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Crystal Lau - Alumnus   (Sep 26, 2018)

I was eased into the admissions process from overseas, the admission person helped me out with all kinds of questions from what the dorm room looks like, to how to get the visa to study in Canada. I knew it was the right fit for me from the beginning, although it was scary to move to the other side of the country for school, the admission process helped prepared my stay in Canada! It is important to know that you can only apply starting from Grade 10, but there are many events you can join even before Grade 10, to get used to this campus and explore how and who you could be when you go to RJC! I never had that experience because I came from Hong Kong, but the admissions person helped me to imagine these Opportunites before I arrived, and everyone helped me ease into this RJC experience along the way!

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Nicole Arnold - Parent   (May 28, 2019)

As a Saskatchewan resident, we found the application process very manageable and quite easy. The Admissions Director was easy to contact and answered all of the questions that we had quickly and with clarity. Fortunately, we did not ask a lot of questions about registering our son, dorms or payment plans regarding tuition since the admissions staff were so thorough in their presentation that we did not have anything to ask. I found that the forms were straightforward, clear and concise. Registering our son for his subsequent year's of high school at RJC were very easy and straightforward as well. As someone who has not lived in a dorm setting, I was impressed with how well the students were matched as roommates for the school year.

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Patrick Laughlin - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

As a student, i did not have a whole lot to do with the application process. But i can imagine the admissions staff make things as easy and streamlined as possible. I do remember filling out forms with questions like " are you a tidy or messy person?" " what type of music do you enjoy?" These I assume were used to make pairing up students to be room mates in the dorms much easier and I never had any issues with either of my room mates. It just goes to show RJC really does try to make the transition into RJC life as easy as possible. I remember being encouraged to ask questions when I met with the admissions officer and that made me feel much better as a young man taking a big step into a new way of life.

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Jordan Wiens - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

I would say do not put too much pressure on yourself when applying. RJC is an open and welcoming community. My experience with the application was that it was easy to fill out. The interview went swimmingly and it was very easy to talk to the staff. The most stressful part, which really wasn't stressful at all, was figuring out what classes to sign up for. I always found that to be the most difficult part of school, finding a schedule that worked. I knew that RJC was the right fit for me prior to attending, as I had witnessed both of my elder brothers attend prior to me. I knew I wanted to go there when I saw how good of a fit it was for my elder brother.

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Dayna Goerzen - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

I found the process of applying to RJC very easy and not too stressful. I filled out information on academics as well as personal interests so that they can pair you up with a good fit for a roommate. I filled out the classes I thought I needed, and once I got to registration day in September, they helped me decide if I made the right choices. You can also ask earlier if you want to, by calling or sending an email, no problem. They help you take the classes you'll need for the end goal you want, and even encourage you to push yourself a little but never forcefully. The school worked with me to make sure I knew what to expect going into RJC, and especially now they have a lot of resources online too.

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Johann Malan - Parent   (Oct 02, 2018)

I clearly remember leaving RJC on a summer Saturday morning, our first stop of a little list of potential schools for our eldest son. Let’s just say that we were extremely impressed. Back in the car, we planned our next stop. Our son simply said: “Forget the other schools - I’m coming to this one!” We called back the next week, confirming that our son would register...and the rest is history. I cannot recall any hiccup with any of our children, as far as admission administration goes. In fact, the teachers and admin staff make it as easy as possible and they communicate very well, not just during admissions, but throughout the year. The only thing I’ll possibly change about the process, is to have a wider selection of home-baked snacks on registration day, for anyone who prefers more than the already groaning tables of cakes, cookies, salted snacks, tea, coffee, juice...

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Matthew Stefaniuk - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

The current admissions lady is very high energy and makes a potential student get excited about the school and the year they could have while attending. The process of applying was actually very painless and easy to do. I found the hardest part of the process to be the questionnaire about my personality since I didn’t know myself that well. This questionnaire is used to help the staff at the school determine who your roommate should be so that you will get along well but also be exposed to other ways of life. The friendly smiling faces that do all of the administrative work when a new student applies makes the process as easy as it can be. While the admission people want everyone to come to rjc and enjoy it they also understand it may not be the perfect fit for everyone and won’t lie to try and convince everyone that rjc is the place for them.

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Emma Greenwald - Alumnus   (Oct 03, 2018)

The admission process was easy and helpful. I found it particularly helpful that I got a tour of the school, and dorms during this process. I met students, and staff during this tour, which gave me insight and information to help me decide if I would like it at RJC. They gave me all the information I wanted or needed, and were willing to answer all my questions. It was not a long process either, I heard from the school quickly after I submitted my application. Shortly after the tour, I was accepted into the school, and was given all the information I would need for the first day of school. The admission process was quick and not stressful. It was excellent and informative. The staff is willing to help.

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