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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About Metropolitan Preparatory Academy (2020)

Metropolitan Preparatory Academy alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Luka Zigomanis, Stephanie had to say about the school.

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Highlights from the Q&A discussion

Luka Zigomanis — alum

Luka, alumnus, shared his views on the nurturing educational environment at Metro Prep, highlighting the central role of teacher-student relationships, and the enriching, real-world discussions with teachers. Luka credited his current happiness and success to the holistic educational experience at Metro Prep, the diverse and inclusive community of the school.

  • Starting at Metro Prep, what I noticed first was teachers calling me by my first name, which made me realize they were not just there to assign grades but to help and guide me. That made me respect them more.

  • It was a unique, and much more loving experience, compared to other schools I had been to. That generated an enthusiasm about going to school that I hadn’t felt before.

  • The teachers taught me to learn and become independent in my learning. It’s not only the material being presented, but it's how you approach and relate it to real-world issues, like politics, history, or science, that changed my thinking.

  • Now, two years out of Metro Prep and in university, I miss the one-on-one sessions with teachers where I could discuss topics I didn't fully grasp. These personal conversations were enriching, and I find myself missing that open dialogue now that I'm in a different environment.

  • Reflecting on it now, many university topics were covered at Metro.

  • The relationships we formed at Metro Prep mirrored the school's diversity. I made friends from all over the world, creating a diverse circle that enhanced my worldview and influenced who I am today.

  • The sports were competitive, but also inclusive, which always kept us on our toes during games. I was involved in different teams, with my friends being teammates and teachers were coaches.

  • Metro's open approach to different perspectives and learning styles ensures that students receive the best education.

  • I wish I’d had more after-school discussions about current events and real-world topics with teachers. These discussions can add a lot of depth to the high school experience.

  • The teacher-student relationship at Metro was mutual and relaxed, and we were on a first-name basis. This approach allows for spontaneous conversations, it gives a sense of trust, and it encourages self-motivation, which is vital in the real world.

  • To new students, I’d suggest approaching it with a clean slate, embracing the new learning approaches, and forming bonds with the wonderful teachers at Metro Prep. That creates a fulfilling journey, and it’s something I attribute to my current happiness and success.

Stephanie — alum

Stephanie, a Metro Prep alumna, reflected on her positive experience at the school, the personal connections fostered by small class sizes and the caring faculty. She appreciated the focus on developing leadership skills and self-confidence in students. Stephanie advised new students to embrace the various opportunities for growth and exploration at Metro, emphasizing that her time there fostered a deep understanding of different perspectives, cultivating lasting friendships and valuable life skills.

  • With small classrooms, I connected more with the teachers; they get to know you personally rather than just a number in a classroom, something absent at my previous schools. Because of the small class sizes, participation in extracurricular activities was encouraged more. I joined nearly every sports team at Metro, a feat I wouldn't have achieved at other schools. From being a novice at volleyball to being the coach in Grade 12, the opportunities were abundant compared to other public schools.

  • I maintain the relationships I built at Metro Prep. I still feel close to the teachers. I know that whenever I return, the connection with the faculty will remain the same.

  • The first adjective that comes to mind in describing the school is ‘caring.’ Metro Prep emphasizes genuine relationships between the faculty and students. This nurturing environment fosters a community, where everyone desires your success.

  • Metro has a caring environment, but it also maintains a rigorous academic focus to prepare students for university, encouraging a strong work ethic.

  • Metro focuses on developing leadership skills and self-confidence in students. They encourage making connections across different age groups. The small class sizes ensure no one graduates without friends, and keeps family-like connections.

  • To new students, I would advise embracing all opportunities at Metro, whether in sports or arts. Those experiences made some of my fondest memories at Metro, they allowed personal growth and exploration that went beyond academics.

  • The diverse student body at Metro creates a rich environment for personal growth. It cultivates an understanding space, even for those students, who might be unclear about their future paths.


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