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Review by: Irizabell Rivera - Parent (Jan 31, 2019)

"They definitely guided her and she had all the tools necessary to succeed, and get into a college of her choice."

Student Experience

My daughters love Montverde Academy for their diversity and the education they receive. Overall they have had a positive experience. They have students from over 80 different countries, which allows the students to learn different languages, and learn from many cultures. All the students are very welcoming and always willing to teach each other about their native country and culture. They are not allowed to have phones on campus, which is a negative for the students, but a positive for parents. It allows the students to focus on their academics, and helps them to pay attention to the teachers, and eliminates distractions. they are not so worried about social media during school hours. They get hours if they do not follow rules, which provides discipline, responsibility, and accountability.

School Leadership

Teachers are quick to respond when you have concerns about your child's academics or behavior in class. If any of the students do not follow school rules there are always repercussions in the form of hours. Hours can range from 2-6 depending, on the infraction. There is multiple security guards on site, so students feel pretty safe and protected. The administration is very responsive to any problems you may have and constantly keep us informed of what is happening at Montverde.


My daughters love the individual attention they receive from their teachers. Classes are small, and there’s more opportunity for one on one time with each individual teacher. Teachers stay on top of your child's grades and if they have any concerns, they normally reach out to you pretty quickly. My communication with the teachers has been very positive. Teachers are always willing to stay after school and provide students with the additional help they need. Tutoring is free and available every school day. All teachers carry a Bachelors, or Master. If they have a Bachelors, they are normally still working on a Masters. Coming from public schools, my daughters have improved their grades substantially since they have attended Montverde, and they truly prepare them for college.


Overall they prepare students for college, and teach them responsibility. Each child is provided an IPAD and majority of their school work is completed on it. This simulates what their experience will be in college, since most work is done via electronics. Students can email teachers at all times of the day including weekends, if they have a question about their assignment, and normally receive an immediate response. Each child at Montverde is assigned Study Hall as a class, which provides them with additional time to complete assignments or review prior to taking a test. If your child has A's and B's they normally can opt out of Study Hall. There is a library on-site with a computer lab, which provides another location for studying purposes.


My daughters play softball, and the program is top notch. Definitely not something you will see in public schools. They practice on the field, lift weights in the training room, where there exercises are tailored for the sport they play. Every player has access to athletic trainers that will care for them. The athletic trainers take their jobs seriously and oversee the recovery for each player.


All the students are very proud of Montverde, and support each other’s sports. Students get a long very well, and you don't see popularity cliques throughout the school. Every student attends Montverde for a purpose, whether it's academics, athletics, or both. Students wear uniforms, so they are not concerned about wearing the latest and greatest. The student body have a true pride for their school, and even after graduating, you constantly see the alumni visiting the campus. My daughter graduated last year, and she still talks to her friends, and loves to visit her MV campus. It's great to see Lindor, Simmons, and other famous sports players always giving back to the school, and still using the facilities. Overall the school spirit is felt throughout the whole school.

School Life

My daughters love attending Montverde, and rarely hear any negatives. They all have club time which is part of their school schedule which helps them to be more involved with the school and community. Each child is required to complete community service hours prior to graduation. My daughter is a day student, so she has more flexibility than a boarder. They are definitely stricter with boarders because of the added responsibility of keeping them safe. The school has prom, recently had homecoming for this first time ever this year, and always have fun events for their seniors. Would like to see some educational field trips scheduled, as I don't see much of that. Boarders have weekend field trips that day students can be a part of.


In the beginning of the year, Montverde holds a parent social event at Bella Collina, which is a very nice event, in where you can meet other parents, faculty, teachers, and coaches. The Parents Association is very involved with the students and school staff. They are constantly setting up different events for everyone, and always open to volunteers. If you want to be involved, you have all the avenues to do so. Also, before school starts the MV Parents Association holds a used uniform sale. This is such a great opportunity to buy uniforms at a reduced cost. They have many different sizes available from PK- 12th grade. This is one event I look forward to every year. Overall parents seem to be involved and are welcoming. Haven't had any negative experiences.

School Location

I feel the school is isolated and provides a safe environment. I never even heard of the school or the city of Montverde until I heard someone saying great things about the school. It's located in a beautiful area near Bella Collina, and there is not much traffic, which is safe for the kids walking back and forth to classes. I drive from Altamonte Springs to Montverde, and feel the drive is worth it.


My advice is to start the process early. Complete your application and get your financial aid done quickly. I enrolled my youngest last year at Montverde and my experience wasn't as smooth as the prior year. Admission's this school year seemed a little bogged down, and were not as responsive as usual. Financial Aid this school year was a lot more in depth, and required a lot of information. It is a blessing to have access to financial aid, since it does makes it more reasonable to afford an education at Montverde.

University placement and counselling

My older daughter always had the support she needed, and counselors always kept track of their seniors progress throughout the year. They stay on top of them taking their ACT's and SAT's. The counselors help the students sign up for tests. They also keep track of each students Bright Futures progress, and make sure they have completed all the steps to qualify for it. They constantly send out emails to the students of available scholarships, and what is needed to apply for them. Each senior has to complete 6 college applications, which makes them to be proactive with their college search. My daughter had access to her counselor, and was always very helpful. They definitely guided her and she had all the tools necessary to succeed, and get into a college of her choice.

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