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REVIEW OF Sidney Ledson Institute BY parent, Karim Munjee

  • Date of Review
    March 10, 2018
  • Grades
    Preschool - Preschool

(4) Student Experience

Son likes the school and teacher. The administrative staff Ms Shivji, Ms Jan, and Ms Kara are all great to work with as are all the staff and teachers. The only opportunity I see is for upgrades to the school in terms of equipment and layout and painting. The school looks very dated but I can imagine it would be expensive to do the upgrades and do not want higher fees for the students so am willing to live with what is there currently.

(5) School Leadership

The administrative staff Ms Shivji, Ms Jan, and Ms Kara are all great to work with as are all the staff and teachers.

(4.5) Teaching

Great long as there is good continuity with the teachers and not much turnover that is a good sign. My son really likes his teacher Ms Jordan.

(5) Academics

It is the academic nature of the program which attracted us to the school and setting the foundation for learning and learning skills is critical for higher and future education of our child. If there are opportunities to include more updated technology into the teaching..use of computers and ipads given that is where a lot of channels are going to. If material was online for parents to also see everything and do more work with kids at home that would be great.

(3.5) Extracurriculars

There should be more extra curriculur if possible that balances the academic with modern themes (digital communication , social media) and some sports/play based that leverage academics . Not an easy ask but give it some thought.

(5) Students

Great mix of students and ages. My son is fortunate that a couple of the older kids have really taken a liking to him and watch out for him like big brothers and sisters..t.hat is fantastic to see

(4) School Life

Overall a good school academically , faculty, programs, structure. The only thing I would say to improve the quality of life for students is for a more modern or updated environment, space, all seem a bit dated and over time bit by bit if there could be some updates it would be nice yet not hit student fees in a big way to do this. Perhaps there is some government subsidies to help with this.

(4.5) Community

Parents are engaging and diverse all with a common mindset of giving their children the best opportunities and chances to succeed in the big world.

(3.5) School Location

Location is a big in the busy office space environment. It would have been nice to have some natural green space and play space for the kids like a real field or park however that would likely be challenging to find.


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