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December 16, 2017

Warm tribute and sincere gratitude

“It is a pleasure and an honor to welcome you at the Académie Providence. We would first like to thank you very much, your Excellency, for the dedication, the hard work, and to congratulate you for your achievements during the years and for your promotion as Ambassador to Senegal.

Thank you for the precious time you are spending with us today.

Following this gathering with all the students, the Social Studies Group of cycles 3 and 4 will have a small round table with you, to take advantage of your experience and to learn from you how to be a good citizen, and a special person, how to be dedicated to his country, to his work and how to become a better human being.”

Tel fut le mot d'hommage et de reconnaissance adressé par Mme Samira Sader, professeur d'études sociales et civiques, au nom de la communauté administrative et enseignante, à Mr. Sami Haddad, chargé d’Affaires à l’Ambassade du Liban et accompagné de son épouse, et récemment nommé Ambassadeur du Liban au Sénégal.

La cérémonie fut clôturée avec une séance d’échange culturel, stimulant et enrichissant, avec les élèves des cycles 3 et 4 : « We know that you were appointed ambassador in Senegal. Congratulations. What would be the first thing you will do when you arrive there? What do you have to study to become an ambassador? Why weren’t named ambassador while you were doing his job?  How long were you helping people in every possible way you did? We are grateful for your hard work. I would like to know if your family suffer for moving from one country to another? All Lebanese appreciate your hard work. What are the things you like about your job? Why do you think Lebanon is so under developed compared to Canada? What did you find most difficult in your job? We know that all the members of your family play music. How do you find the time to practice and how often? What was the weirdest request you received during your career?

Avec nos chaleureuses félicitations à son Excellence, Mr. Sami Haddad, nous le  remercions ainsi que Madame Nadia son épouse pour leur délicate attention, leur temps et leurs aimables paroles encourageantes et dynamisantes. Merci à Madame Samira, à l’équipe pédagogique et aux élèves pour cette excellente célébration!     


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