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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About Trillium School (2021)

Trillium School alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Saskia, Charlie had to say about the school.

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Highlights from the Q&A discussion

Saskia — student

Saskia enrolled in SPIRE Institute and Academy in Grade 11 and is now going into Grade 12. She is a competitive swimmer, which was her main reason for joining a school that has a focus on training students for life as an athlete. She appreciates the unique scheduling at the school, which allows her to practice swimming twice daily, while still maintaining a high academic standard.

  • “I chose [SPIRE Institute and Academy] because I was switching schools because of COVID. [SPIRE Institute and Academy] gave me the opportunity to have in-person classes [during COVID], which I think is really important, because I do a lot better when I can sit down with a small group of people and a teacher, and they can give me instruction in person. [Also], the unique scheduling that [SPIRE Institute and Academy] has allowed me to train twice a day, which I originally couldn't do at my old school.”
  • “I would say the main difference [with SPIRE Institute and Academy] would be [student’s] attitudes and their headspace. … Here, most of the people are very committed to the sport and they know what they want to do. They're very serious about what they want to do in life.”
  • “While at the other schools that I've been to, [students] do sports for fun, or they don't really know what they want to do in life. They seem a little bit lost, and they're not really determined or eager to go to school or play their sport. At [SPIRE Institute and Academy] it's the complete opposite. Every [student at SPIRE Institute and Academy]  wants to wake up every day in practice, put in their best, try a lot in school, and just become a better person.”
  • “[SPIRE Institute and Academy boarding] houses are right across the street from where [students] train, and where our school is. The girls live in one house, and the guys live in the other house. I was able to have my own bathroom last year, and we have a house parent who also lives in the same house as us. We have a little living space, so we all like to go and watch movies and TV together, and then we have our training facility really close.”
  • “[SPIRE Institute and Academy’s] pool is the best pool that I've personally ever swam in. ... The pool is incredible. It's so many lanes—a lot more than [I was] used to. It's just an amazing facility, and I'm really lucky to train in it.”
  • “College is a very scary thing to think about right now, but I've had a lot of help and guidance, not only from my coach, but also our counsellor [at SPIRE Institute and Academy]. Whether it be them helping with my transcript and making sure I have enough of my credits, and that my grades are there, to setting up SAT dates for me to take during the week, so I don't have to miss a [swim] practice on the weekend, to sitting down with my coach, going over lists of schools, what I might like, and figuring out the fit for me.”
  • “Everybody [at SPIRE Institute and Academy] is really personally invested in your success and is helping you with everything that you're doing there, whether it be in the pool or out of the pool. It's really great to have all the support, and have a huge support system around you.”
  • “[SPIRE Institute and Academy] gets a lot of campers over the summer, whether it be for track, basketball, or swimming. My job is to do activities with them at night, show them around the facilities, and make sure they have a good time. For swimming, I help on the pool deck as an extra pair of eyes to help correct [campers’] technique and their stroke.”
  • “There are so many people [at SPIRE Institute and Academy] that only want to see you succeed. They would love to help you if you need it, and you can't go through high school or life alone. Everyone is here to support you, and help you through your time here at [SPIRE Institute and Academy]. So you really should utilize the help, because it only makes your time here that much easier.”
  • “[Students] went to [the mental skills coach] every day before practice, and we talked about a lot of things. … I think the most important thing we talked about was self-talk, and how you treat yourself as an athlete. We talked about goal setting. ... Meditation, and being able to put yourself in the right mindset when you compete, which are all really important as an athlete. … I gained a lot of mental skills.”

Charlie — alum

Charlie graduated from high school and decided to enrol at SPIRE Institute and Academy as a post-grad athlete. He wants to play basketball professionally, so he worked hard and took advantage of the high-level training, facilities, and support that the school had to offer. He credits SPIRE Institute and Academy with improving his skills in basketball and building his strength through a personalized training program. He is now headed to play college basketball at the school of his choice.

  • “I thought that [SPIRE Institute and Academy] was a good opportunity to improve my body. After seeing the weight room and meeting with [the] coach [there], I just thought that was a great opportunity to improve my body for the next level [of basketball]. So that's why I [enrolled], because the weight room and the basketball [training] is really next level there.”
  • “I think that the strength and conditioning program [at SPIRE Institute and Academy] is a lot like a college atmosphere. At least it is where I'm at now. It's very similar, and it really helped me get ready for a college weight room atmosphere. It really helped my body too, for the short time that I was there. My body changed a lot.”
  • “When we arrived [at SPIRE Institute and Academy], we did movement testing to see what was good with us, and what needs improvement. Then [the coaches] essentially built a weight program that helped us improve our bodies individually. It wasn't just one big program for everyone. Each and every one of us had our own individual plan.”
  • “When I was [at SPIRE Institute and Academy], we lived in a normal house, and it was very nice. ... In my house, everyone had their own room, and we had a house parent there who took care of us, if we needed anything then we could talk to him. Then we had a shared living space, and there was a balcony as well, where I could hang out upstairs or downstairs with my teammates. Then there is a kitchen where we could cook if we ever needed to.”
  • “The basketball courts are very nice. There are four courts [at SPIRE Institute and Academy]. ... It's just very nice. I think it's a high-level facility, and it's just incredible. I don't think words can really describe it. I think you have to see it in person before you can understand how spectacular it is. You can just always get in there and get an extra workout, too, if that's what you're looking for. So that's pretty cool.”
  • “[The SPIRE Institute and Academy coaches] were there through the whole recruiting process. I committed early on when I was at [SPIRE Institute and Academy], but they were always asking if I needed anything, and how it was going. Then when it came time to sign and do all the paperwork, they helped with all that too. They were just a great help through the whole thing. Their advice really helped me make the best decision for myself.”
  • “I think that [SPIRE Institute and Academy] is just a great place, and I think it's very caring. They open their arms to a lot of kids, and they really help them a lot. I think there’s a lot of people there working really hard to help [students] reach their goals. That's how I would describe it.”
  • “I think when I got [to SPIRE Institute and Academy], the weight room was very surprising. It's incredible, and it's just very nice. [The coach] is very good at his job, and he was very helpful to me. So that was very surprising, and then the other thing that I would say was, I got to see the renovation of the gym from what it was, to where it is now. I mean, that was pretty cool.”
  • “The weight room [at SPIRE Institute and Academy]  is definitely on a college level. It's incredible. ... That main court and all the courts are very well kept, and well taken care of. I mean, it's definitely on a college level.”
  • “[SPIRE Institute and Academy is] not necessarily a traditional high school experience. If you just have an open mind and I think [students] will, you’ll really like it. I think that you grow a lot not only as an athlete but as a person as well. I think it's a really cool experience to see that growth.”

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