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REVIEW OF Scholars’ Hall BY parent, Maia Shapley

  • Date of Review
    February 28, 2023
  • Child 1
    Gr. 6 - Gr. 12 (Male, Current Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

My seventeen-year-old son is a confident and brilliant student at Scholars' Hall, set to graduate from Grade 12 this spring. After several negative years in the public school system, my 11-year-old son joined Scholars Hall in Grade 6, where he had a positive experience. His teacher was a breath of fresh air who loved teaching and interacting with students. On the first day of school, my son was able to chat freely and safely with his teacher and classmates, which left him with a huge smile on his face. He wrote a math test on that day, and despite earning a B-, he was pleased with the kind and calm explanation his teacher provided, without making him feel inadequate. My child finally found a kind teacher who listened to him and valued his work effort. By creating a safe and welcoming learning environment, Scholars' Hall made a positive impact on my child's educational journey.

(4) School Leadership

Scholars Hall's leadership and administration stand out for their common sense approach. I strongly feel that they respond reasonably to problems as they arise during the course of a school day. The school clearly communicates its rules, policies, and dress code to both parents and students. While my son has been called into the principal's office for a few minor offenses over the years, the principal's treatment has been fair and consistent with respect to all parties concerned. There is discipline, but we have found it to be a good thing.

(5) Teaching

The instructors at Scholars' Hall are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs and the children they teach. The school specializes in a strong curriculum, while also providing instructors with the flexibility they need to meet the individual learning needs of their students in small classroom settings. The teaching staff has numerous strengths and comes from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, which allows them to deliver interesting lessons that engage children. Scholars' Hall strongly encourages debate, reasoning, research, and the exchange of knowledge between staff and students, helping to produce independent students who can speak with confidence. For example, my son's passion for history, photography, and the outdoors was strongly fostered and encouraged over many years at Scholars Hall. We are very grateful for the quality of Scholars' Hall instructors.

(5) Academics

Scholars' Hall boasts excellent academic programs, particularly in math, english, history, and social science, while also having a strong STEM program. However, my son is an honors art student with a passion for history, philosophy, english, social science, photography, and nature. Fortunately, the school's flexible curriculum allows teachers to offer unique courses, such as a camping survival class and a woodworking class in boat building, during my son's Grade 11 year. Scholars Hall's diverse curriculum caters to students' personal interests while also providing a robust core curriculum in traditional subjects. The school's mission is to equip students with the skills and confidence necessary to apply to the university or college program of their choice. As a Grade 12 student pursuing his dream of becoming an archaeologist, my son has thrived at Scholars' Hall.

(4) Extracurriculars

During high school, extracurriculars gained relevance. As a member of the Student Council, my son organized class events and participated in class trips. In middle school, he actively participated in sports leagues and running clubs, as well as intramurals at school. In high school, he diversified his physical interests, engaging in hiking, jogging, rock climbing, and working out at the gym with his classmates before and after school.

(4.5) Students

The dynamic among students is overwhelmingly positive, and the student body is unique due to its inclusivity of all age groups, from kindergarten to Grade 12. This interaction is most evident during spirit days and special events, where students of all ages come together to celebrate traditional holidays and community events. The school boasts a diverse student body, reflective of the larger community, with acceptance of cultural and religious differences as a cornerstone value. As a parent, I was delighted to see my child embrace this environment, learning about the various cultures, holidays, and languages of their peers. Coming from an anglophone Catholic school board, my child's exposure to diversity was limited, but this changed with the welcoming community at this school. In fact, my child's linguistic interests were piqued, and by Grade 12, they were learning Latin independently and recruited classmates to join in.

(4.5) School Life

The quality of student life at Scholars' Hall is largely positive, and this can be attributed to the small classroom setting and instructional support that students receive from their teachers. Scholars' Hall has a commitment to providing high-quality instruction through the adaptive instructional style of its teachers, who are skilled at responding to the diverse learning needs of individual students. One key factor in the effectiveness of Scholars' Hall teachers is the low student-to-teacher ratio, which allows teachers to give more personalized attention to each student. During his elementary years, my son found it easy to communicate his learning needs to his teachers without feeling embarrassed. The teachers at Scholars' Hall are known to listen carefully to their students and respond appropriately to help ensure learning progress is made. In terms of social interaction, the intramural sports program at Scholars' Hall was a great success during my son's middle school years. He enjoyed playing ball hockey and basketball with older students during lunchtime, and this provided a good outlet for his physical energy. Finally, in high school, older students have greater flexibility in planning and implementing special events due to their participation in the Student Council and leadership Fridays. Overall, Scholars' Hall has succeeded in creating a student-friendly environment that encourages both academic and social growth.

(4) Community

As a parent of a Scholars' Hall student, one can rest easy knowing their child is in good hands throughout the school day. The campus is secure, and the children are supervised during recess. Moreover, parents have ample access to teachers whenever necessary, enabling them to discuss their child's progress and learning strategies when faced with difficulties. By the time our son reached Grade 8, he had become more independent. He was able to complete his homework without any assistance and sought extra help on his own before class. The monthly newsletter provides information on volunteer opportunities, while report cards are delivered punctually with valuable feedback. As busy adults with full-time jobs, we never felt pressured to join committees, yet the school provides such opportunities for those interested. With a strong focus on the parent community, Scholars' Hall creates an environment where parents can remain actively involved in their child's education without sacrificing their busy schedules. The school's emphasis on safety, communication, and independence-building makes it a top choice for parents looking for a school that provides not only academic excellence but also a supportive community for the entire family.

(3.5) School Location

High school students are the only ones who leave the school premises during lunch hours and recess. The school is situated in a neighborhood surrounded by natural woodland and professional buildings, with nearby residential suburbs. Adjacent to the school campus lies a woodland conservation park, and teachers actively encourage outdoor learning to keep the students engaged and active. Although we committed to commuting daily from Waterloo to Scholars' Hall, the quality of education that my son received made the effort worthwhile.

(4.5) Admissions

Scholars' Hall prioritized a deliberate admission process. As a piece of advice to prospective parents, I suggest preparing a list of your child's requirements before scheduling a campus tour or interviewing a representative from the school. Scholars Hall places importance on answering your inquiries and providing an explanation of how their curriculum and teaching methodologies can support your child's development. In my experience, my 11-year-old son was an introverted individual with low self-esteem and minimal interest in academics. The smaller class sizes, structured curriculum, and practical teaching approaches enabled my son to develop new skills and boost his self-esteem by participating in group discussions. My son was able to explore his academic interests, and the staff at Scholars' Hall delivered on their pledge to graduate a high school student who was confident and prepared for university.

(4.5) University placement and counselling

At Scholars' Hall, we felt supported by the guidance counselor. The elementary school had a highly structured curriculum, aiming to produce independent students who could handle the heavy workload typical of a Scholars' Hall high school experience. My middle-school child sometimes complained about the excessive math homework, endless hours of cursive writing, and the teacher's insistence that he read multiple book chapters in a day. However, the Scholars' Hall high school brought a dramatic change. Suddenly, young students were asked about their study interests in greater detail. Over the next four years, my son's academic interests and strengths evolved, and the teachers and guidance counselors continuously engaged him and other students in discussions about post-secondary opportunities and potential work experiences. Now, as a confident Grade 12 student, my son has decided to study archaeology at university and has already received three acceptance offers.


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