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Grades Gr. 10 TO Gr. 12 — Rosthern, SK (Map)

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REVIEW OF Rosthern Junior College High School BY parent, Karen Linsley

  • Date of Review
    May 17, 2022
  • Grades
    Gr. 10 - Gr. 11

(4.5) Student Experience

Coming from a city school to a school with large classes our daughter has benefitted from the smaller classes sizes and access to teachers and resources outside of class time. Our daughter speaks highly of the creative learning experiences that have been provided at RJC. She appreciates the support and effort that each of the teachers provide. We have loved the diverse classes that are offered. Our daughter has very much enjoyed the music and sports program. The level of professionalism and quality that their music program offers is exceptional. The musical opportunities that the students have participated in have been incredible. RJC supports students mental and physical health by providing sporting activities and events to engage the students. The gym is available and encouraged for students to use after school and in the evening. Students travel to compete in sporting events in near by communities to enhance their skills.

(5) School Leadership

We have been very impressed with the school's leadership team. Our daughter began her time at RJC during the start of the pandemic. The staff and leadership team went above and beyond to create a safe and fun environment for the students during a very difficult time. The staff and leadership team is very available to both students and parents. I have found that as a parent we receive excellent communication from the school about our child as well as upcoming events and activities at the school. We have not been a situation where our child has had to been disciplined. We do believe that the current leadership team would act in a fair and judicial way if there were to be an issue.

(5) Teaching

We have found the teachers at RJC are very knowledgeable in the classes that they teach. There is enough variety of classes for students to choose electives that match their interests. The teachers do a great job of providing the students with an exceptional learning opportunities. They want them to learn the information for life and not just for the test. They are available to students after hours, during study hall time and truly want their students to succeed. During a challenging time for our child we were in constant communication with the teachers working together to come up with a solution and found that the teachers listened to both the student and parent. In the end there was a great plan put in place that was successful for the student.

(4.5) Academics

The academic program at RJC is very strong. RJC has created a culture where small classes truly benefit the students. The smaller numbers allow students to feel comfortable in communicating in class with their teachers and peers. The academic culture and atmosphere at RJC sets the students up for success. The opportunities to study during the school day as well as the designated study time each night provides the students with the "time" to complete the work needed for class. With all of the other opportunities that RJC offers it is very important to have these designated times. The teachers at RJC have high expectations of the students are dedicated to ensure the success of each child that attends the school. They understand that not each child learns the same way and are able and willing to change and adapt their teaching style to ensure the success of the student.

(4.5) Extracurriculars

RJC provides a range of extracurricular activities for students to be involved with. The students have many options after the school day. From Music/choral to sports teams, year book, planned activities by the student leadership teams and outdoor activities. Students are encouraged to participate in activities as it helps to provide a strong school community. Staff and students work together to ensure that these activities are fun for all!

(5) Students

The culture of RJC is very accepting. Right from the minute we came to the school our child was encouraged to join in activities. We could feel the spirt from the very start. The school works very hard to create an inclusive and understanding culture. Recognizing that some students have moved away from home and some are day students. They work together with the student leadership team to create activities that both day and dorm students can participate in. The students become very close over the year as they have been through many events at the school that have brought them closer together throughout the year. The school provides a week each year where the students are provided alternative learning and service opportunities. On these trips the students are challenged to work together in different ways than in their normal day to day classes. These unique opportunities continue to strengthen the bond that the students have.

(5) School Life

RJC has been an incredible experience for our daughter. Coming from a larger city school, RJC gave our daughter the opportunity to be more confident and brave. With the encouragement of the staff and leadership team out daughter felt comfortable to try many new things. The environment is unique in that with the smaller classes and overall school being smaller it allows students to be more comfortable in their skills and abilities. Our daughter has very much enjoyed her time at RJC. She has grown in her level of independence, responsibility with her school work and life skills. The school helps prepare the students not just for university but also for life. The skills your child will learn from this unique experience will carry into later on in life.

(5) Community

Our first year attending the school was during the pandemic. At that time we did have limited on campus opportunities as a parent. We were very support of this as it was part of providing the students with a safe environment. In our second year at the school we have very much felt included and involved in on campus activities. From school sporting events, choir concerts or regular visits at the school we have felt very welcome. With students coming from all around the world to attend RJC high school it is very different that other school experiences. We do not know the other parents as well as if we were all living in the same city or town. It has been a wonderful experience for our daughter to make connections with students from around the world.

(5) School Location

Our daughter has loved the change from living in a city to moving to a smaller town. The rural experience has been great for her. She loves the quieter atmosphere and the wide open spaces. She has loved getting to know people in the greater Rosthern community through attending church or community events. This environment has provided her with the opportunity to try new things.

(5) Admissions

We found the application process to be very easy. The admissions officer was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions about the school, academics and the community. I would encourage a potential applicant to take the time to visit the school for one of the events that are offered through out the year. The opportunity to be on campus will show you the true sense of community. Each year they have spend a day where potential students can experience a full day at the school. This a great way to feel the RJC sprit and all that the school has to offer. Be prepared to get involved and by doing that you will truly benefit from all the school has to offer.


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