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Review by: Jaidyn Katzell - Student (Jan 23, 2018)

" ... a very safe and healthy environment."

Student Experience

Caronport High School is a very safe and healthy environment. I love the energy of students and the support of staff. I wish I would know more about dorming life. When I took a tour, the tour guide didn’t know much about the rules of dorm or how the system really worked. I wish I could have known what the environment of dorming was like before I moved in. If I could change one thing about my school, it would be to not take 10% off of late assignments each day that it’s late. Sometimes life gets in the way and teachers don’t give enough time to finish projects since the semester is crammed into a shorter time period of months. I would also change the system they have for unexcused absences. I know some people who have missed a class on purpose and have not gotten into trouble at all. At my old school, if we missed a class then we would have to give up a lunch period and spend it in “study hall” which is detention for your lunch break. Over all, I really enjoy attending this school and it is VERY positive and has helped me a lot to become a better person and more mature in my own without my parents here.

School Leadership

All staff at CHS is very very supportive. At the public school I recently attended, they didn’t care if you were involved in drugs or swearing a mouthful as you walked down the hallway. I love the environment each teacher provides. It feels safe here. Most teachers open in prayer which allows my nerves to calm and get my mind to focus in class. I respect how the teachers here handle situations. Many situations are handled in a very mature and smooth way. If I could change one thing, it would be that the teachers would use “canvas” more often and update it. Canvas is the school app we use for grades and updates on assignments. Overall, the staff here is positive and very supportive.


I think the teachers here ask a fair amount of each student. The work load is even in most classes and teachers expect the same thing from all students. They are very reasonable with the work load but each class piled on top of eachother is a lot of work. When teachers talk about success, I picture passing classes and getting into the field of work that we are aiming for. Also, graduating high school with more credits than needed is what I see when I picture the meaning success from a teacher. At my old school, we were offered “Advanced Math” and “Advanced English” classes which were optional for people who thought that regular classes were slow. I know lots of people in my classes are fast learners and some are really slow. To have an option like this would be great so that teachers can have even expectations for students.


Most things are new to me this year. I have troubles with learning if the topic is being taught too fast. I think the work is fairly easy for me personally. I am not a math person so math class was pretty hard to get through. I think what I am learning will be useful in life later on. I didn’t learn anything in art class. I didn’t like how the class was ran. The teacher showed what she wanted for the assignment but never explained how she wanted it done. She never explained how to use materials or any techniques. I think that the work load is at a good level and isn’t too hard. The only hard part about it is that the little classes add up which makes it hard to finish all assignments in all classes by the given due date.


I think that Caronport offers a lot of extra cirricular activities and activities to all the students here. I personally am involved in soccer club here and was in the choir class here in Caronport. I am a very musical person and J wish that were was a band class or band group after schools or something. Music helps me when I’m stressed and I can tell my grades aren’t as good this year and I strongly believe it’s because band isn’t apart of my life anymore. At my old school, robotics class was an option and it opened up many doors for people at my old school. I think that it would be interesting if Caronport could offer the same robotics class.


I would describe Caronport school as a positive environment. The students are generally happy here and since it is a small town, everyone is connected and it feels like one big family. I find here in Caronport that there is more relationship drama. At my old school, there was more drugs and partying drama but here since not many people are involved in that lifestyle, there seems to be more relationship drama here than at my old school. Since Caronport is a christian school, I feel like people who don’t really know Christ or don’t want a relationship with Him, are the students that struggle the most. At the beginning of the year, I didn’t know Christ and I felt left out. Once I came to knwo Christ and want a relationship with him, my grades got better and I became more involved with everyone and everything.

School Life

If the group of students were high schoolers then I would take them to the high school first. We spend a lot of time there and it’s a place that they will eventually need to get to know very well. If the students were dorm students then I would take them to the dorms and then the cafeteria. Most of dorm students time is spent in dorms and school so it would make sense if they were presented first. If the students were hockey students then I would show them the hockey arena and gym workout area first. That place is we’re they spend a lot of time and they will have a connection with the rink so I would show them the rink first.


The dorms definitely feel like home now. The dorms felt very uncomfortable at first because I was extremely introverted but since I’ve been sharing a room with an extroverted person, I too have become more extroverted which has made me more comfortable around dorm and the people too. The school is very small so it feels like everyone is a family and that makes it feel very home like. I feel like the hockey boys aren’t included as much as everyone else. They are a very close group and I feel like they aren’t involved as much. I personally felt that at the beginning of the year, I didn’t feel welcome or like at home because I wasn’t a Christian. I feel like being a dorm student makes me feel more at home because when the collage and high school come together for meals and chapel, it feels like one big happy family.

School Location

I personally stay on campus because I don’t have a vehicle. I like the distance between Moose Jaw and Caronport. I like the drive. I feel like having a 20 dollar fee to go into town with an RA is an unreasonable price. Many people stay on campus during the school week but during the weekend, many people go into Moose Jaw. At first I didn’t like the small community but now I like it because it feels very together and like a family. One thing that I realized is that if we dorm students are sick, we have to pay 20 dollars for a ride in, which is very unreasonable in my opinion. I feel like we should have a cheaper fee to go into town. It doesn’t take 20 dollars worth of gas to go to a doctors appointment.


My application process took two weeks. It was very smooth and not very stressful. I liked how there was no procrastinating and no big problems arose when applying for Caronport High School and for dorming. I would suggest to apply early so that you are not rushed for time near the end of the summer or feeling pressured. They were very understanding about the pay plans. I feel like dorm life is way too expensive though. Not many problems arose when I was being registered for Caronport. I like how they walked us through the steps and the communication between my parents and Briercrest was very good and they were very clear in the instruction. There is not much more to say about this question. I don’t know much about how the application went since my parents are the ones who took part in all of it.

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