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Topic: Teaching

Leanne Getty - Parent   (Feb 27, 2018)

My daughters have loved every teacher they've had thus far. The teachers are definitely passionate about what they do and it shows. I always feel well-informed about weekly curriculum and progress with my daughters. The teachers are very receptive to meeting with parents (outside of parent teacher interviews) and discussing any issues or questions I've had. The teachers we have had have great methods of teaching and have helped me with my daughters as they each learn differently. So what worked for one, hasn't always worked for the other. They have given me feedback regularly about what we should work on and ideas of how to go about it. My daughters receive extra challenges in subjects where they excel. If they need to work on something, the teachers will advise throughout the term and not waiting to discuss at report card time. I value this timely feedback and often let the teachers know.

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Kathleen Wilson - Parent   (Feb 27, 2018)

The teaching at Oakville Christian school is excellent. Each and every teacher at the school is passionate about teaching at a Christian school. They invest time and love into each and every child that enters their classroom. They are very knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach. There are speciality teachers from French, music and physical education. Having teachers dedicated to these subjects allows the children to be taught these subjects by educators that are specifically trained in these disciplines. Teachers at OCS go above and beyond to communicate with parents of the students. A weekly newsletter is sent out to parents to give a overview of what will happen in the class the following week. Teachers are easily accessible by email, responding very quickly to any questions or concerns that parents have. I feel that with all of our children we have been kept up to date on their academic and social progress. When a teacher has had a concern or a question about our child they have raised it in a kind and caring manner. There is always space for an open and meaningful dialogue between parents and teachers. The teachers always greet parents with a smile and welcoming attitude. The instruction that my children receive at OCS is outstanding. They have been challenged and inspired to take their learning above and beyond what is required. They are encouraged to do their best and when something has come easy to them there has been opportunities for enrichment learning. Also, when our children have struggled in areas there has been reassuring guidance and extra help from classroom and support teachers.

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Charlotte Jeneway - Parent   (Feb 28, 2018)

The teaching staff at Oakville Christian School are of a very high caliber. Their on- going professional development is evident in their current teaching methods. All the teaching staff from PK to Grade 8 are passionate about their job and the children and that they have the opportunity to teach in this Christian school environment. The homeroom teachers are caring souls who not only teach the children but also look after them, investing many hours into helping the individual flourish socially and academically in their class. Teachers ensure that parents are kept informed of the curriculum not only in a curriculum evening at the start of the year where guidelines for the year are given, but also in a weekly newsletter where the parent can see what their child will be working on in the week ahead. Any issues in my children's learning have been dealt with in a caring and supportive manner. Where extra support has been needed it has been implemented quickly and where extension work has been required the teacher and support staff have initiated specific learning plans efficiently. We have also found the emotional support of the teaching staff to all children to be strong. There is a high level of mutual respect between the teachers and children.

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Michelle Pratt - Parent   (Mar 10, 2018)

Every teacher is a bit different and has their own style or methods but we have been very happy with all of the teachers that our children have had at OCS. They are getting a good quality education that includes many different types of learning including hands on, quizzes, special projects, etc. Both of our children are happy and sufficiently challenged but in a positive way.

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Michelle Dias - Parent   (May 02, 2018)

I can't say enough about the teachers! They are not perfect, but they are committed, loving and very smart at what they do. Year to year our kids have experienced a great variety of styles. I think this is a good thing, after all, our children are all so unique themselves. When I think through the list of OCS teachers, I think fondly of the specific ways they have positively impacted one or more of our kids. The teachers have all been great at communicating and generally seem to read our children well. The teachers seem to take personal responsibility for the learning of our children. Over the years we can think of numerous instances where the teacher chose to adjust their delivery and/or program in order to ensure our child was learning and feeling good about their learning.

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Natasha Fernandes - Parent   (Oct 24, 2018)

The teachers make this school what it is! The teachers are skilled in their areas, and have continuous professional development. All of the teaching staff from Preschool to grade 8 strive to show the children love through teaching, discipline, direction and guidance. The teachers work with the children, at their level, and are willing to help a child realize their potential. The school wide enrichment model that OCS follows gives children an opportunity to grow and be challenged. At the higher grades, the teachers are clearly making the effort to help the children become responsible young adults so that they are ready for high school and beyond. In the younger grades there is weekly (and even more frequent) detailed updates. There is a bond that the teachers build with the children that is invaluable. Out of everything at OCS, my kids love the teachers the most!

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