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Lycée Français de Toronto ADMISSIONS

Private schools in Canada have admissions policies, and they require application materials. These may include letters of application, application fees, essays, and tests (such as the SSAT). Many schools also require interviews with prospective students. Schools also use different criteria for evaluating student applications, have different acceptance rates, and target different kinds of students. To improve your child’s chances of acceptance, find out everything you can about a school’s admissions policies and how they assess applicants.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

 Nov 9, 2024
 10:00 am to 01:00 pm

Open House

Open House

Lycée Français de Toronto Open House

  • Nov 9, 2024
  • 10:00 am to 01:00 pm
  • Lycée Français de Toronto
    2327 Dufferin Street
    Tornto, ON , M6E3S5
 Nov 22, 2024
 12:00 am to 12:00 am

Application deadline

Application deadline

Lycée Français de Toronto Application Deadline

  • Nov 22, 2024
  • 12:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Online
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Admissions Requirements

InterviewNS - 12
SSAT (out of province)
Entrance Exam(s)1 - 12
Entrance Essay

LFT admissions deadlines and fees

Day students: Rolling
Offer mid-year entry: Yes

Application fee: $300
Registration fee: $6,500
Deposit: N/A

What LFT says about their admissions requirements:

Application form; Birth certificate; Report cards for the past two years


Learn about the percentage of students typically accepted into Lycée Français de Toronto. This can help you gauge your chances of getting into this school. For instance, a 95% acceptance rate means a school is relatively easy to get into, while a 10% acceptance rate means it will be difficult to get into.

Lycée Français de Toronto acceptance rate: 97%

Lycée Français de Toronto student entry points

Schools accept different numbers of students at different grade levels. Learn how many students are accepted into Lycée Français de Toronto at each grade level.

Student TypePSJKSK123456789101112
Day Acceptance
(Acceptance rate)
15 - 22 (90%)20 - 40 (90%)10 - 20 (90%)8 - 10 (80%)8 - 10 (80%)8 - 10 (80%)8 - 10 (80%)8 - 10 (80%)8 - 10 (80%)8 - 10 (70%)8 - 10 (70%)8 - 10 (70%)8 - 10 (70%)8 - 10 (70%)8 - 10 (70%)

What type of student LFT is looking for:

Grade 1 candidates have to be able to understand and speak French. No reading or writing skills are required. For candidates applying in Grades 2-12, both written and oral French skills will be assessed.

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