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Topic: Community

Natasha Fernandes - Parent   (Oct 24, 2018)

Our children are in grades 3 and 7 and have been at OCS since preschool. Both kids love going to school at OCS for the community and the way the teachers/staff show them love and attention. Out of these, for sure both kids appreciate the teachers the most. The way they feel cared for and the interest the teachers take in their lives and thoughts builds their confidence and desire to strive to do their best. They look forward to learning and are excited about all of the events and extra-curricular activities that take place at school. They even enjoy going to the before/after school supervision program!

Michelle Dias - Parent   (May 02, 2018)

Our three kids have all done well at OCS. They seem very content - they go off to school eagerly and they come home with lots of stories that reflect they are engaged in their learning. All three speak fondly of OCS. I think this is in part because they feel they are known and loved. They belong and this makes OCS feel like their second home. If I were to ask them what they like best, they would likely list their friends, extra-curricular activities, and recess ;). I think they also like to learn, but they might not admit it. If I were to ask them what they wished could change about their school, they would likely say that they want to live closer so that they could walk to school.

Michelle Pratt - Parent   (Mar 10, 2018)

Our experience at Oakville Christian has been wonderful. The school, the teachers, the PTA and the families are all so very supportive and caring. Both of our children love their teachers, their friends and the Christian environment that is offered by OCS. Some of their favorite things include the opportunity to perform on stage for special occasions (Grandparents Day, Christmas Concert), gym class, the many opportunities to give back through the charitable activities through the year and the cluster groups that focus on their interests. The only thing that my son would recommend is more organized school sports for the younger students (he is grade 2). Most of the team sports begin in grade 3 and up.

Charlotte Jeneway - Parent   (Feb 28, 2018)

My children have, and still do appreciate everything that Oakville Christian School offers them on a daily basis. The school is of a size both physically and numerically that allows them to know where everything is and recognize and know most, if not all, the teaching staff and administration. This creates a happy and safe environment for them to feel comfortable and happy to learn. They enjoy as they get older, and progress through the school, the timetable allowing them to have more rotary teaching staff. Although even at a young age being able to have a specialist in French, Gym and Music is greatly appreciated. My boys so enjoy having the space that the school provides both for outdoor recess and in the new gym. Having the new gym and stage has meant that theatrical productions have been able to be put on for the school and parents enjoyment. With the space of the gym and the atrium, sporting tournaments can now be hosted and the children are very proud to show off their school. My eldest son at Oakville Christian School in particular, loves the opportunities to take part in the school teams in such a wide variety of sports, something that could not be achieved outside of school.

Leanne Getty - Parent   (Feb 27, 2018)

My daughters are currently in grades one and two and are both thriving at Oakville Christian School. Both girls started in JK. Some classes have been quite below the maximum capacity and others have been at the max. Regardless of class size, my girls have adjusted well and have had no problems keeping pace with the class. I think the part my girls like the best are the teachers. They are kind, caring and compassionate. They take the time to understand each child and help them in the best way possible. As a parent, I appreciate the smaller size of the school. It creates a warm and inviting community for both students and parents. I don't feel as though my children will get lost in the shuffle or become a "number". It's not so intimidating for younger children. My children are still young so they haven't expressed any disappointment yet with their school. They have made friends and enjoy going to school every day.

Kathleen Wilson - Parent   (Feb 27, 2018)

We have had our children at Oakville Christian School for the last nine years. School has been a very positive experience for all four of our children. They have enjoyed going to school each day. They look forward to learning and are excited about the many extracurricular activities that take place of a daily basis at the school. Since each child is unique they appreciate different aspects of the school. Our oldest child is very involved with sports. His favourite part of school is participating in various teams and tournaments at the school. He has had the opportunity to play on many teams including ultimate frisbee, soccer, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey and softball. Our second child has enjoyed being part of the theatrical performances that take place at the school. She loves to sing and act. The Christmas and Spring concerts have given her an opportunity to not only work hard and learn new skills but to gain confidence through being on stage. Our third child loves to learn and is excited about the new things her teachers show her each day. She comes home excited to share with us the experiments she has done or a new art project that she has completed. Our youngest child is at the beginning of her journey at OCS. She is happy to go to school, loves her teachers and friends and is learning new things each day. Her favourite part about school is learning to read and count and of course, recess with her little friends. All of our children appreciate the sense of community at OCS. They have made wonderful friends with their classmates. All of the teachers and administration know our children and invest their time and energy into encouraging and supporting each of them. OCS is a wonderful school that all of our children look forward to going to each day.

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