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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About Metropolitan Preparatory Academy (2020)

Metropolitan Preparatory Academy alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Lucas had to say about the school.

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Lucas — alum

Lucas graduated from the Metropolitan Preparatory Academy in 2019. He credits the amazing teachers at the school for helping him to shape academic and personal interests and realize what he values most. Lucas is currently studying economics and business at UC Berkeley, and hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

  • “Metro is an environment where you have the resources, teachers are there, the faculty is there, the staff is there, your friends are there.”
  • “Metro Prep is kind of like middle school and high school combined. I entered the seventh grade. I was there for six years. I would definitely say it influenced a lot of what I intended to study, as well as different passions of mine, and definitely the school that I chose as well. I feel like being at Metro Prep kind of helped me realize what I value the most and what kind of areas of studies that I enjoy the most.”
  • “The teachers there, they really shaped ... my areas of interest. I really began becoming interested in social sciences. Political science, law, economics, stuff like that. I also know quite a few people [at Metro Prep] that were very, very interested and passionate about STEM fields, and they're pursuing that as well in university.”
  • “I acted in two of [the plays at Metro Prep], and I also did sound editing and film and photography for the other ones. I also did varsity soccer ... . Essentially it was just like a bunch of my best friends who just all played soccer together. So that was pretty fun. I also started what's called "the Metro Business Club." That was a club that a few friends and I started after taking business class, and the business teacher was very encouraging and told us to kind of start a club if we're interested in [business].”
  • “We went on different service trips throughout the years and I definitely participated in that. When I was in Grade 9, we went to Tanzania, and then the summer before entering my senior year, we went to Ecuador.”
  • “[Metro Prep] just started a thing called the Smith program. So that [stands for] the ‘School of Music, Integrated Arts, Theatre, and Humanities. So essentially, it’s an arts program. I feel like before, [Metro Prep] was very, very focused on STEM,  but now it is investing in a lot of arts, humanities, and social sciences. This ist a program where we put on different concerts, and we help with the play and attend different events and stuff like that.”
  • “[The students] got to put together a Christmas film premiere … . We actually packed the school theatre. So people who went to the screening also liked that there was a ticket price and then that all went back to the charity that we worked for, for the service trip. So I feel like that would definitely be one of the proudest moments, because just like the fact that I actually was able to get it done, and the fact that a lot of people really, really enjoyed the movie, and asked me [if they could] buy the movie afterwards.”
  • “There's a collaboration [between Metro Prep Academy] and organizations called ‘Free the Children' or 'Me to We'... . … Throughout the school year, we're helping fundraise both for that trip and for the charity in general. So we would have toy drives during Christmas and we'd also hold charity concerts that are put together by the Smith people.”
  • “A really cool thing about the school band [at Metro Preparatory Academy] is that it's very unconventional. I feel like I'd either imagine a band as very like an orchestra or like very rock and roll. [Metro Prep's band was] very different. We have the traditional “rock and roll’ songs, but also I think the coolest part is the fact that different people play different instruments. We had a person play "Guzheng," which is like a traditional Chinese instrument. Just a lot of different instruments, a lot of different sounds.”
  • “I think it was just the people [that attracted me to Metro Prep] ... both the students and the teachers. When I went into Metro Prep, it wasn't like a traditional private school, because I know a lot of the private schools here, like you require uniforms, and then there's like a very, very tightly packed schedule. There's a division between students and teachers, that division was something I didn't feel in Metro [Prep Academy]. For instance, like we all refer to our teachers by their first names.”
  • “It is very good on an educational basis, because it allows students to almost feel like you're not learning underneath someone, but you're learning with someone. And that was definitely one of the key things that made me choose Metro. It was also just because I went into the principal's office and like he was just sitting there talking to me, a 12 year old, for 30 minutes... the faculty is very down to earth. That's what I really, really love.”
  • “[I appreciated] the amount of opportunities I was given … I'm not a super athletic person, but I was still able to play on a basketball team, play on the soccer team, and play on the Frisbee team.”
  • "I think one of the advantages [of being close with your teachers] is that you're able to learn a lot of things outside of the classroom. I feel like reflecting back, the biggest lessons and the biggest, most memorable things I learned were outside of the classroom. Whether that be just like on those service trips with the teachers, bonding, or just feeling comfortable enough to approach your teachers with personal issues ... you feel like [the teachers at Metro Prep Academy] genuinely… care about you as a human being, and your personal growth.”
  • “I think authentic is just a word that I would [use to describe Metro Prep]. I'd say [Metro Prep is] fun. ... I feel like if I could have been anywhere in the world, I wouldn't have chosen anywhere else. It was a great place to grow up. I feel like it gave me a lot of memories that made my teenage and childhood years very joyful and enjoyable. [Metro Prep is] the place where I learned a lot and learned how to grow into the person that I am today.”
  • "I was actually able to keep in touch with, you know, like the teachers that I was closest to. It feels like a safety net for me because it feels like there is a support system that I have, even after graduating from the school. And the same thing goes with all of my friends. Just this morning, I was just facetiming for like two hours with my best friend [from Metro Prep], just like catching up and talking.”
  • “Every single time you have a break, everyone [from Metro Prep] gets back together and we all hang out. You really do feel like you build that support network…  I feel like everyone who's graduated from [Metro Prep Academy]... are able to handle difficulties and handle obstacles that come your way because of the independence that you've learned at school.”
  • “I find that to be a common trait to be among all my friends [who graduated from [Metro Prep Academy] is they're actually able to excel in their environments, and that is very important. I think just like learning to adapt is one of the things that is embedded in [Metro Prep Academy’s] curriculum … our adaptability to adjust to different environments... not just able to adapt, but actually able to thrive in a competitive environment.”
  • “I feel like you'd expect there to be a learning curve and a period where people are getting comfortable with each other. I feel like personally, for me, ever since I entered middle school, it was like everyone was just friendly, and everyone just felt so approachable.”
  • “At a lot of schools, you feel that there's a distinct vibe between the different grades and you feel that ... if you look at Metro [Prep Academy], you really don't feel that. When I was in Grade seven, one of my best friends was graduating, a graduating high school senior, and it was a genuine friendship.”
  • “Some years, like back in Grade 10, ... I knew everyone in the school because there were only three hundred, four hundred kids at [Metro Prep Academy].”
  • “I emphasize the word staff as well, because I felt like it wasn't even just that we had personal relationships with the teachers, but we had personal relationships with the principal, and the guidance counselor, and so many different people [at Metro Prep Academy]. I felt very close to the janitor as well … . Everyone's friends with the faculty and staff. I remember that when I was purchasing grad gifts for the teachers and everyone, I specifically had a present in mind for the janitor, because he was there. He saw me grow up, you know what I mean?”
  • “Metro [Prep Academy] is a place that learns and adapts to different things. I feel like the curriculum is very personal for you as a person. I have friends who struggle to come to school on certain weeks, and the faculty is very, very understanding of that. They don't view you as just a number, or just a certain grade.”

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