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REVIEW OF Oxford Learning Academy (Private School) BY parent, Sean Wright

  • Date of Review
    March 07, 2024
  • Child 1
    Gr. 1 (Male, Current Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

We enrolled our son because he required extra help and attention in the classroom that he was not getting in the public school system. The staff have been nothing but accommodating, helpful, and enthusiastic. Our son has shown significant improvement in many areas, and we can already see the benefits in attending. He's very enthusiastic about the curriculum and interesting activities offered throughout the year. He looks forward to participating in various activities, events, and field trips. We do not feel that his education would have been as fulfilling without enrolling him, and we're glad we made the investment in his education with a school that demonstrates a passion for giving kids the tools they need to succeed. Our son's only complaint is not having a large outdoor area to run, which, given all the other positive items we're willing to overlook.

(5) School Leadership

School staff and resources are very energetic and enthusiastic about their roles. You can tell they enjoy working with the kids, and they keep the family actively involved. They utilize email and other tools to stay in touch and always answer, oftentimes even after hours. We greatly appreciate the frequency of feedback they provide as it helps us ensure our son is on track and benefiting from the curriculum with our support. We definitely feel it's a team effort.

(5) Teaching

The teaching methods are very clear and well-defined. We see the workbooks and objectives as they are presented to our son. Daily agenda notes keep us informed on the curriculum and assist us in knowing how to prepare for future learning. The content is very well-rounded, diverse, and easy to follow. It demonstrates a clear path of progression. Our son is getting individual attention, and the feedback provided is clearly individualized based on his learning needs. The repetition and routine assist him in knowing what to expect, as he can have problems coping with future events if there is no consistency or clarity on the expectations. The varied delivery format of the education has kept his interest, and he's expressed his satisfaction with the teaching staff.

(5) Academics

We believe that Oxford takes its academics very seriously, and it strives to deliver top-quality results. We can tell they take pride in what they're doing, and that transfers to the students and their families. I believe that this positive approach ensures an ongoing appreciation for education and also ensures the students achieve their potential. I think the school does a great job laying the foundation for future success as it sets out the best practices and work ethic that will hopefully guide the students through the test of both their learning career and life. I can see a clear positive difference in the approach to learning and the rigor with Oxford Learning Academy. I believe this will not only prepare him for life's next steps but leave him better prepared than his colleagues who may not have the benefit of this quality of education.

(5) Extracurriculars

Oxford offers a significant and diverse extracurricular program. During school hours they've already carried out numerous field trips, activities such as rock climbing and skating, and other fun activities enjoyed by our son. They also make an effort to put on showcases where the students can demonstrate their success to families. We also take advantage of various after-school programming such as Lego club, board game club, and sports.

(5) Students

Our son has had a much more positive experience since arriving at Oxford. He is not bullied and has positive experiences with his peers. I believe Oxford's approach to learning ensures that the students are generally accepting of the values Oxford stands for. The smaller class size allows for more collaboration and familiarity as they progress through their academic career. I suspect that those enrolled share similar views on the value of education, and as such, approach it with a similar attitude as us. You can tell the students enjoy their time there, and the learning format and activities make it clear to the parents that the students not only enjoy their time there but take pride in what they do. I believe these feelings foster future growth and teach them the benefits and rewards of hard work.

(5) School Life

Our son really enjoys going to Oxford. He does miss the larger facilities and friends from public school, however, also fondly describes his experiences and activities at Oxford. He no longer complains about being picked on or bullied, and his frustration of not understanding material is significantly reduced from what it once was. The consistency of homework helps him hone his skills, and no longer leaves him upset and frustrated, which in turn results in a more positive attitude about learning. The individualized learning experience and ensuring the kids understand the material is very important, and we're very pleased with the results and skills our son has developed in only his first year. We're thankful we are able to give him the opportunity to succeed in a positive learning environment.

(5) Community

Oxford Learning Academy makes an effort to keep parents and families involved and informed. There is significant communication on upcoming events, council meetings, school activities, and extracurriculars to bring the kids together. There have been lots of opportunities for our son to benefit socially from participating in these events. I look forward to future activities that parents have an opportunity to volunteer for or participate in. We've already attended numerous events showcasing the achievements of the students including various projects and presentations throughout the year. It's a good opportunity for the students to get comfortable presenting and gives us insight into what they're working on. It's great to see the enthusiasm of the various groups when they hold these effects, and my son has been very enthusiastic about us participating wherever possible.

(4) School Location

The location isn't as large as a public school, and our son does miss regular outdoor recess in a large playground. There is a smaller play area owing to the smaller size of the school. The indoor gym and amenities are great and our son enjoys those. They do take trips elsewhere such as to swim or play at the local park.

(5) Admissions

Admissions was a very detailed process and took some effort on our part. I believe this is owing to Oxford wanting to ensure we're gearing the education to fit our son's needs. They were very thorough and demonstrated they cared about what they were providing to my son. The admissions staff were very helpful and friendly, and I believe they gave us a very reasonable insight into what we were getting into. They provided and continue to provide a tailored plan to our son, and we're very pleased with the intake and admissions process, as well as the continued education delivery.


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