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Little Owl Private School

"While there is a structured program, teachers at the Little Owl Private School deliver content in an interactive way."

Kate Lebedeva - Parent   (Jul 08, 2021)

My son is thriving academically and emotionally at Little Owl Private School. We came to Little Owl after his academic results were declining at another school, and Little Owl Private School facilitated recovery of his academic skills in line with his age group and his further development. Emotionally my son was also helped, when he joined Little Owl Private School he was very shy which affected his ability to make friends. However by the end of the first year at Little Owl Private School my son... View full review

"... the school is putting an emphasis on teaching the children soft skills such as manners and being respectful to others in addition"

Rebecca Huang - Parent   (Jul 08, 2021)

My daughter has been attending the kindergarten program at Little Owl. I can say confidently that my daughter is a happy kid at the school and she is growing academically as well as emotionally. The teachers are very attentive and patient with the children and know how to teach young children in a fun environment. For the busy parents, there are many after-school classes such as science club, math club, arts club, chess club (for older kids), French club, Mandarin club, etc. The facility is alw... View full review

"Teachers are also very open to communication with parents and plan individualized learning approaches..."

Igor Kaminsky - Parent   (Jul 08, 2021)

Our kids have been attending Little Owl Private School for the past 9 years, and we had an amazing experience. From the moment we drop off our kids to the point of pick up, we know that we left them in a loving, safe and caring environment, where they will be learning something new every day. We never had to question the quality of education, as our kids’ curious questions and smiles tell us everything we need to know. They have enjoyed many great moments from classes and extra curriculum acti... View full review

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