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REVIEW OF The Study Academy BY parent, Katie Andrien

  • Date of Review
    October 17, 2023
  • Child 1
    Gr. 3 - Gr. 5 (Male, Current Day Student)

(5) Student Experience

The Study Academy is a magical place that lifts kids up and supports them in their academic journey. We found The Study when we were researching schools that would honour and lovingly challenge our son who is a gifted learner with ADHD. Traditional academic philosophies were missing the mark when it came to working with and championing the 2e student. Our son has blossomed at The Study. Every year I am reminded time and time again, of what this school has done for our family - given us the gift of an environment where our child feels heard, respected, challenged and championed. We are eternally grateful to Bryan Levy-Young and his team at The Study Academy for being true leaders in this area of education. May they continue to inspire us all!

(5) School Leadership

The Study Academy is head and shoulders above other schools in leadership. The communication and collaboration with parents far exceed my expectations. The most important leadership piece for me as a parent is how The Study fosters this within the student population. The Study creates opportunities for students to build and sharpen their leadership skills so that they become confident young people both inside and outside of school. They achieve this through encouraging students to harness their current skill set and reach beyond this to grow using an array of achievement awards that span across academic areas and into the greater community.

(5) Teaching

Teaching a 2e student requires skill, passion, finesse, a collaborative mindset and love. All teachers that my son has worked with so far encompass these characteristics and an overall love for teaching. The teachers communicate regularly with parents, and we always feel like we are on the same team. Communication channels are open over email, Google Classroom, in person, etc. Feedback is always flowing so that students can course correct at the moment and learn strategies that are personal to them. When my son has required support, the staff at The Study has always provided this and more importantly, has tailored this support to my son's current needs/situation. I have never been more appreciative of my child's teachers than I am of The Study staff. They are phenomenal.

(5) Academics

When it comes to academics, The Study really "gets it". Many 2e students are passionate and gifted in particular areas of study. And at the same time, not every course will light them up, so to speak. This is another area where The Study shines. They understand that there are strong connections to certain fields of study and others that need to be cultivated with a different approach. The Study does an incredible job of exciting the students (allowing them to shine bright) and supporting them where needed (while making them feel confident and capable). If a student loves a particular area of study, they can dig further and immerse themselves. And if a child is finding it challenging to learn something, teachers will co-create strategies with the child to achieve the common goal. It's a beautiful balance that The Study GETS RIGHT!

(5) Extracurriculars

The extracurriculars at The Study are phenomenal! Your child can pick from a long list of exciting classes and clubs both after school and during breaks. Everything from academic clubs to sports clubs to cooking classes! The students have also created their own clubs which teach them both leadership and collaboration. This is an area that The Study understands, the student's desire to be heard and taken seriously.

(5) Students

The student body is just the right size for my child. Classes are small with a ratio of about 1 to 5 (teacher to student). Something interesting about The Study is that it looks at the student population, and the learning profile and then decides how to organize the classes and groups. This is unique. Most schools will create classes based on year of study/age and then convenience or efficiency with administration/staff. This is not how The Study operates. They put the needs of the student and their learning profile first. In turn, this means that students are placed in situations where they are most likely to succeed. This does not mean that students are not challenged. It is about achieving balance while keeping a keen awareness and pulse on the current state of the student body.

(5) School Life

My son enjoys school. This has never been the case before. The Study has created a magical environment that allows my son to BE himself and he is celebrated for this. I feel that The Study understands that students need to fall in love with learning. Kids do well when they can. The staff know this and find a balance that works where academics does not become something that is scary or impossible but rather something that is enjoyed and celebrated. There are many opportunities for the students to participate in the overall health and community of the school. This gives them a true sense of belonging that so many of us need. If you are on the fence, reach out to current families and ask questions. You will find you are among friends at The Study and will feel "at home" rather quickly.

(5) Community

I love that the parents at The Study really understand what a 2e child is all about. They love their kids, support their development, and get involved. It's heartwarming. I have attended field trips with the school, participated in school events and am active with the other parents through our social groups. Beyond this, because our children have unique learning profiles, we understand the needs of one another. We are able to share resources and build a network that we can rely upon. If there are particular lessons or classes that we feel our child would enjoy, we let other parents know and will often sign up together. I feel that our families feel truly connected. It's a lovely community to be a part of. We are blessed.

(5) School Location

The Study is located in the heart of mid-town Toronto. It is a perfect location. Close to a lovely park, steps away from Yonge Street and around the corner from the subway station. Many times before pick-up, parents are seen having coffee together. After school the kids will walk home together or some head to the park. The location is ideal for those kids who are old enough to travel alone or purchase their lunch during break. It is a safe community as well which always makes me feel more secure.


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