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Rosthern Junior College High School

"The culture of RJC is very accepting."

Karen Linsley - Parent   (May 17, 2022)

Coming from a city school to a school with large classes our daughter has benefitted from the smaller classes sizes and access to teachers and resources outside of class time. Our daughter speaks highly of the creative learning experiences that have been provided at RJC. She appreciates the support and effort that each of the teachers provide. We have loved the diverse classes that are offered. Our daughter has very much enjoyed the music and sports program. The level of professionalism and ... View full review

"The small classroom sizes ensure more teacher-student attention so every student can get the help they need to succeed."

Sanne Gillingham - Parent   (May 04, 2022)

Our daughter transferred from the local high school to RJC High School for her grade 11 and 12 year. We had initially wanted her to make the move earlier and begin her RJC High School experience in grade 10, but she was hesitant to leave behind her friends and the familiarity of her previous school. After her grade 10 year, she felt ready to embrace the new experiences and challenges that comes with starting a new school and her only regret is not moving sooner! RJC High School focuses on the ... View full review

"Learning to live in the community has been the biggest impact on their social development and maturity outside of high school."

Melanie Boldt - Parent   (Jun 22, 2020)

Both our sons attended RJC for high school. Our firs child was not sure that this was a good idea. We said he could try it and if he didn't like it, he could go back to his old school. Three weeks in, he was staying and wanted to move into the dorms, which he did. Their best experiences center around the dorm community, athletics, travel, and service. Learning to live in the community has been the biggest impact on their social development and maturity outside of high school. Now out of high sch... View full review

"Our daughter was able to participate in the first year of the new curriculum program, Imagine, that utilizes experienced based learning, with regular and frequent out of classroom activities to augment the traditional classroom based learning."

David Weiler-Thiessen - Parent   (Nov 19, 2019)

Our son and daughter both enjoyed the opportunity for authentic interactions with teachers and other students at Rosthern Junior College. Our son benefited from the social interactions with other students through after-school informal activities from living in a dormitory setting. Our daughter, who is more social by nature, thrived at the school, both academically and by being able to participate in sports teams, choirs, school musicals, and student newspaper. Both of our children credit Rosth... View full review

"These teachers want the kids to succeed in academics and in their life. They lead by example."

Nicole Arnold - Parent   (May 28, 2019)

Rosthern Junior College was the perfect school for our son to attend to stretch his wings and learn to fly. He was able to live in the dorms, away from home in a safe, small town environment. He learned and applied the skills of living independently before heading to a post secondary College. I believe that attending Rosthern Junior College made that transition significantly easier. The students have a lot of fun and build a lot of friendships in the dorms. They also learn to manage their time w... View full review

"...great emphasis on not just bombarding the students with academic facts, but equipping them with knowledge to apply for life."

Johann Malan - Parent   (Oct 02, 2018)

All three of our children attended RJC and lived in the dorms. Two of them returned to serve as deans (one is still there). That says a lot, for starters! We are originally from South Africa and had very different school experiences there than what we could find here. We were looking for a school with a high standard of education, excellent educators, a great atmosphere, school spirit and traditions, and, importantly, a place where our children could feel at home and nurture and develop their ed... View full review

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