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REVIEW OF Sunrise Montessori School BY parent, Ivan Li

  • Date of Review
    August 07, 2020
  • Grades
    Nursery/Toddler - Nursery/Toddler

(5) Student Experience

It is a fabulous school with phenomenal teachers. At first, he was not interested in going to school because we were not going to be there, he was too shy to interact with other students as well as teachers, he was not willing to eat the food especially the meals that he was not familiar with nor used to and he was not able to keep up with the schedule and routine. Ultimately, my child was a wreck hence why I chose Sunrise Montessori to help prepare him for life. I didn't have much expectations going in. However, within a few weeks my son was the compete opposite. He started to appreciate the Montessori school environment more than his own home. One of the greatest things for me is that he ACTUALLY enjoys veggies now.

(5) School Leadership

Sunrise Montessori is great at keeping everyone informed. The teachers are always ready to answer any inquiries or listen to any feedback from us. They have also setup easy to use applications for us to communicate with them when we're not at school. Ms. Grace, the principal, is an amazing school owner who delivers the highest level of customer service. Although, she has other administrative tasks, she will always make time for parents. All the staff members have are committed to fostering a positive school environment.

(5) Teaching

My son is, without a doubt, not the brightest child. He is a great kid when he wants to be. He is also not challenged academically at home. So it's hard to imagine him actually learning anything valuable. Going into Montessori school he did not know much and we never spent much time trying to teach him because of our busy work life. I would have been satisfied if he just learned how to use the washroom. After the school year my son was not only able to let us know that he needs to use the washroom, he was able to differentiate, colours, numbers, food, phonetic sounds, shapes and more. I was completely astonished by the transformation with my son.

(5) Academics

My previous paragraph covers the academic success my son had with Sunrise Montessori. They're a great school. I would certainly recommend the school to any family, friend or even anyone that had any interest. I have yet to come across any weaknesses within their teaching style. What I did notice, which is something I admire about Sunrise, is the fact that they cater to ever child's needs. Some kids in the class were far more advanced than my child and some kids were much less developed than my child. There were many differences with the maturity of each child, yet they managed to focus on every child's development. In the end, every child was able to grow beyond the state which they started.

(5) Extracurriculars

I'm not too familiar with the extracurricular activities since my child wasn't at the age which we were comfortable letting him take part in any additional activities. However, i did notice that older students had the options including pottery, piano, soccer and an impressive list with a great variety of options which i'm excited for my son to attend in the coming school years.

(5) Students

The student body is something I didn't notice at first. But once my son started participating and paying more attention at school. I quickly realized that he was surrounded by a group of children that are all excited to be there. They are a big school with many students and multiple floors. The kids are taught valuable lessons which encourage them to treat each other with respect. He made friends with his entire class. Although my son was very shy, he was accepted by his classmates and he has many friends. He values the friendships he has at Sunrise Montessori School. It always has positive vibes in the classrooms. Even during the moments when they are learning new concepts, you can just feel the positive energy in the room and all the eager with their curious minds.

(5) School Life

He wants to continue going to the school. Sometimes I will mess with him and tell him you may not get to go back (of course I am just messing with him) and he will start crying. That's how much he enjoys going to the school. Not only does he value the friendships he has made there but he also loves the teachers, the food and the playground. The teachers are very caring and understanding of the children. My son comes home with a satisfied stomach from a healthy diet and he learns what the different foods are.

(5) Community

Sunrise Montessori has a parent teacher council which is allows parents to be much more involved. If you are not interested in in taking part because of lack of commitment or time like myself the school will still ensure that all the parents voices are heard. They are active listeners and are constantly looking to address any concerns parents may have. Again, they are great with feedback. The parents at the school are great too. I, myself, have made some great relationships with other parents as well through my child. Typically, my child will make friends with other children and I may meet the parent of the child and from there become friends. They have other events such as annuals parties for the entire school which is a great place to bond with other parents and teachers.

(5) School Location

The school is located in a nice quiet neighbourhood, away from traffic so it is great when I am dropping him off in the morning and picking him up in the afternoon. As my son was less then 2, I expected him to stay within the premises of the school so I can't comment on whether other students go beyond the boundaries of the property. They have 2 playgrounds and a big gym with plenty of games and activities.


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