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Review by: Andrew Gonzalez - Parent (Jan 23, 2018)

Kind and supportive

Student Experience

My child has told me that he really enjoys St. Jude’s Academy. I believe that what he likes the most about St. Jude’s is their arts program. From the beginning, students take both French and music classes. I am also very fond of this as speaking both of Canada’s official languages will definitely give my child more self-confidence and opportunities later in life. This is a great advantage compared to public school where students do not even start to learn French until grade 4 and where music is taught to a very limited extent compared to St. Jude's.

School Leadership

The administrative staff at St. Jude’s are very kind and supportive. They are always quick and efficient in answering my questions and are very helpful and understanding to my situation. The principal and vice-principal of St. Jude’s are always looking for ways to improve the school while attempting to address any issues that occur. I have not had any issues while at St. Jude’s and I am very comfortable in leaving my child in this fun and safe environment.


The teachers at St. Jude’s Academy are always looking for ways to challenge the students in an attempt for students to get the most out of their education. I believe that this is a challenging, but rewarding experience. The learning support team has aided in helping my child overcome his academic difficulties. Another aspect I love about St. Jude’s Academy is the small class size ratios that they have. A major reason why I switched my son to a private school was because of the large classroom sizes where students would receive less individualized attention. At St. Jude’s, students get more individual support, with more one-to-one help. The teachers also have teaching assistants to help the students get the most out of their education.


St. Jude’s Academy has a very strong academic program. At the time of admission into the school, the admissions officer told me that they review students prior to enrollment into the school to ensure that they will be at a strong academic level while at St. Jude’s. My child has come to me with challenges that he has encountered at school, but the learning support at St. Jude’s has helped him tackle these challenges. I am very pleased with the academic program at St. Jude’s because I am confident that it will help my child be able to succeed when he moves on to university.


There are various extra-curriculars offered at St. Jude’s Academy. They range from athletic teams, such as the soccer team, to academic clubs, such as the chess club. The school also offers a fun and engaging after school karate program that my child really enjoys. St. Jude’s Academy also participates in fun competitions such as spelling bee contests and soccer tournaments with other schools around the area. I admire the diversity in clubs that the school offers.


I believe that St. Jude’s Academy has a very friendly atmosphere. I was aware that my child was nervous at the beginning to start at a new school where he did not know anyone, but he made friends very quickly. I would guess that St. Jude’s Academy has a student population of around 400, ranging from JK to Grade 12. I would also say that the students seem to be very nice as I have witnessed, on various occasions, some of the older students helping the younger children. St. Jude’s Academy also has a lot of school spirit. They have various events such as fundraisers and a “spirit week” where the children enjoy the various events that occur. St. Jude’s Academy also has three “house teams”, where they earn points by doing good deeds such as helping a teacher or fellow students.

School Life

My child has really enjoyed going to St. Jude’s Academy. He has told me that St. Jude’s Academy is a fun place where he has made many new friends. I believe that the school has done a good job of balancing the implementation of the curriculum with having a good time together. Through school events and extra-curriculars, it seems that students have a good time getting along with each other. I would encourage prospective families to inquire about things such as school events, policies, academics and such before making their decision about enrolling their children in St. Jude’s Academy.


St. Jude’s Academy definitely welcomes parents into their community. They host various events throughout the year such as science fairs, BBQs and their annual Christmas concert. I appreciate the school opening their doors frequently to see how my child has engaged within the school community. St. Jude’s Academy also has parent-teacher interviews where I have discussed my child’s development with his respective teachers. His teachers have been very welcoming and we frequently have discussions with each other when I see them in the morning when dropping off my child at school.

School Location

I personally believe that St. Jude’s Academy is situated in an ideal location. It is located very near Streetsville in Mississauga, Ontario. It is within a short driving distance of several plazas and within a short walking distance of several bus stops. I also enjoy using their before-and-after-school program as it helps accommodate me when I need to stay at work later some days. The school has also expanded by adding a soccer field and a playground for the children to play at.


The best piece of advice I have for any family is to go on a school tour. When I first inquired about enrolling my child at St. Jude’s Academy, the admissions officer invited me for a tour of the school. I went with my child, and we both got a good feeling about it. The admissions officer was very nice and knowledgeable. She answered all our questions and provided us with information about St. Jude’s Academy’s PYP, MYP and IB programs. After our school tour, my child was very eager to attend St. Jude’s Academy.

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