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Topic: University placement

Tammy Forrester - Alumnus   (Nov 19, 2019)

In applying for university after grade 12 I felt there were plenty of opportunities to discuss future direction and plans with the caring staff that were part of my RJC community. Staff were interested in my future, encouraged me to engage in conversation with them and were there to assist. Through the grade 12 Explore program students are given access to counselling opportunities and information on post-secondary education. This support helps them see the possibilities and make the best decisions for themselves. With smaller class sizes the staff can care for and support the whole student, which also gives them opportunity to support them as they make future decisions. There were many opportunities to speak with someone about future options and asking for help in application and decision-making.

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Crystal Lau - Alumnus   (Sep 26, 2018)

There were lots of chapel announcements with different universities and job opportunities presented to us. We would hear recruiters from Usask, CMU, some of the programs like Outtatown program, or language programs for us to explore! Teachers not only taugh us in class, they taught us life lessons outside of the classrooms, and gave us guidance on how to choose what to do after High school, and how to choose which University to apply to. They reminded us about scholarships, which I received and it helped with my University career. After I graduated from RJC, I went onto the University of Saskatchewan. With the experience and life skills I got from RJC, I volunteered and worked with many different groups on campus , then I went onto become the Help Centre Coordinator, and eventually, I ran in the election and won, as the Executive of the University Students' Union, serving over 17000 undergrad students as their Vice President of Students Affairs. I

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Nicole Arnold - Parent   (May 28, 2019)

The counselling staff was very knowledgeable regarding the post-secondary application process and knew all of the class requirements that our son needed to have in order to apply for his chosen area of post-secondary education. I feel this is largely because there is a very high staff retention rate from year to year. They have seen it all regarding applications to national and international post-secondary institutions. Local students applying to local post-secondary institutions to international students applying to international institutions. They have the ability to foresee any potential application issues before we, as parents, do. When our son decided on the career that he wanted to pursue, the counselling staff ensured that he graduated with all that he needed academically and more. Thank you, Rosthern Junior College!

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Patrick Laughlin - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

I feel we were well equipped for post secondary education. Between doing tours of the university of Saskatchewan, having alumni of last year come back for events and talk about their lives, and being in the dorms, we were prepared to make that next step. We had representatives from schools come talk to us as a student body, telling us what they could offer us, and how to go about applying to different schools. This certainly aided in making informed choices while cutting down on researching schools alongside doing our classwork and trying maintain a social life. I believe RJC has developed a reputation that post secondary schools admire. The teachings of community, leadership, and of course academics do not go unnoticed when applying to the school of your choice

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Jordan Wiens - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

I found two experiences particularly useful. First, RJC made it easy to attend the open house at the U of S. There was a van that went for the day, allowing me to see what the U of S was actually like. Secondly, the dean at the time, Graeme Rinholm, was quite helpful in guiding my interest and aiding with use of the university website, having spent some time there recently prior to his employment.

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Dayna Goerzen - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

You can talk to any of the teachers or leadership staff to get advice for school. They also brought in or sent us out to schools so we could see what's out there and get a sense of what we want. I never thought I could do university until RJC, because they helped me realize I can succeed if I try. They influenced my choice to go. Others were encouraged to follow their goals elsewhere, depending what they needed and wanted for their life goals. Help was available. If you needed help applying or needed a reference you could get it. There isn't a specific university counselling program, but I found I was still helped to apply places in time, and I feel I made the right decisions.

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Johann Malan - Parent   (Oct 02, 2018)

RJC places a healthy emphasis on academic excellence and, as mentioned, the teachers go out of their way (really!) to encourage and support the students. Preparing them for post-secondary education is a very important part of the curriculum and it’s easy to see that on the annual provincial honor roll. The students get extensive guidance in possibilities and processes and they are acquainted with the University of Saskatchewan, as well as the Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg. Our children certainly got all the encouragement, assistance and support they needed to continue with whatever post-secondary education careers they embarked upon. Importantly, students at RJC are taught through both instruction and hands-on experience to become independent. In that regard, as parents, we never felt pressured to drive the process of post-secondary education for our children - they were enabled by the school to be on top of things by themselves. Prepare them for life is, after all, one of the primary functions of a school, and RJC does exactly that.

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Matthew Stefaniuk - Alumnus   (Oct 02, 2018)

When I was at rjc I didn’t need much help or guidance in choosing, and applying to the university that I wanted to attend. The school was very helpful with the paperwork required to apply for post secondary. When import ant papers, such as my transcript, needed to be sent to the university rjc made that process very easy since they did it for me. While they may not of helped me choose or apply for the school I choose to attend they were very knowledgeable about the process of applying and made sure that I didn’t miss any deadlines. The school also took us to some career fairs and on a tour of a university to help us gain an understanding of university life and to find what we wanted to do after high school.

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Emma Greenwald - Alumnus   (Oct 03, 2018)

I do not recall having any discussions with the staff about college or applications or scholarships. I did this all on my own. They gave us information on different universities, but that is all that was given.

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David Weiler-Thiessen - Parent   (Nov 19, 2019)

Both of our children were accepted to all of the universities to which they applied, and are both attending their first choice of universities. While RJC doesn't have a designated Guidance Counsellor, our daughter asked for and received extensive support in navigating the admissions processes to universities and in the course selection process. Many of the teachers are knowledgeable about the process. The school office does a good job of forwarding information about the University of Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic, both of which are located in Saskatoon. Students are given the opportunity to visit the University of Saskatchewan to help them plan for a post-secondary program. Rosthern Junior College hosts a post-secondary school fair each year where faith based schools can market themselves to the student body.

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Melanie Boldt - Parent   (Jun 22, 2020)

The school provides plenty of days for Grade 12's to tour local post-secondary institutions and brings in speakers/representatives from others. As parents, we decided to leave much of this up to our kids to pursue, but the teachers definitely encouraged the students to attend every possible career opportunity so they were aware of their options. There are lots of opportunities for staff to help students apply. Parents are also sent the information for family follow up via email and mail. Parents are notified in advance of upcoming career days so they can ensure their kids attend. Anecdotally, the University of Saskatchewan has high regard for RJC students who come equipped with self-management tools and the ability to succeed in the first year because they've learned how to live independently, manage multiple deadlines and self-regulate.

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