provided is organic and healthy and they always take into consideration people’s allergies and make sure they have a substitute food for them.

(5) Community

We enjoy the experience, especially the communication and semi annual concerts. The concerts were very fun and they were all very including to all the students, were even if you didn’t have a main role you were still participating in the concert. The field trips were also very special because some of them were very educational and taught lots to the students but also some were just for fun and team building. All the students and kids were very kind with their words and thought carefully about what they said. They were all were very including and no one was ever left out. The teachers were very understanding of other people problems and always tried to help them. The whole school was very welcoming and accepting.

(5) School Location

Great, easy to get to location near Yonge and Sheppard. There is a nearby subway, with Sheppard Station on line 1, and Yonge Station on line 4. There is also sufficient parking for drop of and pick up. In terms of nearby area, whenever the weather is good enough to go outside, there is a great park nearby, which kids with their teachers go to on a regular basis to get fresh air and play outdoors.


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