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REVIEW OF Lycée international de Calgary BY parent, Brigitte Smith

  • Date of Review
    May 14, 2018
  • Grades
    K - Gr. 1

(5) Student Experience

I have to say that the class sizes really are what make our children feel comfortable, less kids make it calmer and not as chaotic. Also the teachers we had this past year are wonderful. We have seen our children have so much more confidence in their work. The positive energy and encouragement is so helpful. Our kids love the playground, the outdoor space, the climbing wall, the school programs. The friends they have are multi-cultural or from a different country. There is nothing that my kids have said they dislike and I feel the same way. Our experience at LLP has been wonderful and nothing has been disappointing for our family. We plan on sending our younger children there as well and can't wait to try the Maternelle Program for 3 & 4 year olds.

(5) School Leadership

I feel like the communication has been great! Email or through speaking to somebody has been the best option for myself. If I needed anything from admin they are usually very available to talk to! If not I would email and they would get back to be shortly. The communication between the staff also seems to be smooth as every message got passed on. The wonderful young girl working the front desk is always happy and smiling. I have not had any problems with either discipline issues (yet) so I can not comment on that part. The weekly email with what is going on at school is great to read and a great way for us to be in contact with events going on the school.

(5) Teaching

I am so lucky that we got the teachers we did this year... our family just moved to the Lycée so the change was a big thing for the kids. They were able to build confidence in their work. Pushed to their potential. I love the communication meetings that are set up with the teachers mid-way through the semester to really know how the kids are doing and where they need more attention etc. The quality of instruction has been wonderful with the seesaw program with keeping up to date with what is going on in class or even for up coming event or field trips. I find that the teachers really want the kids to be pushed and really learn the right way to do something.

(5) Academics

The academic program at Lycée Louis Pasteur is awesome. I am really happy with what my young children are learning and it is far beyond what I even imagine they would be learning at such a young age. But on top of that, they are really into it and really seem to be enjoying the academic part of the school. The culture and atmosphere that the school has is also really positive. I would be worried if I had my kids in a regular kindergarten or grade 1 class. At the Lycée Louis pasteur everything is very academic and I feel like they will be able to transfer to any other school without a problem at all or anywhere in the world for that matter. They are challenged in ways that will prepare them for anything in life during their next steps.

(4) Extracurriculars

I feel like the extracurricular activities and the opportunities that Lycée Louis Pasteur offer are definitely good. I think as the kids get older sometimes the class sizes get smaller so that can be difficult to form groups of sports. But so far they have a great basketball team and many other sports teams to have compete in. As well as traveling to play other teams all over the city of Calgary. I feel like they offer so many things that the kids will have the opportunity to be exposed to many different things. With the academics, the social, the culture and the programs offered they will be well-rounded students but also a well-rounded person, which is what is really important in everyday life and our world.

(5) Students

I have to say I love the size of the school. It is of a smaller size but i love the class sizes and how easy it is to get to know the students, even the ones that are not in your child's class. Even the parents. The feel of the school is one of the reasons we decided to send our children. You could feel the energy during the initial walk-through; how positive and cultural it was. Everybody's spirit seemed fairly relaxed and we got the sense that it was a nice learning environment. The general atmosphere of the student body seems compassionate. Even with the school being small the older kids look out for the younger kids, and the younger ones look to learn from the older kids. Obviously there is always the odd bullying but for the most part everybody seems to get along and include one in other in many different activities.

(5) School Life

I presently have 2 children there - and we are going to be sending a 3rd in the fall. They love going to school. Obviously every child has their days where they do not want to go, but they enjoy arriving at school and seeing their friends or even going into class with the teachers. I can not comment on any improvements for the quality of life. I think Lycée Louis Pasteur has so much going for it and it is really beyond my words as to how I am happy with our year. With us just moving to Calgary last Sept and the kids starting french school right away, our 2nd born had a little of anxiety and so did our 1st but I will say within a few weeks the adjustment came and they were doing so well. The teachers were so encouraging that the transitions for them went really smoothly. Our oldest did the FLIP and he excelled way better then we thought it would.

(5) Community

The community with Lycée Louis Pasteur has been nothing but welcoming. The parents that are there are all really great. Everybody has worked really hard to send their kids to this great school and you can tell how proud they are to have their children attend the school. They have plenty of chances to volunteer and I will say I do wish I could volunteer a little more in the younger kids classes but that is ok! I like the independence my kids also get from having different parents come in and not always the same ones. There are so many school projects or field trip days. Or even celebrations which give us a chance to come in and help the teachers out! They are the ones that work so hard and need a little assistance when the kids are celebrating HAHAH!

(5) School Location

The location of the school is fantastic for us. We bought a house close to the school so our kids would not be too far. I am currently driving them to school. With them being so young I do not let them venture off the school grounds but as they get older, the surrounding neighbourhood is so safe and clean that I would love for them to learn some independence with walking to and from school alone. Or even riding their bikes! The community of garrison woods has so many children and its nice to see so many families live close and also attend the same school. Its an easy way to continue to build your relationship not just at school but outside of school days/activities.


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