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REVIEW OF Ontario eSecondary School BY student, Anjali Majmudar

  • Date of Review
    November 02, 2021
  • Grades
    Gr. 12 - Gr. 12

(5) Student Experience

I had a great time taking this course! The staff could not have been more supportive. My teacher Ms. Sandhar went above and beyond guiding me through the course, even marking some of my work late at night in order for me to make a deadline! Mara in student records could not have been kinder to me. My assignments were marked quickly so that I would move through the course as fast as possible. Mara in guidance answered my emails quickly, and both answered my emails even on the weekend! When I was stressed out about my work, both of them were so supportive and kind. The structure was great, and each assignment had clear expectations that were easy to follow. I cannot recommend this place enough!

(5) School Leadership

Absolutely! They were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. They were able to make suggestions that were specific to my needs and support me as I moved towards them. Ms. Sandhar was knowledgeable and able to offer good insight into my work so that I could learn from my mistakes and improve. Mara suggested different ways in which I could go about tackling my timeline so that I felt confident to take on my work. I have a great deal of respect for both!

(5) Teaching

I cannot say enough about how supportive my teacher Ms. Sandhar was. She supported me in my specific goals with realistic expectations and suggestions. She believed in my ability to succeed and was willing to go way above and beyond to support me. As long as I was doing my best and putting in the work, she was there to support me. Both Mara and Ms. Sandhar had high expectations for me, and that really helped me feel capable of taking on the work. The instructions were clear, so even with the more challenging tasks I didn't feel overwhelmed and like I couldn't complete the work. I feel very confident now in my ability to take on challenging coursework, which will definitely benefit me in the future!

(5) Academics

The work was definitely challenging, but it wasn't too hard. I felt really proud of myself that I was able to understand concepts that I didn't think I would be able to master! The level of support I received made me feel like I could really learn the material, even if it looked difficult. As mentioned above, the guidance and instruction were very supportive, which made me feel confident to take on the material. The study skills and time management skills I learned in this course are absolutely going to benefit me in the future. I also learned how to tackle bigger tasks and break them down into smaller parts so that they are easier to manage. This is absolutely going to help me in the future.

(5) School Life

My course was online, but then I found the interface to be easy to manage. I would point out to prospective students how organized the courses files and drop boxes are, which made navigating the material really easy. I would also highly encourage students to take advantage of the tutoring they have available. This is one element I did not take advantage of, and looking back, I think it would have benefitted me greatly. I would also show students the way the material was organized within each unit. It's easy to follow, and it was nice that each unit had different subsections so that it was easy to see where you left off from day to day. I would also show them the assignments drop box specifically, which helped in keeping track of my progress through the course.

(5) Admissions

The admissions process could not have been smoother. Mara in guidance could not have been more helpful. She answered my emails right away and was always so kind and supportive. She made the entire admissions and school experience pleasant, and it made me more confident to take on the work knowing I had her in my corner willing to support me. The admissions process was kind of fun. It made me realize that the goals I had were achievable. I appreciated all the information I received upon enrolling in the course. Mara helped me through the entire process and made it completely easy and stress-free. It wasn't overwhelming at and I felt comfortable that I was going to be well supported throughout the course!


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