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Review by: Tammy Noble - Parent (Apr 15, 2019)

"The school strives to have a positive learning environment. The boys are encouraged to ask questions and challenge the norms, but always be polite and respectful."

Student Experience

I have 2 sons that attend St. Peter's ACHS College School. They both feel challenged by the curriculum and enjoy the interactive learning. My children enjoy being able to work at their own pace and love being active all day. The day starts out with fall in, which sees the boys line up while singing the national anthem, reciting the schools codes and prayers. This allows the boys to start their day on a positive note. They then do homework check and start independent reading in the schools interactive library. The boys are encouraged to read many different genres of books and the library has an endless supply of resources. The boys do the extent of their learning in the morning and early afternoon. The boys enjoy eating meals together in the school's dining room and the afternoon is spent doing any and all physical activities. My boys love that they can expel the energy they pent up from a morning of hard work.

School Leadership

Peter Thyrring, the school's headmaster works tirelessly to make sure the boys are intellectually stimulated. He is adept at providing each boy exactly what he needs at exactly the right time. The office staff is on top of things and is always very friendly and professional. Correspondence between the office and parents is open and respectful. The school strives to have a positive learning environment. The boys are encouraged to ask questions and challenge the norms, but always be polite and respectful.


The teaching staff at ACHS provides the boys with all the tools they need to be successful. The boys are able to work at their own pace and have expectations clearly stated. The support offered by the staff is ongoing and individualized for each student. Our French teacher is very good at being interactive with the boys. She uses many tools to help make learning fun. The boys are given school projects in science and history and have also been given tasks in the kitchen with our school chef. I feel the support the boys are given is equal to the challenges they are offered. The school is very good at balancing. I especially like that the boys know what expectations are set and clearly know how to attain the goals they make.


ACHS follows the curriculum laid out by the Ministry of Education. However, the school has customized the curriculum and often extends above the requirements. The school has an amazing library with volumes of books, historic artifacts and various other resources the boys can pool from. They also use this space to watch movies about history and religion. The boys are challenged every day to always do their best. They are challenged daily with math drills and spelling bees. They are giving the appropriate time to do their work in and are provided with a safe environment to work in. The boys learn to work well together or in small groups. They often quiz each other on the various subjects they are learning. I love how the school offers the boys opportunities to be leaders amongst themselves.


The school day is chuck full of extracurricular activities such as, tending to our school gardens, raising, feeding and selling the eggs of chickens, bee keeping, obstacle course runs, lunch at the Legion twice a month, swimming at the beach in warmer months or at the community pool, ice skating or Hockey weekly and 3 times per year school trips to various places such as Toronto, Haliburton, Quebec City and Lake Placid N.Y.


The school has such a family feel to it. My boys consider the other boys their brothers. We all work together to make the school a happy environment where the boys feel accepted. The school works with a tank systems and the boys govern themselves with guidance from the faculty. Each boy knows their rank and what their individual responsibilities within the school are. The boys all work together to make the school a safe and organized place to learn. My boys are building friendships that are sure to last a lifetime because of the level of trust they have with their fellow pupils. We have had the privilege of meeting past students of ACHS who have accredited the school with the level of success they have achieved in their higher education.

School Life

Right from the beginning my boys have loved going to this school. When they were in the public school system it was a fight every day and getting them to do their work was a struggle. They have learned that learning can be fun and that working hard has many rewards. They are catching up where they fell behind in the public system. My only regret is that I did not send my boys to this St. Peter's A C H S sooner. They have grown and matured so much since starting at St. Peter's A C H S. I am proud at how they have learned to take responsibility for their education and their actions. This school is teaching my sons to be productive and successful young men in this ever evolving world.


The parents can be as involved as they want to be. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged. We strive to be partners in our boys success. We do many community events throughout the year where our boys are involved with assisting at festivals and fundraising campaigns. The boys march alongside our town war Veterans in the Remembrance Day Parade, they host the same Veterans for a luncheon at our school, they have worked various fish Fry's at our local Knights of Columbus and served people in our community food. They have extended helping hands to families in our community by having canned good drives and donating the food to local food banks. We want the boys to see that life goes beyond school and home and that service to our neighbours breeds love.

School Location

The school sits on approximately 6 acres of land. The boys take bike rides around the county's bike trails and canoe in the creeks and streams. The boys enjoy being out in the community and enjoy visiting with members of our aging community. The school is located in the county and is situated between 2 key towns. It is very easy for our boys to travel to each town and visit the churches in the area.

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