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Reviews of Vianney Academy

Mississauga, ON  |  Grades 4 - 12  |  Shortlist


Review by: Samantha Lawrence - Parent (Jun 08, 2021)

"...follows the fundamentals of learning and focuses on appropriately pushing a child to learn and understand the material"

Student Experience

My son has attended Vianney Academy since SK. I tried one year at another school but came right back! Vianney is a warm, instructive, fun, student focused educational experience. They teach tailored to your child's learning needs. Karen Uschold is profound in her knowledge, experience and gems of wisdom that she pours into each student and family. The only concern and goal is for every student to learn, develop and grow. And whatever is needed to overcome the barriers, they are right on it to ensure success. You never feel ashamed or embarrassed or that you have to make excuses for your child's learning challenges because the only care at Vianney is that whatever is needed for your child to learn, they will figure it out. The kids are happy, the outings are awesome, the education is excellent.

School Leadership

The school environment is warm, caring, instructive and fun! Karen and her team work with each student to learn their social and academic responsibilities. They keep parents in constant communication and are so helpful in navigating what can be such a challenging experience anywhere else in our school systems. Any matters of discipline are dealt with in a holistic fashion involving students and parents and a family approach of holding each other accountable. The kids learn for themselves and each other to care even through these encounters.


Teaching at Vianney is tailored to student needs with frequent and as needed involvement of parents/guardians. Karen follows the fundamentals of learning and focuses on appropriately pushing a child to learn and understand the material before they put in aids such as technology. Technology has its place for sure, but Karen guides a student to appreciate and maximise their own potential first and then with the developed attitude and understanding, technology and other supports are integrated into the learning. My son doesn't always start out content with the material being taught but every year he progresses each month until he 'gets it'. Each student pushes through the sound barrier of comfort and confidence. Vianney structures and perseveres through to reaching academic goals that they know each student can achieve.


The sole vision of Vianney's academic and social instruction is to prepare each student for a fruitful and successful future. A strong foundation is started and built upon so the student is well rounded and prepared for all their future endeavours. Vianneys greatest strength is its leader, Karen. Karen lives each day committed to proving the very best for each child. There are no barriers, only opportunities to shape, instruct and care for the little minds that are bestowed upon her. The only drawback is that there aren't more learning environments like what Vianney offers. Vianney is dedicated to making education and learning accessible in as many aspects as possible.


The extracurricular activities at Vianney even make me envious! I would have loved so much outdoor, nature filled, and adventurous opportunities when growing up. That's the beauty of Vianney Academy, they keep to the basic tenet of instructing healthy minds and character for the future. Everything they do centres around this premise, even the 'extra' stuff with no thought that they should cut back.


The student body is respectful, fun loving, appreciative and growing group of individuals. Its smaller student population size enables tailored learning as well as the incorporation of adjunct therapies that focus on brain development and skill building. Parent and teacher networking allows for additional assessment information sharing to occur. Students who have varied learning abilities require as varied learning and social recognition and the students at Vianney know that of themselves and each other. They treat and encourage each other with these same lessons of respect and support. Come see graduation! Graduation is phenomenonal because that's the culmination of the school year's worth of relationships and regard the students have for one another! Big or little, male or female, everyone knows, cares and includes each other.

School Life

My son LOVES his school! He has made buddies and received an academic opportunity that he nor I will ever forget. He is taught how he is able to learn and he knows this is different from what he has experienced elsewhere. It is extremely important to me as it would be for any parent that their child be in an environment that grows self confidence, positive self image and a sense of responsibility towards others. Vianney does all of that and goes beyond. Quality academia and parental experience is the mission of Vianney Academy. They have never swerved from that mission and its an experience every student and parent should have especially where learning vulnerabilities may exist.


The parent community at Vianney is warm and inclusive. We know as parents that we get at Vianney what we would not get elsewhere for our children. As a parent group, we do all we can to support the school and each other and that would never change. The parent group has always been an integral part of Vianney life, supporting events and outings, fund raising and general progress of Vianney. Karen's style encourages and supports parent involvement and active participation in all aspects of the school life. This is what contributes to the success of each student and the school overall, when the kids know they're parent is connected and in touch with the day to day life of school It makes a great difference and provides added security for each one.

School Location

The surrounding neighbourhood is a great location. Safe, clean and comfortable for children to be around. The students keep together as a matter of care and regard for one another and appropriate boundaries are maintained for how far they may go. Safety is first and foremost which the students have always in mind no matter the age group. This is never a concern.

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