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Interview with Montcrest School Alum, Jade Grech

Jade, an alumna of Montcrest School, shares her appreciation for the nurturing teachers, vibrant energy, and diverse extracurricular opportunities that strengthened her confidence. She cherishes the adventurous spirit fostered through exceptional field trips, and emphasizes the school's positive impact on her education and the lifelong friendships forged at Montcrest.

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  • The thing I appreciated most at Montcrest were the teachers, who were so, so wonderful. They helped me through everything, whether it was my education, my struggles with math when I first joined Montcrest. They also helped me with my struggles with my friendships. I felt like I could go to them with anything, if I was struggling with anything, and they would give the best advice. And I found that our special bond is still so tight to this day. Sometimes I bump into them, and I'm like, ‘Oh my gosh, it's you.’ That bond I created with those teachers, it's the exact same as it was when I was at Montcrest, even though I'm in high school now.

  • I feel what differentiates the school from others are the clubs and the opportunities that are given through them. There are so many extracurriculars and clubs at Montcrest. I joined the Montcrest Singers. They opened up a whole pathway to my interests and talents. They also helped me develop so many skills. In Grade 8, I was the Assembly Captain. That's where I would speak with a microphone to the whole entire school and give weekly updates like what's going on. And so I found that that definitely helped me develop leadership skills, public speaking skills, and so many skills I use to this day.

  • I found that the school really showed their adventurous spirit through the field trips. During my time at Montcrest, from Grade 4 to Grade 8, I went on so many field trips. It was so amazing. I went to Europe in Grade 8. Who does that in Grade 8? It was so fun and such an amazing, cool experience. I remember every time I would come home and tell my parents everything I learned.

  • The energy at Montcrest was so amazing. You just walk into that school and I felt that energy hit me every day, every morning. The teachers just made learning so much fun. I was just ready to learn every day. Montcrest teachers and the staff would greet you every morning, welcome you inside the school, make you feel safe, make you feel comfortable, and just make you feel like you're going to have a good day.

  • I believe the school values at Montcrest are, first of all, the building of confidence in the students. Connected to that is the recognition of the different learning styles of different students, which is also one of the many values that the school has. My confidence has increased so much because of Montcrest. I learned about my own learning style, and about other people, their different learning styles, too. Now I'm in high school and I'm not afraid to ask questions. I want the teachers to know who I am. And now that it's perfectly normal and perfectly okay to do so.

  • Being in the small classes were so helpful to me not only for my education but also for my friendships. I was able to create such tight bonds. I found that also the staff helped facilitate friendships. And my best friend that I met at Montcrest is still my best friend to this day.

  • My friends and I still say, to this day, that we wish Montcrest were also a high school. It was really hard leaving the school. I loved it so much. But I also think, of course, I appreciated the influence it has on my life to this day. And I find that just going to the school has reflected in my success in high school today for so many different reasons. And I'm happy with myself, happy with how I'm doing in high school. And that’s all because of Montcrest.

  • To new students, I’d ask them to remember to always ask for help. Teachers love when you ask them for help. They want to help you. Montcrest really does an amazing job at that. I think, overall, Montcrest is such an amazing school. I consider it as my second home. The connection I have there is like no other with any other school I've been to. So, honestly, an amazing school. And I really think you should consider coming here, whether it's the families that are considering it or the student is considering it. I would just consider coming here, because this is such a great school. I am happy to say that Montcrest has changed my life.


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