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Tammy Forrester - Alumnus   (Nov 19, 2019)

The extracurricular opportunities from sport to music to drama give every student that attends the opportunity to participate. With a smaller student body every person can play a sport or two or three and be a member of a touring choir while playing a part of several dramas that are planned throughout the year. Students are encouraged to participate and get involved - try something new and be a part of a team.

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Crystal Lau - Alumnus   (Sep 26, 2018)

I was in almost all the extracurriculars possible, I was in musical theatre, drama class, I joined all the choirs except the men's choir, I was in sports and even got to try out new sports (curling), I was on SRC... since it is a smaller school, we really had a lot of opportunities to join and be a part of these groups - we might not get these chances in a bigger school.

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Patrick Laughlin - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

RJC had many extra curricular opportunities from choir and theatre, to hockey and football. Having facilities such as a rink, soccer and football fields, and a tennis court allowed students to go and enjoy being outdoors. Even those who did not play sports, sing, or act were able to participate. We would cheer on our teams, attend choir performances, watch plays, and support or friends. There was always opportunities for students to showcase their talents with coffeehouses, school wide game days and the ever popular pickup game of shinny in the rink.

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Jordan Wiens - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

The quality of extracurriculars is outstanding at RJC. I believe it to be the strongest draw to the school. Previous to my arrival at the school, the choirs placed nationally at music festivals and during and after my time there, provincial championships were won in girls soccer, football, track, and badminton. The quality of the results is indicative of the leadership of these activities, as well as the environment to those participating to excel.

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Dayna Goerzen - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

There are a ton of extracurricular activity options at RJC, for every type of interest. There are competitive sports teams that are also lots of fun; some for people that want to succeed and others for just having fun. There are many choir opportunities (concert choir for everyone, an audition choir that tours, men's choir and women's choir) as well as theatre arts (yearly musicals that always draw a big crowd, theatre arts classes, winter theatres, etc.). There are dorm-events too such as Sam and Sadie Hawkins, girls/guys nights out each month, Christmas banquet, and more. You can join SRC (student representative council) or DC (dorm council) to plan some. There are various clubs like run club, a workout room, and more that change with the students interests. The students are encouraged to participate in as many as they want, but usually the students almost all want to do as many as possible anyways because that's the RJC spirit. RJC students are known to be very well-rounded individuals because of all the opportunities they're given.

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Matthew Stefaniuk - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

The number of extracurricular activities at rjc is just incredible. The activities spans from competitive hockey, football, and volleyball teams, just to name a few, to just for fun activities that’s get the entire student body involved and talking to each other. A large number of the just for fun activities are student planned and run which means they are actually events that the student body enjoys and want to participate in.

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Emma Greenwald - Alumnus   (Oct 03, 2018)

Everyone was encouraged to do one extracurricular per semester/season. No one was cut from the team, and everyone was allowed to participate, so there was no tryouts. The sports team was about working together and creating a bond. They did not put a huge emphasis on winning. They were happy whether we won or loss, and there was always people watching and cheering the games on no matter what. They had two times in the year where you could join theatre arts, everyone who auditioned got a part, and every part was seen as important

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