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Interview with North Star Academy Alum, Shan-Li Sauvé

  • Name
    Shan-Li Sauvé
  • University (major)
    University of Ottawa (Law)

Shan Lee attended North Star Academy from 2012 to 2017. During her 5 years at the school, she participated in many extracurricular activities, learned valuable communication skills and discipline, and enjoyed a family-like atmosphere. Shan appreciated the small classes, which allowed for deeper relationships with her teachers, and lessons tailored to each students’ individual learning style. She feels that North Star Academy influenced her love of learning, and contributed to her decision to pursue post-secondary education, and a career as a lawyer. Shan went on to complete an honours program at Vanier College, and is now studying law at the University of Ottawa.

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Highlights from the interview

  • I participated in many extracurricular activities and competitions at North Star Academy. I participated in the ‘Speak Up Montreal’ slam poetry competition with a group, and we ended up winning first place. North Star Academy has a bunch of clubs such as grad club and yearbook club, and sports.

  • North Star Academy was a big influence as to why I wanted to pursue post-secondary education. North Star Academy provides the necessary tools to succeed in university, including study habits, how to take notes properly, and how to be disciplined.

  • North Star Academy has small classroom sizes, so each kid is able to have the most attention from their teachers. It enhances the learning of every student individually.

  • I felt like I would have more opportunities in a private school than in a public institution, so my family and I decided I would attend North Star Academy. It is a small school that is very family-oriented, and the quality of education is higher.

  • What I most appreciated about having attended North Star Academy are the resources available and how family-oriented it is. The staff and my peers felt like one big family, which helped my experience in high school, and high school is not always easy.

  • North Star Academy is more personalized than other schools. The teachers know every student and are there for them, not only academically, but even with personal issues that may arise.

  • High-quality education is offered at North Star Academy. Once I pursued my post-secondary education, I saw the difference between myself and other students who were coming from other institutions, whether public or private.

  • If North Star Academy were to be personified, I would describe that person as generous, hospitable, and nurturing. Teachers go above and beyond by attending students’ tournaments on the weekends, and sports games and training after school. They put in as much work outside of school hours as they do inside of school hours. They are generous in the way that they go above and beyond their obligations, and put the students first.

  • Entering high school is a scary thing that all teenagers face. North Star Academy makes that first experience so much less frightening because they're welcoming and hospitable, and they ensure that every kid is comfortable.

  • North Star Academy’s highest value is respect between administration, between teachers, between students, and between teachers and students. North Star Academy has zero-tolerance for disrespect in their institution.

  • The typical North Star Academy student is respectful, disciplined, and studious. High school is a time with many distractions, and it's hard to put education first. North Star Academy students remain disciplined with their studies because they know that they have to get their work done. They know that some nights they will have to put their homework before their friends, that they have to submit their assignments on time, and they have to study for each test in due time.

  • North Star Academy had a huge impact on my professionalism, a considerable personality trait that is extremely necessary, especially in post-secondary education, not to mention my pursuits in law. North Star Academy taught me how to properly publicly speak, how to speak with other professionals, my colleagues, my superiors, and with my peers North Star Academy gave me tools that enable me to perform well in social relationships.

  • Given the small classroom sizes at North Star Academy, students are with the same 25 to 30 people throughout your entire time there. However, those people are not only my friends; they are my family.

  • I think even more highly of North Star Academy throughout my post-secondary education. I am thankful to North Star Academy and give them credit for my success in my studies. Every year that goes by, I feel even more grateful for the school, and my perspective has evolved in such a positive way.

  • I would highly recommend North Star Academy to prospective families and their kids for three reasons. First and foremost, the quality of education that is being provided I feel their education is superior and of higher quality than other schools Number two, North Star Academy provides the necessary resources to succeed in post-secondary institutions And number three, North Star Academy is the most family-oriented and welcoming high school. Those are the best qualities that North Star Academy has to offer that other highschools cannot.

  • At North Star Academy, students will make friends, love what they are learning, and participate in extracurricular activities that they are passionate about.


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